Story story … 

Last weekend while driving to church, we were stuck in traffic and suddenly, there was an aggressive scuffle on the road beside us. A taxi driver beside us had jumped out of his stationary vehicle to chase down a lady passenger. He was punching her and shouting at her! My husband started shouting. I rolled down my window and started shouting. Next thing I know, a burly man appeared out of nowhere and grabbed the driver off the woman! He was shouting at the driver, “You don’t hit a woman! No matter what, you never hit a woman! If you want to fight someone, fight me!” Next thing I realized my husband was no longer in the car with us; he was also on the road, standing between the driver and the woman and helping the woman to get up and get away!
Folks … this is the world we live in. This is reality. There are many good men (and women etc) in the world, and many bad women (and men etc) in the world. But we do live in a world where it is not an uncomment occurrence for a man to beat a woman in full view of the world. We also live in a world where in a crowded road with 100s of onlookers, only two men were brave enough or cared enough to act out their convictions and stand up to the man who was beating up a woman.

It’s not just my birthday today, 8 March, it’s also International Women’s Day. Why bother to have a day set apart to honor women across the world? Because God made women, He loves us, honors us, uses us, fights for us, fights through us, redeems us, speaks to us, speaks through us, creates in us, works in us … so why not?

But another closely related reason is that one of the ways to address and reverse historical, cultural and systemic disadvantage and oppression of women in the world is to spotlight them and their plight. So Famz, whatever you can do today to end or at least diminish any culture of disadvantage, oppression, violence towards women in your environment, double your effort and do it. Whatever you can do today to uplift women around you who are downtrodden, or to just celebrate the women in your life (and make this a lifestyle) then double your effort and do it.

That’s all.

I am Coach Toyin, fully convicted by my own words and very much still under construction in the hands of the Father.

Nigerian Elections 2019; To Pray Or To Vote?

Nigerian Elections 2019; To Pray Or To Vote?



So, the Nigerian Elections 2019 are taking place this weekend (16 February 2019). Many praying earnestly towards it and also receiving some intense insights into what God’s heart is for Nigeria at this time, and into what will play out in the coming months. Some of the stuff God is showing us is scary, some is exciting … .

At the start of this week, the Lord guided me to begin a 7-day Pray-For-Nigeria series on my Social Media and Email platforms. The aim is to ignite other children of God to pray as well. I went ahead and did this knowing full well that many people, Christians included, no longer believe that prayer can make a difference in Nigeria. In fact, the idea of praying for Nigeria often comes across (even to me sometimes) as childish, possibly even ridiculous. Sad, but true. But I’ve learnt to follow God’s instructions and leave the ‘over-thinking things’ to anybody else who has time. Lol.

During this week, I’ve had varying reactions to the prayer series. Many have prayed along and have contacted me to let me know that they are excitedly trusting God to shake the status quo and usher Nigeria into a new era. Some have asked me whether I am going to vote. Others have said stuff like “How has prayer ever helped Nigeria? People need to go out and vote!” Others have said, “we already know what will happen – they will rig the whole thing and life will go on as usual in Nigeria.”

So I decided to write this blogpost to share my heart with you all and my prayer is that it ignites you to PRAY … AND VOTE!


Friends, please, VOTE! Prayer and voting are not in a competition! They are not fighting for space. Don’t pit them against each other. One is a necessary tool in the seen realm where things play out, while the other is critical and packs power in the unseen realm where decisions are made and power is allocated. So, Child of God, do both; fervently and wisely. Do not carelessly neglect one and think the other can work. Selah.


I hear you, and if I were to respond to this fully, this would become a working draft for my next book (*grin*). I’ll summarise.

Growing up, as a family, we prayed for Nigeria daily. We stopped in my teens; not sure why. To my mind though, it was time we accepted ‘reality that Nigeria cannot be different’.

As I came into my own, I swore I would never live in Nigeria again and I decided that there was no point praying for Nigeria, or for the world, for that matter, because, well, we all know that the Bible says that in the last days, things are just gonna go from bad to worse, so … LOL! 

