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The NARROW GATEWAY is a global platform geared to trigger Christians to think, live and breath the authentic “God-life” that is found when you enter by “the narrow way” (Matthew 7:13-14). We provide creative shows, programs, materials and resources, all bursting with EDGY TRUTH, for Christians to sink their hearts into and fill their spaces with, enabling and enhancing their intentional and passionate pursuit of the full and unadulterated truth of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God. 


We believe that the intentional and passionate pursuit of “that God-life” will equip every Christian to key into the gifts and passions that God has placed inside him or her, and to manifest them in their every day lives, through “presence-and-purpose-driven-living”, thereby unlocking solution spaces to the dire needs of our world.


Through our various programs, such as The W.I.T.N.G Chat ShowWeekly Truth Turn UpCrowd The Platform, Entertainment Reviews, HeartSongs we encourage believers to repel conformity to popular world-views and mainstream rhetoric about ongoing hot topics, and instead, to respond to life’s different faces and phases with the question, W.I.T.N.G? “What is The Narrow Gateway?” “What is God saying about this situation? What will He have me do now?” We inform and embolden Christians to dare to choose the road less travelled and enter by “the Narrow Gateway”.

Our programs are easily accessible, so that the truth is always at your fingertips as you PURSUE THE GOD-LIFE UNRELENTINGLY. And we are always thinking of new programs for you, and welcome to new ideas from you. You name it, if we can pull it off creatively, we will, and God allowing, we will make it available for you. Tune out the static and turn on the truth when you are out jogging, or maybe waiting for an appointment, or driving, or in a taxi, train, airplane, come online and listen, read, engage and be filled with the mind-transforming truth behind the narrow gateway. And when you find the truth, rend your heart to it. Align. Run with it! Do outrageous things! Let the God-love and the God-life in you pour out and create solutions in our aching world. 

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The Narrow Gateway was founded by Toyin Oladiran, a Christian Life Coach and Counsellor, a Mentor, Writer and Speaker. Toyin is passionate about encouraging Christians to be “woke”, that is, to be vigilant and alert! She believes that Christians need to be equipped with the complete, authentic Gospel of the Kingdom of God and thereby emboldened to brazenly defy mainstream culture, for the sake of choosing the narrow way that the Bible says leads to life. Toyin’s mission is to equip Christians, through The Narrow Gateway platform, to break free from “weights of the OLD MAN” (BOW OUT, OLD MAN) thereby setting them up to work the works for which Christ set them free (that is, purpose-driven living), pouring forth solutions to the woes of a dying world. 
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Toyin is married to Fiyin, and she is Mama to two adorable toddlers a.k.a her Sunshinebabies. She lives in Lagos, Nigeria, with her family. Toyin is a commercial lawyer by profession.
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“When because of your faith, your life too becomes perceptibly different; when your reactions are quite opposite to what the situation seems to call for and your activities can no longer be explained in terms of your personality; that is when your neighbourhood will sit up and take notice. In the eyes of the world, it is not our relationship with Jesus Christ that counts; it is our resemblance to Him.” – Excerpt from The Queen and I


Our platforms are www.thenarrowgateway.com, Facebook (@thenarrowgateway4), our YouTube Channel (The Narrow Gateway), our Podcast Channel (The Narrow Gateway), Twitter (@thenarrowgate4) and Instagram (@thenarrowgateway4).


The W.I.T.N.G Chat Show, is out talk show hosted by yours truly, Toyin Oladiran, where we have live or recorded video chat sessions with ordinary people doing life behind the narrow gateway, and we tackle all kinds of topics, all with a view to answer the question,  W.I.T.N.G? What Is The Narrow Gateway?


grabthemicCrowd the Platform is a platform that we share with YOU, inviting YOU to submit  blogs, videos, audios on your Spirit-inspired findings on what “the God-View” is about “headliner-matters-arising” in your personal life or in the world around you.


Tune into our Weekly Truth Turn Up which is a devotional that is made available on a weekly basis in writing, and then posted later in the week on our YouTube Channel as a Video Circle Back, and on our Podcast Channel as an Audio Circle Back.VCB TTU Visualpodcast is uppodcast is up

Entertainment Reviews are our way of supportingg your decision to #tuneoutthestatic and #turnonthetruth, #fillyourspaces with #thatgoodstuff. We ask YOU to join us to submit written/audio reviews of you enter/info-tainment activities.

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Cousins are childhood playmateswho become lifetime friends.

Invite Toyin! I would love to attend your function, meeting, program to speak on matters of life, Behind The Narrow Gateway. Send an email if you would like to invite me to speak.

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Coming Soon!

Bow Out, Old Man (B.O.O.M) TOOLKIT, created by Toyin Oladiran. The B.O.O.M TOOLKIT a real and relatable toolkit to equip you to intentionally and sustainably break free from “your stuff”, you know, those “weights” that “the Old Man” uses to TRAP, BLOCK, ENSNARE you, keeping you wrapped in guilt, condemnation and bondage, and hindering you from BREAKING FREE into “THAT GOD-LIFE” of “PRESENCE- AND PURPOSE-DRIVEN LIVING”.

Watch this space for the Toolkit, Webinars, Seminars on BOW OUT, OLD MAN!

Also coming soon are Bible Study Guides and Training Toolkits and Materials, Enabling Missions platform, The Narrow Gateway “Gear”! Like I said, we are building and growing a supportive platform for you! Watch this space!

Spread the love! Let’s get this Truth out there together! Do tell others about the platform, share our content, pray for us. Check out our Support Us page for other ways to be a part of what we are building: https://thenarrowgateway.com/support-us/

I look forward to getting to know you better! Let’s do life together, behind The Narrow Gateway!