Soldier. Are you in for the B.O.O.M?

B.O.O.M stands for "bow out Old Man", and this 10-Session online program kits you up with Bible-based tools and exercises that will unravel you and then put you back together again, the way only God can. You will walk away knowing how to rise and live above the brokenness you see in the world, and how to actually turn around and be part of the solution to the problems in our troubled world.

(Watch and Share) “Its a Story of VICTORY! Impossible BATTLES Won”

What is it that is keeping you broken and bound? Tell me. What's it's name? What is it that is making you run away from God because you are too angry with Him, or because you are too scared of Him? Or because you just don't give a hoot about Him? Even you, yes you, HE LOVES even with your back turned. He is still calling your name because He knows what He put inside you. He knows the shine He placed inside you. He has no rival. He has no equal, and He wants you. And you may think you are too far gone, but friend, there is no such thing. Because there is no impossibility, where God is concerned.

“So, What Are You Here For?” – Discovering and Walking in God’s Purpose and Unique Calling For You – A 3-Part Video Series

Did you know that "Purpose" and "Calling" are not the same thing? Did you know that your Calling is closely linked to your "Roots-and-Routes", that is your life experiences.? Did you know that God uses your life story to "fit you for purpose" and equip you to be the solution bringer that God created and saved you to be? Did you know that the sure way to discover and ensure that you walk in God's calling on your life, is by pursing an intimate relationship with Him?

The B.O.O.M Walk Program by Toyin Oladiran

The B.O.O.M Walk Program is my expression of the narrow way that the Lord has painstakingly yet lovingly taken me through, and I daresay I am still trekking along the way! It is based on the premise that it was for freedom, complete freedom, that Christ set us free! Yet we find that many of us who consider ourselves to be "following Christ" remain entangled in a battle with the identity that we had before we made a decision to follow Jesus Christ. We find ourselves stuck in the same cycles of sin, guilt and brokenness, floundering from one temptation to the next, and from one blow of feeling condemned to another, totally unable to raise our heads in the Lord’s presence and walk towards His throne boldly, as He has invited us to.