Well, fast forward to 2019 and not only do I live in Nigeria and LOVE it, I’m here with my husband and three little kids! How did that happen? Story for another day (LOL!). But, I’m older now (I mean as a Child of God, not in physical age) and I am coming to understand a few things about prayer:

1) Prayer is a gift from God that must be unwrapped, and you cannot afford to misunderstand or misuse it.

Prayer, when misunderstood and/or misused packs very little power, which only causes the person praying to be misdirected, or frustrated and to lose hope altogether. This, sadly, is the state of many children of God all over the world, especially in Nigeria.

I am coming to understand what prayer really is and why I cannot afford to live a ‘prayer-weak’ life. Next week’s ‘Coach Toyin’s B.O.O.M TIPS‘, will address what prayer really is and how to get your life ‘prayer-strong’ so follow me on Facebook or Instagram to get those tips. Let me share a small preview:

Prayer is not just a way to report your needs to God and tell Him what you think He should do to fix them. God is not a genie in a bottle, neither is He your servant. Prayer is actually the way to align you to God’s heart and purpose, so that you are equipped and prepared to effect His perfect will in your life and in the earth. Prayer connects you to the solution to your problem and that of the world’s.


2) All through history, God has always worked with times and seasons.

Every nation, people, kingdom has a time and season, and when God’s time for a shifting comes, child of God, you better know it and align with Him through fervency in lifestyle and prayer. In Hosea 4:6, God said, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” A prayer-strong life is the key to gaining knowledge of God’s heart regarding your times and seasons, and that of your family, your nation, your world. When you gain that knowledge, you can align your life to Him, and thrive. You can also help others under your influence to align and thrive. This is how we heal the world friend.

3) There is a seen realm and an unseen realm

Spooky? No. There’s nothing spooky about this. Can you see your inner parts (I’m talking about the things that make you you, like your mind, will, emotions, logic, spirit, memories?) How about your bae’s inner parts (since today is Val’s day haha)? But you know your inner parts are real and they literally govern what your body chooses to do, right? Which in turn affects what happens in your life and in the world right? So yes, there is a seen realm and an unseen realm.

As children of God, we are called to live in the seen realm (physical) but strongly and consciously from the unseen realm (spiritual). In other words, we are called to be strong in the spirit, and one of the most potent ways to be strong in the spirit is through prayer. 2 Corinthians 4:18 says, “So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.” 

What happens in the seen realm is determined by what happens in the unseen realm, and sincere and heart-felt prayer is one of the most powerful tools that God has given mankind to shift things in the unseen realm, so that in the seen realm, we can effect a deviation from a sure trajectory of brokenness that this world dishes out, towards God’s loving pattern and plan.

Sadly though, sincere prayer is the most endangered practice among people who consider themselves to be followers of Christ, because we misunderstand its purpose and/or we no longer believe in it’s power. This is tragic because because the world is fallen and broken and by nature, it breaks the people within it … so if those who believe in the God who loves His creation do not rise to pray and shift things in the unseen realm, we will continue to see increased brokenness in the world … and we will blame God for being ‘distant’ or ‘uncaring’. Whereas, the state of a nation is actually always a reflection of the state of the church within that nation (whether the church is a prayer-strong church or not). Hmmmm…

Back to the imminent Nigeria Elections

Nigeria is at a critical crossroad, and is ready to shift from one season to another. I thank God for being patient with me and for igniting me to pray at this time. I pray in order to understand the seasons that we are in as a nation, so that I can align with what God is doing at this time, and mobilise others to do the same. I pray because I understand that those who desire to continue to rape this nation know that to shift things in the seen realm, they need to be strong in the unseen realm; so they are doing what they can to gain strength. If I do not rise and pray, along with other children of God, we will see this nation further destroyed. But “If My people, who are called by My name will humble themselves and pray, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will come and heal their land,” says God (2 Chronicles 7:14). 

