A global platform to trigger Christians to think, live and breath the authentic God-life that is found when you enter by the narrow way

The NARROW GATEWAY is a global platform geared to trigger Christians to think, live and breath the authentic “God-life” that is found when you enter by “the narrow way” (Matthew 7:13-14). We provide creative shows, programs, materials and resources, all bursting with truth, for Christians to sink their hearts into and fill their spaces with, enabling and enhancing their intentional and passionate pursuit of the full and unadulterated truth of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God.

We believe that the intentional and passionate pursuit of “that God-life” will equip every Christian to key into the gifts and passions that God has placed inside him or her, and to manifest them in their every day lives, through “presence-and-purpose-driven-living”, thereby unlocking solution spaces to the dire needs of our world.

Through our various programs, such as The W.I.T.N.G Chat ShowWeekly Truth Turn UpWhat’s The God-View?, Entertainment Reviews, Weekly HeartSongs we encourage believers to repel conformity to popular world-views and mainstream rhetoric about ongoing hot topics, and instead, to respond to life’s different faces and phases with the question, W.I.T.N.G? “What is The Narrow Gateway?” “What is God saying about this situation? What will He have me do now?” We inform and embolden Christians to dare to choose the road less travelled and enter by “the Narrow Gateway”.

Our programs are easily accessible, so that the truth is always at your fingertips as you PURSUE THE GOD-LIFE UNRELENTINGLY. And we are always thinking of new programs for you, and welcome to new ideas from you. You name it, if we can pull it off creatively, we will, and God allowing, we will make it available for you. Tune out the static and turn on the truth when you are out jogging, or maybe waiting for an appointment, or driving, or in a taxi, train, airplane, come online and listen, read, engage and be filled with the mind-transforming truth behind the narrow gateway. And when you find the truth, rend your heart to it. Align. Run with it! Do outrageous things! Let the God-love and the God-life in you pour out and create solutions in our aching world.

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