I love this week’s topic because so many people get saved and they are like, “okurrrr… now what?” 😕

Well Child of God, First thing you gotta do is check that you really understand what it means to ‘get saved’ and what happened when you got saved. When you understand that, then you can start to understand what next.

So here’s what happened:

Through your choice to commit your life to God through Jesus Christ, you became born again into a His Spirit.
👌🏾You are a brand spanking new being; born again of the Spirit of God.
👌🏾You are Delivered from the sinful nature, meaning sin and brokenness (broken identity) is no longer your nature
👌🏾You now have unfettered communion with a God, and He wants you to adjust your life so that can grow into deep intimacy with Him
👌🏾You can grow in hearing God and understanding His will for your life
👌🏾You have access to God’s supernatural power to live a world-changing life, co-working with Him to solve the world’s problems and bring more people back to intimacy with Him.


How’s that?
Amazing! It’s a miracle! Don’t worry, as you spend time applying this week’s tips, this will become more familiar to you. Make sure you come back at the same time on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday for the tips on ‘what now’ 😉


Ok so, what now?
Well, now you grow. Too many of us get saved and then we are like “super, that was great, let me carry on with life.” 😭 No friend. .
We need to GROW. Grow deep roots into God, grow branches and leaves and fruit that change the world. 🌳 .

How do you grow though? .
1) Embrace and apply God’s grace that enables you to detangle yourself from exposures, experiences and anything else that has the effect of diluting or stunting your growth into God (that I described earlier). .

2)Embrace and apply God’s grace that enables you to make your life all about the exposures, experiences and anything else that feeeeeds your growth into God (that I described earlier) 🙏🏾 💪🏾 .


You have only one job now that you are “saved”. ONLY ONE JOB ☝🏾 .

That’s it. What does that mean? I said in Monday’s tip that when you get ‘saved’ you are born again by and into God’s Spirit; you are a new creation🙏🏾👑 But most people get saved and continue to live carnally, minded only about what they can see, feel, hear, smell, think and perceive through their physical and emotional senses. Most people do not ACTIVATE their reborn spirits and begin to live and immerse themselves with growing and consistent God-mindedness. Worse still, most people continue to immerse themselves in a lifestyle that keeps them carnal and worldly-minded, instead of filling their lives with things that keep their newly activated spirits ignited. 🏃 🏃‍♀ .

So your only job is to live, run, walk, think, speak, love, plant, reap, sow, spend, grow in the Spirit! 💥 .

Recently, someone asked me why Christians still sin. There are a few reasons but for sure, we are empowered NOT to sin, however, most of us still sin lots because we do not immerse in the SPIRIT LIFE that we have been born again into. 😓
Do you feel you are immersed in life in the spirit now that you are saved? Do you need help to immerse yourself? DM me and today only, I’ll give you FREE ACCESS to my program THE BINGE & INTIMACY CHALLENGE ❤which is all about this and more. The program is worth $90 but you can have it for free this week only. ❤❤💥💥


Well so far, I’ve basically shared with you that when you get saved, your next job is to make a lifestyle of being spiritually activated (walk in the Spirit). 🏃🙇🏾‍♀🙇

Now, because you live in the world, you will continue to encounter temptations to step out of life in the Spirit and immerse yourself once again in carnal life. Yup, child of God, there’ll be temptation to sin, temptation to immerse yourself in the cares of this physical and emotional world, temptation to make your life about stuff that has the effect of diluting your focus on God. 😟

As you stay spiritually activated, you will experience the power to remain immersed in God, and detangle yourself from the cares of this world. 💪🏾 You will also find it much easier to take God up on that offer in Hebrews 4:16 where God invites His children: “Let us then approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need”

God promises to have mercy on His children when we confess our sins and ask Him to forgive us. He promises to extend His grace to us; grace being strength that enables us to remain immersed in Him. 💪🏾 I hope this week’s tips have helped you, child of God. You got saved yes, but it’s not for you to sit on the fence and wait for heaven’s sweet by and by. Walk in the Spirit NOW. Experience God now and grow strong in the Spirit. Cling to God for help. 🙏🏾👣💪🏾

Coach Toyin, Founder of The Narrow Gateway

As always, I end this by saying, I am Coach Toyin, fully convicted by my own words and very much still under construction in the hands of the Father.