Want to Crowd-the-Platform?

Want to Crowd-the-Platform?

Please follow the Guide below when creating your Crowd the Platform piece for your blogpost (article), vlogpost (video) or audio:


Quick definition of the “sticky-tricky tough spot”
Describe the sticky-tricky tough spot in more detail
Describe what the popular opinion is about this sticky-tricky tough spot
What are the values that stand out from the popular opinion about the matter?
Quote at least 3 Bible passages and/or briefly mention at least 3 Bible stories that illustrate the God-View
Quick description of what you have found to be the God-View (here, you could even get creative and pen a hashtag!)
Key words that describe the Christian values stand out from the God-View?
Describe the God-View in more detail
Describe how your own opinion on this sticky-tricky tough spot differed from or aligned with the God-View
Describe how the popular opinion about this tough spot differs from or aligns with the God-View
Now that you know the God-View, are you keen on aligning to it? If so, please make some commitments on how you will align to it and how you will sustainably #crowdtheplatform by contributing to discourse on the matter and sharing the God-View
What has this exercise taught you about intentionally searching out the God-View?


Length of piece

Blog posts: 900 words (max)

Vlog/audio posts: 10 minutes (max)

Crowd the Platform in love

The aim of this exercise is 1) to encourage Christians to “get woke and stay woke” about what is going on in the world and knowing (and aligning) with the God-View, and 2) to encourage Christians to #crowdtheplatform and share the God-View with the world, in love.

So, no slurs, no hateful, discriminatory comments, no maligning of anyone, people group, religion, race, culture, nationality, ethnicity, sexual inclination, gender. Indeed sometimes the God-View may represent something that comes across as offensive but through this exercise, we learn to know and engage God’s heart on these sticky-tricky issues, and God’s heart is not to malign but to draw all people to Himself (even while possibly chastising them for their practices).

*A piece that falls short of this criterion will not be published.

How to send your Crowd the Platform piece to me

Blog post (written) or audio – email to thenarrowgateway@gmail.com

Vlog post (video) or audio – upload to www.wetransfer.com ( and then send link to thenarrowgateway@gmail.com)


I will prayerfully moderate all pieces sent to me and I reserve the last say as to whether to publish the piece. I will consider the following when I moderate:

  • Is the God-View communicated in love?
  • Is the view expressed really aligned with what the Bible says about the God-View on the matter?
  • Did the contributor genuinely engage the Bible in an intentional search of the God-View or is the piece really just a personal opinion?
  • Does the piece comply with the guide (especially length of piece)?


I will share the final version of the piece with you and if you are happy with it, I will publish it at the appropriate time, on my various public platforms and attribute it to you.