3 Kickstart Steps

With Coach Toyin

The 3-Step KickStart Tool (Free)

How’s about that deafening silence that’s been crowding things between you and God hey? That messy habit you keep falling into … the brokenness, purposelessness and disconnectedness from God? You know you believe in Him, and you know you need Him … but you just can’t bring yourself to face Him or to deal with whatever’s been keeping things kinda quiet, passionless and uncomfortable between you two.

I get it and I want to help! 

What you need is some fire under ya belly to provoke you into that heart, mind and soul-transformation journey that you’ve been dillydallying around. You’ll get all that and more from my free 3-STEP KICKSTART TOOL, a quick 3-step tool that you can start to apply today to get some fire into your transformational journey into ‘the God-life’.

You’ll get a downloadable tool for self-study that consists of:★14-page Work-Booklet ★45-minute video

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