This is why I pray. Child of God, I encourage you to do the same.

If you missed out on the prayers so far and would like to catch up, click here.

I am Coach Toyin, fully convicted by my own words and very much still under construction in the hands of the Father.


The One About The Photograph I Refused To Look At

The One About The Photograph I Refused To Look At

The One About The Photograph I Refused To Look At

Have you guys ever had a time when someone insisted on taking a photo of you but you really didn’t want the photo taken, and then when they took it, you refused to look at the pic because you were sure you looked urghhh in it? Sounds dramatic, but well, rewind to a date night I had with my hubby in early December last year. He took this pic of me (see below) after I was like, “No, don’t take the pic … I look so bleh …” and then when he took the pic, I refused to look at it.

Here’s the pic …

See, I had given birth to our daughter six weeks before that night and, well let’s just say I was feeling rather podgy. I mean how hubby even convinced me to go out on a date with him, I don’t know. If you’ve ever been pregnant and then recently given birth, you’ll know that the last thing that most women feel at that time is ‘datenighty’. Lol. Anywhooos, hubby went ahead and took the pic anyway, and kept trying to get me to look at it.

“Just look at the pic! Its really nice. It’s not what you think!”

But I refused, and hubby eventually gave up on trying to get me to look. Instead he sent the photo to my phone and we left it at that. I promise you, I eventually only looked at the pic maybe three weeks later, while scrolling through my phone. Needless to say, I was shocked. I was like “Ah ah,” (Nigerian accent fully loaded, haha) “Gehl, o o bad o!” (Meaning Girl, you ain’t half bad) Hahaha! Even if I say so myself …

Now aside from me sneaking in compliments for myself (haha!) there’s a transformative lesson here. Insecurity is a terrible thing. It literally muffles your identity and your quality of life. It alters your perception of yourself and of the goodness and glory of God. It blinds you from seeing YOU as YOU. I repeat; insecurity blinds YOU from seeing YOU as YOU, and if you stop seeing you as you, it means you cannot step to God in a tangible relationship of intimacy. It also means you may struggle in hearing from Him about His purpose for your life and/or believing Him when He does reveal this to you.

Paul told Timothy in 2 Timothy 1:7 that God has not given His children a spirit of fear, but of love, power and of a sound mind. Insecurity is steeped in fear, a sense of powerlessness and false thoughts. It is not from God💥!!

Is there still any part of your identity that is being stifled by insecurity? Trust me, I know all about that, and I am so grateful because the Lord has had me on a journey for a while now, transforming me out of that false identity into my real identity in Him. So, I pray for you (as I pray for myself) that you will shake off that lie of the devil, and as you put on love, power and a sound mind, which is what God has given you as His child, you will see YOU as YOU, and HIM (God) as HIMSELF!

… in Jesus’ name. Amen😊


Let me end this by giving you one tip to help you deal with insecurity in your life:


No, I don’t mean you should make yourself shrink (lol). I mean you should be your own ‘shrink’; your own psychiatrist, your own counsellor. As a child of God, you have the Word of God which is TRUTH, and what it says about you is the only TRUTH that is TRUE (if I can put it that way). So as your very own personal shrink, speak truth to yourself and then act on what that truth says about you.

1) Write down one area of your life in which you feel insecure right now

2) Find  a correlating Bible verse that tells the truth about who you really are in that area of your life

3) Based on what the Word of God says you are, what can you do practically to show that you choose to be defined by God’s word, not by your feelings of insecurity? 

Here’s an example based on the day that I was feeling podgy and unattractive:

Insecure feeling Bible Verse What can you do now to agree with God’s truth about you?
I look ‘urgghhh’ today Songs of Songs 4:7 You are all fair my love, there is no spot of blemish in you I am beautiful inside and outside, so I choose to make the effort to look my best. I’ll make sure my hair is neat, my dressing is cute and tidy, and my smile shines brightly for the world to see the light of Christ in me. I refuse to be defined by how I feel but rather by what the Word of God says about me

Try it … and keep trying it. God has not given you a spirit of insecurity. You are who He says you are … so then go ahead and ACT LIKE IT. (* winks *)

I am Coach Toyin, fully convicted by my own words and very much still under construction in the hands of the Father.

