The B.O.O.M Walk Program by Toyin Oladiran

The B.O.O.M Walk Program is my expression of the narrow way that the Lord has painstakingly yet lovingly taken me through, and I daresay I am still trekking along the way! It is based on the premise that it was for freedom, complete freedom, that Christ set us free! Yet we find that many of us who consider ourselves to be "following Christ" remain entangled in a battle with the identity that we had before we made a decision to follow Jesus Christ. We find ourselves stuck in the same cycles of sin, guilt and brokenness, floundering from one temptation to the next, and from one blow of feeling condemned to another, totally unable to raise our heads in the Lord’s presence and walk towards His throne boldly, as He has invited us to.

The D-Word Trying to Get Between God and I

Waiting is tiresome. Delay is painful. Trials are hard. But they are all part of life, and they usher in the power of Jesus Christ into our lives and into our circumstances. So like Paul, we should not take a stance of defeat when we are going through trying times like I am. We should take a stance of hope, because this is the best atmosphere for God’s power to shine in and through us.

(watch or read) Facebook & Instagram Live Video: “What if Jesus Had Issues?” Eeek! Yup I went there!

So while I was having this session, I found myself wondering, "What if Jesus had issues?" And what if He spent His 33 years on earth facing His issues and not facing His purpose?  What would have happened to His relationship with God? What would have happened to His ability to bear the and work the purpose that God had brought Him to earth for?Think about it. What is the result of a life that is fixated on "issues" instead of on God?

(read and listen) This Week’s Truth Turn Up: Arise! Shine! God’s Light and Glory has Come! (15 July 2017)

Arise! Shine! Your light is here! God's GLORY is in you! No, it’s not what you think. This is not a cheap feel-good message. If you ever hear someone say to you, “Arise! Shine! For your light has come! And the glory of the Lord has risen upon you!” This should not make you feel good for a few minutes, puff out your chest and then go about life as usual with no real shift in the state of your heart towards God. Arise, shine! Your light has come! God’s glory is upon you! His original design for your life is calling out to be fulfilled! He placed His DNA inside you. He made you in His image and likeness to display His glory, His power and His presence in this world. His original design is for you to reign with Him in glory, not for your own self-endorsement, but rather for the Glory of His Name and advancement of God’s Kingdom. Wow!

A Review of the Movie “BROTHERLY LOVE” by FEHINTOLUWA JOLUGBO A.K.A YOYO (14 years old!)

Hi! Welcome to our second MOVIE REVIEW here at THE NARROW GATEWAY! I am super-excited to share this Movie Review with you. Why? Because it was submitted by an intelligent young man, only 14 years old! His name is Fehintoluwa Jolugbo (a.k.a Yoyo) and I was so impressed with his review, I hardly had to … Continue reading A Review of the Movie “BROTHERLY LOVE” by FEHINTOLUWA JOLUGBO A.K.A YOYO (14 years old!)