First things first, Jesus retreated often to fill up with large doses of God, His Father. He prayed by Himself, A LOT, and He often invited His friends to join Him πŸ™.

This is how Jesus stayed connected with God and empowered to live and work supernaturally. Wanna ‘do Christmas’ like Jesus would? Retreat from the hustle of your everyday life and saturate your soul with God. Merry ChristmasπŸŽ„!


EMBRACE THE UNWANTED: Jesus was/is big on this; From the woman caught in adultery, to the Samaritan woman, to the woman known for having a colorful past, to tax collector, Jesus loved all people and gave Himself to all who came to Him in sincere surrender, even if according to the religious norms, they were the scum of culture.

Actually, the only people who Jesus had little patience for were the self-righteous folks who, though they didn’t really love God, they tried to keep people from finding mercy with God. ‘Do Christmas’ by loving others genuinely and practically; yes, including those we think are unworthyπŸ’₯.

Start by reaching out in love to someone you would normally not care to be around. Merry ChristmasπŸŽ„!


BE THE ANSWER: Jesus was moved by compassion for the needy, and He did not turn away any person that came to Him for help.

Is there a specific problem you hate to see in the world? What can you do this Christmas to help fix that problemπŸ’₯?

Another idea; how about pre-allocating a percentage of your income/time/resources this month to solving that problemπŸŽ„?


THE WHOLE TRUTH: Jesus spoke the whole truth about who He is and what His purpose on earth was. Even when He was rejected and despised, Jesus dished out the unadulterated Gospel of God’s Kingdom, no matter the backlash.

This Christmas, do not be ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Speak boldly to all who the Lord leads you to. Share the love of Jesus in totality, yes, including the bits that you think might make folks cringe. The whole truth and nothing but the truth. This is what folks need. The truth will make you free. Merry ChristmasπŸŽ„!


Coach Toyin, Founder of The Narrow Gateway

As always, I end this by saying, I am Coach Toyin, fully convicted by my own words and very much still under construction in the hands of the Father.