Coach Toyin

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The One About When Bae Sent Me Flowers and Chocolates

The One About When Bae Sent Me Flowers and Chocolates

The One About When Bae Sent Me Chocolates and Flowers

You’ll laugh …

So a couple of months back …
… Bae a.k.a my schweeeeet husband, had a vase of flowers and a box of the most delectable chocolates delivered to me (* as I swoon *) LOL! No occasion just because LAAAVVVV. Hahaha! Not to mention that he arranged all this from across the pond (I was in the U.S with the kids at the time and he was home in Nigeria). Lucky me!

So the chocs and flowers arrived and of course, I gushed and gushed and sent Bae pics plus a cute thank you message … put the flowers on the kitchen counter where everyone would see …
… and hid the chocs in a high kitchen cabinet! Hahaha! Yes! See those white kitchen cabinets in the background of the pic of the flowers below? Yup. My secret stash was happy there. LOL!

You see, my kids have a pretty ‘forward’ nanny who considers herself to be one of my children (haha), not to mention my two young kids who LOVE chocolate. So your girl had to ‘apply some wisdom’ bruh, and preserve the chocs for night time when the kids would be asleep and I would get some adult time. Haha!

Next thing I know, I heard a voice in my heart.
“Ah ah, Toyin. So with a whole house full of people, you are gonna eat these chocolates by yasef?” God said to my spirit (and yes in my mind, it sounded like He said “ease”. Hahaha!)

I cringed! Eish!

“Ah Lord! I totally love that you speak to me and I can hear Your voice in my spirit, and that You are interested in all aspects of my life … but geez! Can a Christian sister get a minute to enjoy her chocolates alone pllleeeaaassseeee?!”

Then came the answer …

“Nope.” LOL!
“Not when you have agreed to My work of transformation in you.”


Sigh … “Ok ok” I replied, and off I went to offer my kids’ nanny a piece of chocolate. Guess what? She said “No”!!! Hahaha! (* Cackle cackle *) I almost broke into a happy dance right there and then! Hallelujah somebody!!

“Oh well, Lord, Sebi, I obeyed You naa? You said I should offer her, so I offered her, and she said she doesn’t want! Now can I binge in peace?”

Hahaha! And off I went to eat up every single piece of chocolate all by myself (and I ignored the voice inside that was like, “Howz about leaving some of that for the kids when they wake up from their nap hey?” (* covers face *) LOL!


Why did I tell you all this?

Well, aside from letting you guys in on my silliness, not to mention that God still has lots of transformation work to do in me (LOL), I shared this story for one simple reason:

God is real. Is that real to you?

People often tell me they admire my relationship with God because I talk about Him as if He is a real person; as if He is really there.


Now when I hear this, I don’t get all ‘fake humility’ and turn down the comment. I accept it open armed because it is true – God is real to me, and I do interact with Him as if He is right there. But my relationship with Him is faaaaarrrr from perfect. In fact, for someone who knows and experiences God as real, I really should have a much more fervent and consistent (not to mention power-packed) relationship with God, but alas … I am work in progress.

So how come I can have an imperfect relationship with God, and yet still be able to have real conversations with Him like this one I just narrated to you about the chocolates?

The answer is simple, and I pray that it transforms your relationship with God.

God is always speaking. The question is, do you believe He is speaking? Are you tuned in to hear Him when He speaks? And finally, when you do hear what He has to say, are you consistently choosing to begin a process of aligning yourself to His heart?

