I recently did a LIVE VIDEO on my Facebook and Instagram to share some exciting announcements and daring requests with you. I’d love for you to watch the video and respond. Please click here to watch the video.

I have also summarized the announcements and requests in writing, if you would prefer to read the announcements and requests. If so, please read below:

Exciting Announcements and Edgy Requests

Over the past few weeks, I have not been as active as I usually am. I’m grateful to everyone who reached out to me to check on how I was doing. It’s been quite a busy period. For one, it has been summer holidays, so my daughter has been home much more, meaning that my schedule has changed significantly. I have also been travelling with my family, so you can imagine the busyness. I am grateful for the downtime, but I have missed you all. I can assure you that I have you on my mind, especially as I have been using whatever spare time I have to work on my flagship program, which is the B.O.O.M Walk Program. Thanks again for your care. I appreciate you.

I recently sent you an email inviting you to submit topics that you would like me to discuss when I do my Facebook Live shows. I will pick one or two topics suggested and if your topic is chosen, you stand a chance to win a free seat on my flagship program, the B.O.O.M Walk Program which will be launched soon by God’s grace. If you would like to participate (and I really wish you would) please click here.

You may have noticed that I only put out the weekly Truth Turn Up (devotional) in writing and podcast (audio) format, and no longer in video format. This is because I am working within my resources right now. I am trusting God that soon enough, I will be able to start putting up the weekly videos again. However, I encourage you to read the Truth Turn Up or to listen to it on my Podcast. Click here for all past Truth Turn Up’s and here for my Podcast.

I will really want to encourage you guys to tune into the Truth Turn Up. Podcasts are great, and you use less data. So you can listen while you’re driving, “on the go, on the slow, anywhere and anytime”. So tune in ok.

I am thrilled to announce that I have a new co-writer on board The Narrow Gateway. Her name is Folasewa Oguns. Folasewa is a great writer and a humble child of God. You will be seeing a lot more of her writings on the platform. I want you all to show her love, encourage her by commenting, liking and sharing her posts. Click here if you would like to read here very first blogpost on The Narrow Gateway. It was titled, “The D-Word Trying To Get Between God And I”.

I love it when I get private messages from you, giving me feedback on our various programmes and posts. Hearing from you encourages my spirit, it helps you absorb the messages you are hearing, and it helps me to know what you are interested in. So here are the various platforms that you can engage with us on.

  • grabthemicCrowd the Platform: This platform is available for you to share the God View on the various circumstances you see unfolding in your life or in the world. You can share by writing a blogpost or an audio for my Podcast, or a video. If you are interested, please click here for guidelines. Crowd the Platform pieces are published on Mondays.


  • WHEN A CHRIST FOLLOWER IS AFRAIDThe Truth Turn-Up: This is my weekly devotional. If you are interested in sharing a Truth Turn Up please get in touch on thenarrowgateway@gmail.com and we’ll talk about it. Please click here to check out past Truth Turn Ups. Truth Turn Ups are published on Saturdays.


  • Untitled design-6Entertainment Reviews: I love this platform because it is your opportunity to share with everyone how you are filling your spaces and enjoying the world and life that God has blessed you with, without diminishing your place of intimacy with God. You can write or record an Entertainment Review using the guidelines I have set up here. Entertainment Reviews are published on Mondays.

Remember that all pieces that are accepted are published in your name!

Fill Your Spaces. Pursue the things of the Lord passionately. Burst forth into working into God’s calling and purpose for your life. Go ahead! Create and implement the solutions that God has placed in you – solutions that the world needs. This is not a time for mediocrity. Anything that dilutes your attention from the Lord, needs to go. Renew your mind. Fill your spaces with what draws you closer to God.

Tune out the static, tune out the noise, tune out all those voices that are not of God, voices that tell you who you are, what to think, how to dress, what to take in, how to behave, etcetera. Replace that static, those voices, with the voice of God’s Word.

I love you. I pray for you. Stay in touch with me. Let’s do life behind the Narrow Gateway together.


Toyin Oladiran (Christian Life Coach, Founder of The Narrow Gateway)