Stop Playing It Safe

Hi friends,

Check out this post by Jake Owensby that so aptly captures what The Narrow Gateway is about and what we stand for. We are not trying to be revolutionary or to blaze a new trail. Jesus Christ Himself blazed the trail of life behind the narrow gateway. The apostles followed suit. We follow suit. We just want to follow Jesus and make a difference in the world by surrendering all and obeying Him even when it costs us.

Be blessed by this one.

Toyin (Christian Life Coach and Founder of The Narrow Gateway)

Looking for God in Messy Places

Fifty-six years ago John Lewis used a whites-only restroom in Jackson, Mississippi. Police arrested him and authorities sent him to Parchman Prison. Parchman is the state’s only maximum security prison for men.

Lewis entered that restroom to protest racism in America. He knew that arrest and imprisonment would probably follow. In the segregated South, black men and even children had been lynched for less.

DEIpgfIXYAIfyH_.jpg-largeFor the sake of justice Lewis willingly endured suffering. His life offers an inspiring example to others because he lives by a counterintuitive truth.

Life’s meaning emerges most clearly when we know what we are willing to suffer for.

Congressman Lewis learned this truth from Jesus. And what Jesus teaches about suffering convinces me that he’s worth following.

I recognize that, for my atheist and agnostic friends, suffering provides the strongest available argument against belief in God. Well, maybe the second strongest argument after Christian hypocrisy…

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(read, listen) This Week’s Truth Turn Up: Holy Spirit, I need You!

“Holy Spirit, I need You,” I cried, my heart swelling with a yearning to be enveloped in His Presence. And it was then that I realized that that is it. That is the place that God wants to bring each and everyone of us to. He loves us so much and He has so much for us. And He wants us to yearn for His courts. He wants us to be so desperate for Him that we say, “You or nothing at all, Lord!”

Goodness and Godliness, and Why It Matters

Click here to LISTEN to the PODCAST Click here to WATCH the video on our YouTube Channel Goodness and Godliness, and Why It Matters - by Funmi Amosun (1 July 2017) Recently, I have been engaged in studying the relationship between walking within the narrow gateway and the concept of godliness. Why is this important? … Continue reading Goodness and Godliness, and Why It Matters

What’s the God-View on sticky-tricky tough spots and how can YOU seek, find and #crowdtheplatform to share it?

What's the God-View? This is where we invite YOU, and YOU, and yes, definitely YOU, to #grabthemic, #grabthepen and join us as we #crowdtheplatform with the God-View on life's many sticky-tricky tough spots! #grabthemic, #grabthepen and join us as we #crowdtheplatform! Click here for a guide on putting together your What's the God-View piece. We are all … Continue reading What’s the God-View on sticky-tricky tough spots and how can YOU seek, find and #crowdtheplatform to share it?

If my soul must be captivated by rhythm…

The Narrow Gateway

I have songs that make my cheeks flush and my skin tingle. For as long as I can remember, I have sat at the feet of music, my hands beckoning, my heart raised within me, ripe ears tuned to receive lessons and counsel. Lessons on love, affection, commitment, passion, desire, romance…beauty.  For as long as I can remember, my soul would rise to heights of ecstasy and then dive to lows of woe, simply at the convergence  of certain melodies. “Music,” they say, “is an outburst of the soul.” How true.

When I renewed myself in my choice to be a Christ-follower, a bunch of years back, the Spirit stirred within me. He knew what music was to me. “Your music has to come along for the journey, through the narrow gateway,” He said. I wanted no such thing. I was convinced it would mean a life stripped of melody. I couldn’t have that. I loved…

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