The Narrow Gateway Academy is a trailblazing School of Discipleship with a vision to build, nurture and send ‘sons’ (children) of God into the world to manifest ‘the God-life’ effectively.

We do this through our practical and Biblically-sound trainings, courses and tools, which are situated to engage and establish you in ‘the God-life’ of:

  • evident and sustained victory over sin, inner brokenness and lukewarm Christianity,

  • constant awareness and engagement of your union with God, which in turn produces a growing intimacy with God that is apparent to all and that affirms that Jesus Christ is the Son of God,

  • spiritual strength and effectiveness in being a witness to the reality of Christ and His kingdom, and working the works of God in the earth 


Do you want to enjoy consistent victory over temptation to sin? Do you want to experience lasting healing from past pains and brokenness?

Do you want to enjoy greater connectedness with God, deeper unhindered intimacy that is sustained throughout your day no matter what you are doing, where you are or who you are with?

Do you want to learn how to hear God's voice confidently and consistently, and learn how to stay positioned to discover His will in your daily life?

Have you had targets, resolutions and goals in your walk with God that you have not always been able to meet?

Do you feel like your relationship with God could use a revival?

Do you long for more encounters with God, more fervency, a more tangible experience of God?

Do you want to keep in step with God's current move and advancement on the earth, and are you passionate about partnering with God to implement His will and agenda on earth and in your area of influence?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, or if you have a specific Christian Transformation Goal that you would like to work towards, THE NARROW GATEWAY ACADEMY is for you.

Coach Toyin

Coach Toyin

Head of School

“Discipleship is the bulk of the Christian life. The moment we become children of God through faith in Jesus Christ, we are invited by the Holy Spirit into a lifetime of being discipled through various means that God makes available in the different seasons of our lives. Jesus Christ, when He began His ministry, gathered around Himself disciples that He was going to ‘make’ into fishers of men (Mark 1:17). He did this by giving them front row seats to observe and participate in His life, His union and communion with God, and in His ministry. He also taught them extensively about Himself, about the Father, the Spirit, the kingdom of God, the realities of creation etc. This is what The Narrow Gateway Ministries and certainly the Narrow Gateway Academy is modelled after.

Like Christ did, we invite you to sign up to be a ‘disciple’ by availing yourself of programs, courses, tools and other such opportunities that bring to the fore the reality that you are indeed a ‘son’ of God, manifesting God to the world and effectively establishing His will in your sphere of influence, as it is established in heaven.”


Our courses are targeted at specific stages of the Christian life and experience, and by design, they are grouped into semesters that focus on addressing and establishing mastery in those areas of the Christian life and experience.

Semester I Focus:

Foundational Pillars of Intimacy With God & Kingdom-Mindedness

Semester II Focus:

Mastering Victory Over Weights & Sins

Semester III Focus:

Discern Your Purpose & Manifest the Kingdom

Single Courses:

Identify your unique area of spiritual need and take a course to address and master it



  • We have 3 Learning Pathways, all of which are represented below. Each Learning Pathway provides for you to enrol for one or more courses at The Narrow Gateway Academy.
  • Prayerfully pick one of the Learning Pathways and begin your immersion today.


Our flagship Learning Pathway is called The Sonship Immersion Program (Learning Pathway 1), a 1-year (3-semester) program or ‘immersion’ into the discipleship journey of being built, nurtured and sent as ‘sons’ of God manifesting the God-life to a world He loves so much. Each Semester consists of 1 to 4 courses.


Learning Pathway 2 is also The Sonship Immersion Program, but for this pathway, we split the semesters up, giving you the option of enrolling for one semester at a time.


Learning Pathway 3 allows you to enrol for single courses one at a time, based on your specific Christian transformation and discipleship needs. 



Find out more about how to work directly with our Head of School, Coach Toyin*

*This option is only available periodically, fees apply, and slots are limited. 



The ‘Son’ship Immersion Program

This program is a discipleship journey that interjects into your current state of spirituality and catapults you into God’s next level for you!

Get ready to discover, experience and manifest the God-life.

Module 1: The Binge & Intimacy Challenge

The Binge & Intimacy Challenge is an intense 9-day intervention focused entrenching you in a relationship with God that is characterized by intimacy. Through this program, you will DETOX from lifestyle habits (spiritual ‘no-foods’) that clog you out of your God-given identity and purpose, and you will BINGE on spiritual habits (spiritual ‘super-foods’) that reset your mind and entrench you on your life long journey into a glorious relationship with God.

Module 2: The Get-God Course

The Get God Course is Module 2 of the Foundations & Reconnection Semester (Semester I) provided by THE NARROW GATEWAY ACADEMY. This 6 session course will bring you back to the reality that yes, you can live in and from that glorious reality that only those who “get God” can have.

The Get God Course is a jarring reset that helps you (re)discover the key ingredient that may have been missing from your spirituality all this while.

Module 3: The B.O.O.M Walk Program

The B.O.O.M Walk Program is a 9-session course offered by the Narrow Gateway Academy; it equips you with practical and Biblical tools to “bow out the old man” by teaching you how to overcome the weights and sins that war against your meaningful and sustained experience of “the God-life”. 


Module 4: The Discern Your Purpose Program

Many Christians do not know what their God-given purpose/calling is, neither do they know how to discover it.

Many Christians do not know how to hear God and discover His will for their everyday lives. There must be a block somewhere.

The Discern You Purpose Program will help you to get unblocked, so that you are positioned to discern God’s will and purpose, and walk in it.

Module 5: The Ambassador's Prayer Posture

The Ambassador’s Prayer Posture is a practical and brief tool that demystifies the label ‘Ambassador for Christ’ by immersing you into what it means to be an Ambassador for Christ and how you can stay postured and poised to manifest this reality every single day.

Through this 5-chapter tool, you will be empowered to abide in constant consciousness of the Holy Spirit who dwells within you, and you will be equipped to discern and represent the agenda that God has for situations that He places you in on a daily basis. 

Quick Tool To Kickstart You Into The Spirit-led Life

Basic steps to begin a lifestyle of discerning what God is doing in any situation, and receiving the power and desire to live aligned with that, even when you don’t feel like it.

Tools To make Praying Without Ceasing A Lifestyle

Basic tools to teach you how to make prayer a lifestyle such that you begin to pray without ceasing.


Selah Bible Study - How To Keep The Fire of God

You were created to burn with love and devotion to God; learn how to make this a reality in your life

‘How To Keep the Fire of God’ is a Module of the Selah Bible Study & Prayer Gathering, which is the Weekly bible study and prayer gathering of The Narrow Gateway Community. 

Selah Bible Study - Finding Power for Your Platform

Discover your God-given purpose and find power to manifest God and His purpose effectively no matter what you are doing, where you are, or what your daily profession is.

‘Finding Power For Your Platform’ is a Module of the Selah Bible Study & Prayer Gathering, which is the Weekly bible study and prayer gathering of The Narrow Gateway Community.



The Connectedness Test will help you to self-assess your current state of connectedness with God. With the results, you will be able to pin-point the courses and/or Learning Pathways at the Narrow Gateway Academy that are suited for your specific transformation needs, and you can immediately begin a Christian Transformation journey made up of practical steps to take you from your current level of connectedness, toward the deep, sweet and lasting intimacy and fellowship that God created and saved you for. 

Click below to find out more about the Connectedness test now.

How you can support The Narrow Gateway Academy


The Narrow Gateway Academy is run on the generous donations of our members and supporters. We appreciate your willingness to make a once-off or monthly donation to the Academy. Your donation will go a long way in helping to keep the Academy sustainable, make courses available to people at no cost, and so that we may better serve you.