“Brotherly Love” – A Movie Review by Fehintoluwa Jolugbo

Hi! Welcome to our second MOVIE REVIEW here at THE NARROW GATEWAY! I am super-excited to share this Movie Review with you. Why? Because it was submitted by an intelligent young man, only 14 years old! His name is Fehintoluwa Jolugbo (a.k.a Yoyo) and I was so impressed with his review, I hardly had to make any changes! It’s pretty “telling” that Yoyo has the depth of character and insight to even think of writing a Movie Review from the point of view of Christian values, but why would we be surprised? You see His mum is Bukola Jolugbo, Founder of Joshua’s Army, which is an organisation with a mission to foster a “role-model relationship” between fathers and sons, and to see sons raised to walking in line with God’s will and agenda for them as males. This is what Bukola Jolugbo had to say about the movie “Brotherly Love”:

“In May 2017, Joshua’s Army challenged fathers to deliberately spend time with their teenage boys and engage in constructive conversation & activities on a daily basis. We set up Saturday nights as Family Movie Night and one of the movies we watched was “Brotherly Love”. I recommended this movie because the values of the movie (though it is not altogether a Christian movie) are in line with the values of Joshua’s Army. Watching “Brotherly Love” as a family is an eye opener to the battles our teenagers face with peer pressure and I am proud to read my son’s review on it.”

Here’s the Review! Well done Yoyo!

Movie title

Brotherly Love

Feature Actors and/or directors and/or producers

Actors: Keke Palmer (Jackie), Cory Hardrict (June), Eric D. Hill Jr. (Sergio)

Director: Jamal Hill

Producers:  Charles E. Alston, Yaneley Arty, Shakim Compere


Sports film, drama


In West Philly, a born and raised teen basketball star faces pressure to make it big, while his twin sister embarks on a risky romance, and their brother is drawn into a street war.

Target Audience

I think this movie is targeted to all ages, but specifically teenage boys and young adults because its shows the distractions and pressures that we feel and face, but it does so from a  “hood” sort of perspective.

Values and world-views that the storyline promotesbrotherly love

The main value that this movie puts across is that as young people we should always chase our dreams, irrespective of where we were born or grew up. It also tells us that we should be careful of the people we associate ourselves with. As said in the movie “The foundations we lay right now are for who we are going to be in the future”.

Also, June’s mum stayed in the pain of her past leaving the responsibility of the family on June, a young man who needed guidance himself (he started running the home when he was 15). June became the man he wasn’t at a very early age because his parents were absent and he led life and his siblings the way he knew to do best. In my opinion, June was a fantastic son and brother who only made the wrong choice in life for lack of parental guidance.

I’d also like to mention Chris (Jackie’s boyfriend). He seem to truly love Jackie but allowed anger and the thirst for vengeance take the better part of him because of his cousin’s death. Anger only destroys and leaves us in regret – it’s not worth it!

Although Sergio ended up well – he became his dreams and made his community proud – but someone (his brother) paid for that with his life and I am glad he made good use of the ransom. My mum likened that to the ransom Jesus paid for us and what we do with it.

Does it bring any Bible stories or Bible verses to mind?

This movie can be linked to the biblical story of Samson. Samson had potential and he was chosen by God, but he allowed distractions from peers to ruin him. If Samson had listened to his parents and paid attention to his calling (potential), he would have been greater than he was.

Who should be watching this?

Teenagers, young adults and parents (families)

Who should not be watching this?

Pre-teens and children because of the gunshot, blood and language

Give a rating

I would give this movie a rating of 5 out of 5 stars



The views expressed in the review are that of the writer. We hope you find the review helpful in your quest to find some #goodoldfun to #fillyourspaces without #diminishingtheGodlightinyou. We encourage you to remain prayerful about the entertainment content that you look to in order to #fillyourspaces. We encourage you to keep the biblical values of restraint and moderation in mind – 1 Corinthians 6:12: “I have the right to do anything,” you say—but not everything is beneficial. “I have the right to do anything”—but I will not be mastered by anything.”

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