“…because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it.” Matthew 7:14


It has been said that

Narrow is the gate, difficult is the way that leads to life. Few find it,” said Jesus (Matthew 7:14)


Let’s get real.

There has never been a tougher time to be alive. And believing in Jesus Christ in these times? Talk about living on the edge! Talk about taking the road less travelled. Talk about defying the mainstream and daring to be different, or even, alone.

Let’s face it.

Many of us feel like the rich young ruler in Luke 18:18-27. The guy really wanted to follow Jesus. But boy, when he heard what the “cut-off” requirements were, he was like, “Gosh…I want to…I really want to…but I just can’t. It’s too hard.”


Because he didn’t stick around to hear Jesus finish His thought.

“Who then can be saved?” the disciples asked.

Jesus answered. “With man it is impossible. But with God, all things are possible.”
(Luke 18:26-27)

Oh yea!

Yes, the gate to ‘that God life’ can feel narrow. And yes, the way to ‘that God life’ can feel difficult…if it were up to you to plot your path, and muscle your way through.

But it’s not. IT’S NOT.

It’s up to God.

And with God, all things are possible. HE HAS MADE IT POSSIBLE.

Not only that. He has put loud, creative and captivating signposts all along the way to that gate. He has packed the sidewalks with crowds of giants who have gone before you, and who are now there for one reason only, to cheer you on, and get you through that gate!

Not only that. He HIMSELF stands strong beside you. The Warrior King. Fierce as a lion. Gentle as a lamb. He offers to carry you, daily, down that way, past every obstacle, and to that gate that leads to ‘the God life’.

You just have to say “Yes”, and keep saying “Yes”.

That’s where we come in.

The Narrow Gateway.
We help you to say, “YES” and to keep saying “YES” to THAT GOD LIFE. 
Here’s how


We load you up with blog-posts, articles, videos, devotionals, teachings, studies, entertainment reviews, and other creative yet hard-hitting and thought-provoking programs and resources, to trigger you to ask
What is the narrow way in this situation that I see playing itself out in my life, or in my world?
What is ‘the God view’?
What is God’s heart about this ill that I see manifesting itself in my family, or in my city?
What does God want me to do about it?
All around me, people are taking a stance. They are telling me what to believe, and how to prove what I believe. What do I do? What would God have me do?


In other words, through our programs, we fit you with a trip switch to send you seeking God’s will, in every part of your life. And when you discover it, you are triggered to align yourself to it and enter by ‘The Narrow Gateway’.
Our programs back you up in your bold decision to repel conformity to popular world-views and mainstream rhetoric. We encourage you to respond to life’s different faces and phases by following the narrow way that leads to life.

Fill your spaces. Tune out the Static. Turn on the truth. Be intentional about it. Gotta get that God life! Gotta get that God life!

Check out our flagship programs:

The Narrow Gateway programs are free and easily accessible to you on our various platforms. Plus, we are always thinking of new programs to support your passionate pursuit of truth in ‘the God life’.

The Narrow Gateway will work for you, if you work it. So work it.
Make your mark on the road less travelled
Let your voice be heard.
What do you see around you that bothers you? What is happening in your world that is getting people riled up? People need to know the God view about the real life circumstances they face. People need to know what God has to say about what they are going through. And you have the opportunity to tell them.
Use our platform. Grab the opportunity to get involved by doing a Crowd-the-Platform  piece (video, podcast or written blog-post) or an Entertainment Review (movie/TV series review, book review, event or activity review).
This platform is for you. You can also be one of the giants who are running beside someone else on the way, egging them on to get that God life.

We look forward to seeing you make your mark on the road less travelled.

Say yes…and keep saying yes, to ‘the God life’.


The Narrow Gateway was founded by Toyin Oladiran.
Toyin is a Christian Transformational Coach and Counsellor, a Mentor and a Writer.

As a Christian Transformational Coach, Toyin coaches & equips individuals and groups of people to “B.O.O.M” (BOW OUT THE OLD MAN), that is to identify and “bow out” ensnaring and defining mind-sets and behavioural patterns that ensnare them in traps of sin, lukewarmness and brokenness, and that block them from real and transformational intimacy with God, and from discovering and walking in their God-given purpose and calling.

Toyin also works with people to help them discover and step into their God-given purpose and calling.

As the Founder and Co-ordinator of The Narrow Gateway, Toyin mixes her quirky and witty personality, with her love for creative writing, counselling, sharing and teaching the Word of God, to create online content that supports people like you, who are on that bold journey to discover and live in what she likes to call, ‘that God life’.