You see, God is always speaking. But to cultivate a life of consistently hearing and talking back to God, you must believe that He is real, and then, you must tune in. If you believe, but you don’t tune in, you may not hear much. If you tune in but you do not believe, you may hear some, but you will miss much. So ask yourself:

How real is God to me?
Do I hear His voice when He speaks?
Do I notice when He tries to intercept the humdrum of my day with little anecdotes and inside jokes just to make me laugh?
Does my heart skip a beat when He whispers sweet nothings into my ears?
Does my heart swell with pride when He roars and routs my enemies on my behalf? Do I bow in sober humility when He gives me that telling sideways glance as I stagger off His beaten path yet again?

Click on the link to my Coaching Programs below to see how I can help you begin a journey to answering “Yes”to these questions.

I am Coach Toyin, fully convicted by my own words and very much still under construction in the hands of the Father.

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Did Your ‘Nose’ Grow in 2018?

Did Your ‘Nose’ Grow in 2018?

They say the proof is in the pudding … or in this case, in the nose.

Coach Toyin at about 20 weeks pregnant

Well, what does your ‘nose’ say about your ‘pudding’?

(long blogpost, but worth the read … please read to the end)

Okay so, I recently had a baby [pregnant dramatic pause for effect! Pardon the pun! LOL!]

… and though I didn’t mention on social media that I was expecting, I had people who saw my pics/videos as the year progressed and they sent me messages like, “AAAHHHHHH Toyin!!! That nose??? Dead giveaway o! Congratulations!” And that was months before I gave birth! LOL! As in! Sigh … Can’t a girl keep a secret nowadays? Lol!

Anywhooos … jokes aside, I do have a point. Lol. Folks, the proof is in the pudding, or in this case, in the nose. True growth and transformation cannot be hidden. The signs are always clear. The same is true for lack of growth; if nothing is happening in your growth journey with Jesus, it will be obvious, because, well, there’ll be ‘no nose’.

Now, you all know I’m all about getting ‘that God-life’ by being intentional about growing in my relationship with God. I have also shared with you all that my passion and instruction from God is to live out loud so that as you watch me walk the ups and downs of my growth journey with God, you will be ignited to kick-start yours, and make some serious tracks along the way. So you can imagine that this pic (of my big pregnancy nose hahaha!) just had to get me thinking: “Toyin, what is your ‘nose; saying about how you did in your growth journey with Jesus in 2018?”

Sigh … sobering for me, I have to admit. You see, I had some intense highlights in my growth journey with God in 2018, the primary one being that the Lord asked me to “come up higher” with Him this year i.e. spend more meaningful time with Him and get to know Him in a much deeper way. He told me He had so much more to show me of Himself; not to mention that for the work He has for me to do, I would need to be way more fervent in Him. For a while there, I obeyed His call, and guys, I don’t think I have the human words to describe the beauty of a life lived in and from the presence of this Almighty, loving God; this God who is so keen to show Himself to those who have a true hunger for Him. The intimacy, the fellowship, the power, the insight, the ability to experience and do great supernatural things for God, in this physical life … unparalleled. In fact, dare I be bold enough to add that there was a point this year when I was so sure that I would look up and see the Lord Himself walk into my room. Things were that deep. I know! Crazy! But so possible.

Sadly though, at some point in the year, my ‘other loves’ showed up; those other things in my life that vie for my heart, and I stopped being as consistent in having meaningful times with God. My heart became divided. Did it mean God abandoned me? No. But I know in my heart that though I saw amazing things of the Lord this year, there was so much more I could have seen and experienced, if I had stayed fervent. . . Sigh … But thank God; He gives ‘take twos’. He is the God of new mercies every morning.

My heart’s cry for 2019 is this: LORD, MAKE ME FERVENT!

How about you?

Is your ‘nose’ big or growing?
Has there been any change in those sneaky areas of sin and inner brokenness that you brought into 2018?
Have you experienced victory over that insecurity, the shame that plagues you, pride, self-righteousness, anger, hatefulness, disinterest in God, fear, lust, unfaithfulness, rejection … ?
Have you grown in deep intimacy with God this year?
Have you discovered His purpose for your life in this season?
Are my questions making you squirm?
Not to worry…I’m squirming too.
You know what, this ‘God-life’ is real, and it is God’s ultimate passion and desire for you and I to discover and live it, here on earth. It is NOT God’s will that you only experience His glory and fullness, when you get to heaven.

