“Jesus Christ found me, and put a pen in my hand, many words in my mouth, and a heart for people who are trapped in sin and brokenness, and unable to break out into “that God life” that is for all who believe in Jesus Christ. I am convicted by my own words and very much still under construction in the hands of the Father.” – Coach Toyin

Toyin Oladiran (a.k.a Coach Toyin) is the Founder of The Narrow Gateway. She is a Christian Transformational Coach and Counsellor, a Mentor and a Writer.

“I saw a problem in myself. I saw a problem in the world” – Coach Toyin

Hi! I’m Coach Toyin. I grew up in a Christian family and became a Christian at a young age. I genuinely believed in Jesus but I spent most of my walk with God in a constant battle against sin, insecurity, inner brokenness and more of that nasty stuff. I could not understand why this supposedly all powerful Jesus, seemed to be powerless to deliver me.

Worse still was that I looked around me and found that many of Christians I knew had the very same struggles as I was having! Why would the world ‘buy’ our ‘Jesus message’ when we ourselves were not being transformed by it? Not to mention that so many of the atrocities we have seen in the world have been done in the name of this same brand of powerless and sin-filled ‘Christianity’! What happened to being ‘the light of the world’ or ‘the salt of the earth’? What happened to “he who the Son sets free is free indeed”?! How are we to do “greater works” than Christ did to deliver the world from sin, brokenness and disconnectedness from God, if we are pre-occupied, struggling with the very same nastiness err’body else is struggling with?

I wanted answers. I was tired of the struggle that was keeping me weak and carnal!

“Make your tracks on the narrow way that leads to ‘the God-life'” – Coach Toyin

Ahhh but God! I JUST LOVE GOD because He has not left me in my misery. Through my growing relationship with Him, He clued me into the fact that YES, there is more to being a Christian than just making it to heaven and heaving a sigh of relief! For those who believe in Jesus Christ and accept God’s persistent invitation to “walk before Him” and “set their love on Him”, they will go beyond just being “Christian” in religion, culture and label, to discovering, experiencing and transmitting God’s Supernatural Life, or as I like to call it, “that God-life”.

“That God-life” is a life of intentional and ongoing transformation of your mind where, through your growing intimacy with God, you repel conformity with the world’s values and mindsets, and you embrace a mind that is set on ‘all things God’. That intimacy with God is mind-blowing because you get to have a deep relationship and interaction with God that is so real and tangible that it blows all other past intimacies out the water! And through that intimacy with God and His ensuing supernatural power that fills your life, you are equipped to discover and walk in God’s purpose for your life … you can co-work with God to change the world the way Christ Himself did, and you can do it even if it brings some discomfort into your life! That is ‘the God-life’!

“Set your love on God, and ‘that God-life’ is yours!” – Coach Toyin

I am passionate about discovering and living ‘that God-life’, and as I journey into it, I am tasked by God to carry you, you and anyone else He sends to me along for the ride. I do this by writing, talking and sharing my life, hence The Narrow Gateway platform that I founded. I also do this by coaching and mentoring people, using my coaching programs.

So, let’s do this together shall we? Let’s “make tracks on the narrow way that leads to ‘the God-life'”. Let’s say “Yes” to God’s invitation to “walk before Him” so that we can discover and experience “the God-life” together.

The Narrow Gateway as well as my coaching programs can support you to make your tracks on the ‘narrow way’ that leads to ‘the God-life’.

Whatever you do, don’t do nothing!

The God-life awaits all who hunger for more.


Coach Toyin

P.S. I am a mama to three beautiful Sunshine Babies and a wife and partner to my husband and bestie, Fiyin. I am Nigerian by birth, though I lived in South Africa for most of my life. I recently moved back to Nigeria with my family and we now live and love in Lagos.

Toyin Oladiran


Let’s make tracks on the ‘narrow way’ that leads to ‘that God-life’!

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