Toyin is passionate about truth; God’s truth, and she is committed to helping you pursue the truth relentlessly, and live by it. She believes that when Christ said that “the truth shall make you free,” He meant that the knowledge and embrace of God’s truth as your truth and reality, shall make you free. Because when you know the truth, and when it becomes your reality, then you can stand in the fullness and power of who you are, and who your God is. This is how we overcome in the world.

Toyin’s flagship coaching and mentoring program is called The B.O.O.M Walk Program. “B.O.O.M” stands for “Bow Out Old Man” and through this Program, Toyin helps people to take a real look at themselves, identify the traits of the “Old Man” that they are being driven by, and ‘bow’ them out.

With this 8-session online program, Toyin takes you through practical, relatable and clarity-provoking video teachings, exercises and tools that are Bible based, and aimed at helping you see who you really are, and who God made you to be. The Program ends up by helping you chart your way into a life of living in God’s purpose and calling on your life.

Her Quote: “Jesus Christ found me, and put a pen in my hand, many words in my mouth, and a heart for people who are trapped in sin and brokenness, and unable to break out into “that God life” that is free and available to all who believe in Jesus Christ. I think of myself as convicted by my own words and very much still under construction in the hands of the Father.”

Profile Image with BOOM and LOGOToyin is married to Fiyin, and she is Mama to two adorable kids who she loves to call her Sunshinebabies. She lives in Lagos, Nigeria, with her family.
Toyin is a commercial lawyer by profession. Prior to God activating her to begin her work as a Christian Transformational Coach, Toyin worked as a commercial lawyer in legal practice, banking and later pharmaceuticals.
“When because of your faith, your life too becomes perceptibly different; when your reactions are quite opposite to what the situation seems to call for and your activities can no longer be explained in terms of your personality; that is when your neighbourhood will sit up and take notice. In the eyes of the world, it is not our relationship with Jesus Christ that counts; it is our resemblance to Him.” – Excerpt from The Queen and I
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“When because of your faith, your life too becomes perceptibly different; when your reactions are quite opposite to what the situation seems to call for and your activities can no longer be explained in terms of your personality; that is when your neighbourhood will sit up and take notice. In the eyes of the world, it is not our relationship with Jesus Christ that counts; it is our resemblance to Him.” – Excerpt from The Queen and I


Our platforms are www.thenarrowgateway.com, Facebook (@thenarrowgateway4), our YouTube Channel (The Narrow Gateway), our Podcast Channel (The Narrow Gateway), Twitter (@thenarrowgate4) and Instagram (@thenarrowgateway4).


The W.I.T.N.G Chat Show, is out talk show hosted by yours truly, Toyin Oladiran, where we have live or recorded video chat sessions with ordinary people doing life behind the narrow gateway, and we tackle all kinds of topics, all with a view to answer the question,  W.I.T.N.G? What Is The Narrow Gateway?


grabthemicCrowd the Platform is a platform that we share with YOU, inviting YOU to submit  blogs, videos, audios on your Spirit-inspired findings on what “the God-View” is about “headliner-matters-arising” in your personal life or in the world around you.

Tune into our Weekly Truth Turn Up which is a devotional that is made available on a weekly basis in writing, and then posted later in the week on our YouTube Channel as a Video Circle Back, and on our Podcast Channel as an Audio Circle Back.VCB TTU Visualpodcast is uppodcast is up

Entertainment Reviews are our way of supportingg your decision to #tuneoutthestatic and #turnonthetruth, #fillyourspaces with #thatgoodstuff. We ask YOU to join us to submit written/audio reviews of you enter/info-tainment activities.

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Cousins are childhood playmateswho become lifetime friends.

Invite Toyin! I would love to attend your function, meeting, program to speak on matters of life, Behind The Narrow Gateway. Send an email if you would like to invite me to speak.

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Coming Soon!

Bow Out, Old Man (B.O.O.M) TOOLKIT, created by Toyin Oladiran. The B.O.O.M TOOLKIT a real and relatable toolkit to equip you to intentionally and sustainably break free from “your stuff”, you know, those “weights” that “the Old Man” uses to TRAP, BLOCK, ENSNARE you, keeping you wrapped in guilt, condemnation and bondage, and hindering you from BREAKING FREE into “THAT GOD-LIFE” of “PRESENCE- AND PURPOSE-DRIVEN LIVING”.

Watch this space for the Toolkit, Webinars, Seminars on BOW OUT, OLD MAN!

Also coming soon are Bible Study Guides and Training Toolkits and Materials, Enabling Missions platform, The Narrow Gateway “Gear”! Like I said, we are building and growing a supportive platform for you! Watch this space!

Spread the love! Let’s get this Truth out there together! Do tell others about the platform, share our content, pray for us. Check out our Support Us page for other ways to be a part of what we are building: https://thenarrowgateway.com/support-us/

I look forward to getting to know you better! Let’s do life together, behind The Narrow Gateway!