So, what’s holding you back?

If my questions struck a nerve with you, please, let me help you. I created my Coaching Programs in response to clear directives that God gave me to share with others the tools that God has been using with me along my own Christian journey. These tools help me to draw closer to God in a meaningful way, and as I do, He unravel the wars against sin and inner brokenness in my life, and He positions me to discern and walk in His purpose for my life. I’m still on that journey, trust me. Won’t you join me?

Click here to find out more about my Coaching Programs and pick the one that best suits you at this time. Whatever you do, don’t just ‘puff and pass’ as they say. Linger, and make a move. Your ‘nose’ must growwwwwww in 2019.

I am Coach Toyin, fully convicted by my own words and very much still under construction in the hands of the Father.

The One About When The Ex-Con Asked For My Phone

The One About When The Ex-Con Asked For My Phone

The One About When The Ex-Con Asked For My Phone (by Coach Toyin)

Soooooo … this one day, about two months ago, I drove downtown to a federal building to sort out some ‘business with the government’ (* serious face pasted on * haha). Anyhooo, as I walked across the parking lot opposite the federal building, a lady stepped to me and asked for money. First thought that came to mind was, Am I safe?

I wasn’t sure. I felt she might be on something other than ‘food and drink’ if you get my meaning, and because I was new to the area, I just wasn’t sure if I should be giving her money or mumbling an excuse and walking away.

“Sorry ma’am. I can’t help you,” I mumbled with a slight smile, and slipped into the building. Now my guard was up.

When I was done with my ‘high-level engagement with the powers that be’ (hehe), I traced my steps back to the elevators. Now imagine a typical government building downtown. Lots of elevators. I was probably on the 17th floor standing alone, a man suddenly showed up at my side.

“Ma’am. Do you have a phone?” he asked.

Odd, I thought. Okay … what now?

“Yes, I do sir,” I replied in my best American accent (which is poor, to say the least). I’d noticed that over here, folks are really big on calling everybody “sir” and “ma’am” so I thought, hey, let me not look like I don’t know wusup! LOL!

“Well, may I use your phone? I just got out of Federal Prison and I came to these here offices to sort out my social security. I need to call my peoples to let ‘em know I’m here so they can come get me.”

Jesu!!! Was all that came to mind. Full on Nigerian accent reloaded! See me see trouble o! Who sent me? T’alo be mi n’seeeeee (who begged me to run this errand)? All by myself with the latest federal prison releasee, at the elevators of the 17th floor of some building downtown?! What will my people say? E gba mi o!

(Just as an amusing aside, I mostly think in Yoruba (my mother tongue) when I’m really angry or really freaked out!)

I looked at the man in front of me who was impatiently waiting for my phone, which might I add was in my hand! For the second time in two hours, I kicked into profiling mode. The man was probably in his fifties. Yes, he had tattoos all over, and he looked a bit rough around the edges, whatever that means … but to be honest, I was not phased by the tattoos or his looks at all. All that bothered me was this: HE JUST GOT OUT OF FEDERAL PRISON! What was he in for? Was I in danger if I refused to give him my phone? Would ‘his people’ keep calling my phone looking for him if I allowed him to use my phone?

Other than the fact that he had just come out of prison, I really had no reason to feel insecure … but I was, and I could not bring myself to give the man my phone.

Sigh …

“Oh I’m sorry sir. I’d love to help, but I’m nat sure I can,” still with my best fake accent. “Would you like to take the elevator to the 1st floor where the security office is? They might be able to help you.”

And then I held my breath, hoping that the fact that I spoke to him with my kindest smile would make a difference.

“What? Ma’am, that just don’t make no sense. I just wanna use your phone to call my people, to let them know that I’m here, so they can come get me! Urgh … “ he huffed, and stomped into the elevator that had arrived.

