Are you not ‘winning’ as a Christian? Here’s why.

Gosh that topic sounds dramatic 😀 but stay with me this week as we explore this super critical topic.

When I say ‘not winning’, what I really mean is that if as a Christian, you are not growing in a consistent experience of the following elements of your salvation, then you are being deprived of what God delivered you from and into when you got ‘saved’ (and baby, that needs to change). Here are the elements👉🏾

🙏🏾saved from the nature of sin that all of the human race was and is born into as a result of Adam and Eve’s sin

🙏🏾restored to God’s nature and to intimacy/deep loving, fruitful fellowship with God, living from within God

🙏🏾delivered from the power and consequences of sin where regardless of what you do, good or bad, decay of every kind and death (physical, spiritual and eternal death) is your destiny

🙏🏾delivered from the kingdom of darkness which is ruled by Satan (this is where oppression comes from)

🙏🏾delivered from the power of sin where you now have access to God’s grace that enables you to decline sin and worldly lusts and distractions

🙏🏾power to live supernaturally in your God-given purpose, co-working with God to reconcile man to Himself

 The reason why many folks “fail” as Christians is because people have mistakenly taken being a Christian to just be about DOING GOOD THINGS and NOT DOING BAD THINGS. 😭 But by doing this, we have set ourselves up for failure, because we have missed out on all the other elements of the Christian life, which actually produce that increasingly sinless and purpose driven life that we all are called to live.

I’ll talk more about this at the same time on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Be sure to check my timeline. It’s time you started winning in your Christian life.


Okay so one reason why many Christians are not winning in their Christianity (go back to #coachtoyinsboomtip1 on what a winning Christian looks like) is because WE MAKE THE MISTAKE OF THINKING THAT CHRISTIANITY IS ABOUT DOING ‘GOOD’ THINGS AND NOT DOING ‘BAD’ THINGS. 😭 So we focus all our energies on what we do and don’t do, and of course we fail espically and we lose hope, not to mention that the world looks at us and is like, “I’m sorry but I know folks who don’t give a hot about Jesus but they much better people than you.” 💥 😯 😔 .
Then you have those who are really disciplined, so they work hard at doing good, and succeed, but still there hearts are far from God. This is just as bad 🤷‍♀😭

Sooooo what is the solution?

Following CHRIST is NOT first about DOING but rather about BEING.

💥 The ‘doing’ is a product that emerges organically from the ‘being’. IDENTITY; WHO YOU ARE. Now that you have responded to Christ’s call for your heart, who are you in the spirit, where all of life emanates from. Hmmmm…
Because what you do is a product of WHO YOU ARE.

💥 So rather than fixate on doing ‘good’ or not doing ‘bad’, rather fixate on discovering YOURSELF- your new identity in the Kingdom of God. Rather fixate on locating yourself in and doing life from the very heart ♥️ of the Most High God, and discover what that means for your reality here on earth. 😲 
Do you struggle as a Christian, with feeling like you are failing all the time? DM me or comment about your thoughts 💭 

On Friday same time, I’ll share with you the KEY 🔑 to knowing WHO YOU ARE, then we will close it all off on Sunday- so come back, same time 😉


Folks! So happy to see you still interested in this topic. But it’s so important. Why are you not winning as a Christian? Why are you not living and experiencing ‘the God-life’?😭 I finished off on Wednesday (go check it out, plus Monday’s) by sharing that we fail as Christians because we exhaust and depress ourselves trying hard to be ‘good’ or not do ‘bad things’ rather than immersing ourselves into our new identity in Christ. 😎 .

You are, your lifestyle is a product of your identity, not vice versa. So, wanna change your lifestyle into what you think a Christian should live like? Do it by immersing yourself in who you now are as a child of God.

How do you do this? 

Meditate meaningfully on the Bible, which is God’s gift to His children, to tell us about Himself, and about us. 🤗Create many silences in your life and fill them with intimate back and forth conversations with God. Use songs that adore Him, use consistent prayer, use books that tell you more about Him. 🤗Make the lifestyle above a habit, and as you discover more about God, you will automatically discover and step into your identity, which is actually found in Him

On Sunday I’ll tell you more about this new lifestyle that assures you of consistent winning as a child of God. Holler back ❤


This week’s topic has been intense but thank God, we made it. Why have you not been ‘winning’ as a Christian? Fam, it’s because you have not known KEPT THE MAIN THING THE MAIN THING.😳Here’s what I mean➡️

👉🏼You have not known what your new being and identity is as a ‘Christian’ .
👉🏼You have not immersed yourself in your new identity and your new natural habitat, which is THE HOLY SPIRIT


Galatians 5:25 says If we live by the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit. Boom! That says it all! IF WE LIVE BY THE SPIRIT, meaning seeing as we are now born again, alive by and in the Spirit of God, completely new beings, delivered into the Kingdom of God, bearing His nature and likeness simply through faith in Jesus Christ, then LET US ALSO WALK IN THE SPIRIT 🚶🏽‍♀️meaning let us also immerse ourselves in the LIFE OF GOD, IN THE PRESENCE OF GOD, which is now our natural home, our natural habitat 💥

Fam, if you have been a Christian for any length of time, and you are hearing me and saying, “Uhm, what in the world is she on about?” then chances are, Fam, you are living by the Spirit (yes you are born again through faith in Christ) but you have not been consciously immersing yourself in life in the Spirit (“walking in the Spirit”). Because anyone who is walking in the Spirit will know it – you will know that even though you are fully engaged in this life on earth, in your emotions, your physical environment, your mental environment, your societal environment etc, YET you are doing all of that with your very being being CONSCIOUSLY AND ACTIVELY ENGAGED IN IT’S NATURAL HABITAT, which is the very presence of God.

When I do posts like this, I’m pretty conscious that for many, I might sound like I be smoking’ something 😂and I promise you, I really try to use every day language to make what I am saying sound simpler … but most importantly, I pray over these posts 🙏and ask God that even if you are reading and you have never read the Bible before, the Holy Spirit will quicken your spirit and trigger your mind, and understanding will flood through. In Jesus name. ❤️
Have a fabulous week ahed! Tomorrow, we begin a new set of tips. 

Coach Toyin, Founder of The Narrow Gateway

As always, I end this by saying, I am Coach Toyin, fully convicted by my own words and very much still under construction in the hands of the Father.