The One About When Bae Sent Me Chocolates and Flowers

You’ll laugh …

So a couple of months back …
… Bae a.k.a my schweeeeet husband, had a vase of flowers and a box of the most delectable chocolates delivered to me (* as I swoon *) LOL! No occasion just because LAAAVVVV. Hahaha! Not to mention that he arranged all this from across the pond (I was in the U.S with the kids at the time and he was home in Nigeria). Lucky me!

So the chocs and flowers arrived and of course, I gushed and gushed and sent Bae pics plus a cute thank you message … put the flowers on the kitchen counter where everyone would see …
… and hid the chocs in a high kitchen cabinet! Hahaha! Yes! See those white kitchen cabinets in the background of the pic of the flowers below? Yup. My secret stash was happy there. LOL!

You see, my kids have a pretty ‘forward’ nanny who considers herself to be one of my children (haha), not to mention my two young kids who LOVE chocolate. So your girl had to ‘apply some wisdom’ bruh, and preserve the chocs for night time when the kids would be asleep and I would get some adult time. Haha!

Next thing I know, I heard a voice in my heart.
“Ah ah, Toyin. So with a whole house full of people, you are gonna eat these chocolates by yasef?” God said to my spirit (and yes in my mind, it sounded like He said “ease”. Hahaha!)

I cringed! Eish!

“Ah Lord! I totally love that you speak to me and I can hear Your voice in my spirit, and that You are interested in all aspects of my life … but geez! Can a Christian sister get a minute to enjoy her chocolates alone pllleeeaaassseeee?!”

Then came the answer …

“Nope.” LOL!
“Not when you have agreed to My work of transformation in you.”


Sigh … “Ok ok” I replied, and off I went to offer my kids’ nanny a piece of chocolate. Guess what? She said “No”!!! Hahaha! (* Cackle cackle *) I almost broke into a happy dance right there and then! Hallelujah somebody!!

“Oh well, Lord, Sebi, I obeyed You naa? You said I should offer her, so I offered her, and she said she doesn’t want! Now can I binge in peace?”

Hahaha! And off I went to eat up every single piece of chocolate all by myself (and I ignored the voice inside that was like, “Howz about leaving some of that for the kids when they wake up from their nap hey?” (* covers face *) LOL!


Why did I tell you all this?

Well, aside from letting you guys in on my silliness, not to mention that God still has lots of transformation work to do in me (LOL), I shared this story for one simple reason:

God is real. Is that real to you?

People often tell me they admire my relationship with God because I talk about Him as if He is a real person; as if He is really there.


Now when I hear this, I don’t get all ‘fake humility’ and turn down the comment. I accept it open armed because it is true – God is real to me, and I do interact with Him as if He is right there. But my relationship with Him is faaaaarrrr from perfect. In fact, for someone who knows and experiences God as real, I really should have a much more fervent and consistent (not to mention power-packed) relationship with God, but alas … I am work in progress.

So how come I can have an imperfect relationship with God, and yet still be able to have real conversations with Him like this one I just narrated to you about the chocolates?

The answer is simple, and I pray that it transforms your relationship with God.

God is always speaking. The question is, do you believe He is speaking? Are you tuned in to hear Him when He speaks? And finally, when you do hear what He has to say, are you consistently choosing to begin a process of aligning yourself to His heart?

You see, God is always speaking. But to cultivate a life of consistently hearing and talking back to God, you must believe that He is real, and then, you must tune in. If you believe, but you don’t tune in, you may not hear much. If you tune in but you do not believe, you may hear some, but you will miss much. So ask yourself:

How real is God to me?
Do I hear His voice when He speaks?
Do I notice when He tries to intercept the humdrum of my day with little anecdotes and inside jokes just to make me laugh?
Does my heart skip a beat when He whispers sweet nothings into my ears?
Does my heart swell with pride when He roars and routs my enemies on my behalf? Do I bow in sober humility when He gives me that telling sideways glance as I stagger off His beaten path yet again?

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I am Coach Toyin, fully convicted by my own words and very much still under construction in the hands of the Father.

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