I didn’t follow him o! I looked away as if ‘nothin’ do me’ and waited for the next elevator.

Phew! What was that? I thought, as I entered the next elevator that arrived. Did I do the right thing? Did he understand why I felt uncomfy about giving him my phone? I wondered. Let me just get to my car and go home!

But then I got out of the elevator at the 1st floor and walked straight into an even more annoyed version of my guy.

“But you said the security office is on the 1st floor?!” He demanded when he saw me.

Yepa! I thought and I stepped to the side.

“Oh I’m saaarrryyyy. They nat here? Maybe try one floor down, on ground.” I kept my smile pasted on as if I couldn’t notice his irritation.

See me see trouble o!

Then we stared at each other for a few seconds because he knew I wasn’t going to take the same elevator with him to go to the ground floor, and I knew I wasn’t going to take the same elevator with him either (it turns out my exit was also on ground floor). Then the man huffed again and stomped towards the stairs.

Phew! Relieved, I waited for the next elevator to come and made my way to the ground floor, only for me to get there and spot my ex-con friend, sitting calmly in the security office, waiting to use their phone.

Sigh …

How sad for me. How sad for this man who just needed a phone.

Let me go ahead and make my point. As you know by now, my platform is all about my Christian transformation journey, as well as yours. I work with people to help them live consciously and intentionally on God’s work table, allowing Him to work in, through and all around our lives to transform us increasingly into His image.

One of the many lessons I have learnt on my very intentional transformation journey is this: Transformation is never about ignoring your past, but rather about confronting the effects that your past has had on your identity, and allowing God to work in, through and around your past, to bring about the grace and gold that He alone can squeeze out of even the worst set of circumstances. Your past will not ignore you just because you decided to ‘transform’. Your past will come for you and try either to drag you back into its prison cells, or to keep you paying a perpetual price for whatever you got up to (or whatever got all up in your face) back in the day. Not just that; some folks will profile you unfairly, like I did twice on my visit downtown, because they just don’t believe that you can ever change. Gosh, you might profile yourself, and without knowing it, you put yourself back in a box and constrain yourself from the greatness that God actually wants to bring out of your past. I mean for a few moments there, it looked as if this gentleman was gonna ‘clap’ me straight for not giving him the benefit of the doubt. If he’d done that, then I wouldn’t be here feeling bad for profiling him. On the other hand, he would have allowed the pressure of dealing with his past to knock him 10 steps off his restoration path.

The Christian transformation journey of ‘bowing out the old man’ of sin and inner brokenness that has stood between you and God and prevented you from knowing and fulfilling your purpose in life … can feel like scalding your skin. Ouch! But it is a journey that births the God-life, and we must neither run away from it, nor stay down when the harshness of the process knocks us down.

Are you going through some rough patches in your transformation journey right now? Would you rather turn your back and ruuuuunnnn instead of facing the stubborn knots that are still trying to tighten a noose around you? Gotta keep your eyes on the prize friend. The end goal? Freedom, true intimacy with God, and the miracle of discovering your God-given purpose in and through your past mess, and walking in it. You and your past mess can change the world; you just keep your behind strapped to that work-table that God has you on.

P.S. Clearly God still has some work to do in me when it comes to seeing people the way He sees them. Profiling is human nature, and I guess we do it because we cannot see into the heart of a person to know for sure if we are safe with them or not. God does know the heart of a man though. So, my 2nd lesson from this whole saga is that instead of trying to figure things like this out myself, how’s about I stay in tune with God’s heart so that I know whether in a situation, He wants me to guard myself or rather extend myself to someone He might want to reach through me. Bottom line; transformation requires sticking close to God, and staying strapped to His worktable.

As always, I end this by saying, I am Toyin, fully convicted by my own words and very much still under construction in the hands of the Father.

Coach Toyin, Christian Transformational Coach & Founder of The Narrow Gateway





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