“Jesus Christ found me, and put a pen in my hand, many words in my mouth, and a heart for people who are trapped in sin and brokenness, and unable to break out into “that God life” that is for all who believe in Jesus Christ. I am convicted by my own words and very much still under construction in the hands of the Father.” – Coach Toyin
Coach Toyin is the Founder of The Narrow Gateway Ministries, and the Head of School for The Narrow Gateway Academy. A teacher of the Word of God and a discipler at heart, Coach Toyin is passionate about helping believers in Christ to discover, experience and manifest what she loves to call ‘the God-life’, which is the very life and nature of God that humanity was created and then saved by grace through faith to live and manifest.  
The Lord has assigned her a mandate – to help people to identify and make the life and lifestyle shifts that they need to make, so that this ‘the God-life’, which is a gift of God through faith in Christ, can become our constant reality and manifestation. This life of discovering and manifesting the glorious and divine realities of God and His kingdom, can only come through active and intimate participation in the union we were created and saved to have with God, and the Lord has burdened Coach Toyin with a mission to create and provide Biblically-sound, practical and tangibly effective teachings, courses, programs, and experiences to help men and women as they seek, find and manifest ‘the God life’.
Coach Toyin achieves this through her work with The Narrow Gateway Academy and The Narrow Gateway Communities. 

“The Narrow Gateway exists because ‘creation is waiting in earnest expectation for the manifestation of the sons of God’ (Romans 8:19) and it is God’s desire and design that through us, His ‘sons’ MANIFESTING HIM and HIS KINGDOM gloriously and consistently, and through every single facet of our lives, ‘the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, just like the waters cover the sea'” (Habakkuk 2:14)
– Coach Toyin
Coach Toyin has been married for 13 years and counting, and she is mother of four kids currently aged between 2 and 8 years old. She fondly calls them her ‘Sunshine’ or ‘Sugar Babies’. Coach Toyin is Nigerian by birth, culture and heart, though she grew up in, and loves the beautiful South Africa, and she currently calls Maryland, United States of America, her beloved and God-ordained home. 

How can I partner with you?

I’d love to meet you or work with you.

Here are the different ways that you can work with/meet me

* Enroll with The Narrow Gateway Academy

I am honored to have been enabled by the Lord to author many of the courses that we offer at the Narrow Gateway Academy. Once you enroll, you will have ample opportunities to rub shoulders with my work, through the various courses, programs and tools available to you, many of which are self-studies. If you sign up for a group study, then I look forward to working directly with you. 

* Join the Narrow Gateway Community

Myself and my team cannot wait to serve you through our various expressions at the Narrow Gateway Community. Selah Bible Study & Prayer Gathering, Sarah’s Company are but some of our Community expressions. We have Retreats, Conferences, Guest speakers, you name it. Join the Narrow Gateway Community today.

* Book a 60 – 90 minute Christian Clarity & Mentorship Session with me

Preceding this session, I will give you access to The Connectedness Test (free) which is a self-assessment of your current state of connectedness with God, and then to get the most out of the Connectedness Test, I will take you through a 60 – 90 minute clarity & mentorship session during which we prayerfully analyze your test scores and outcomes and explore next steps to catapult you from your present level of connectedness to God’s next best for you. Email to book your Session today (costs apply)

    * Arrange Group or One-on-one mentorship and training

    From time to time, I open up slots for individuals or groups for mentorship or training. To ensure that you are notified when slots become available, please follow our social media handles and subscribe to our mailing list (details at the bottom of this page).

    If you would like to take the initiative to form a group for mentorship and training, or to request individual mentorship, please email me on to discuss this further (costs apply).

    * Invite me

    Every opportunity to teach, train, anchor, admonish or guide God’s people is an honor for me. If you would like to invite me to your program, please email me on

    I can’t wait to meet you.  


    Hi! It’s an absolute pleasure to meet you and I look forward to the opportunity to serve God by serving you. I wanted to bring you a little bit closer to share some more about who I am and how I have come about doing what I do with The Narrow Gateway.

    I started my career as a corporate lawyer; I am an Admitted Attorney in South Africa, which is where I grew up. I have an LLB (Bachelor of Laws) and as an admitted attorney, I practiced and flourished as a corporate lawyer in various industries for many years, before responding to God’s instructions to “speak His words”.  

    I have always loved to walk alongside people through difficult times in their lives, always looking to steer them towards a wholesome relationship with God. In my friendships and relationships, I was always that friend who wanted to ‘go deep’ and help people with their ‘issues’. I also always had a natural gift and love for studying and teaching the Word of God, even from a young age.  

    These natural inclinations, coupled with life experiences and God’s leading, brought me into my current work as a person who loves to see people live and thrive in the fullness of ‘the God-life’. I help individuals and groups to identify and make the lifestyle shifts that they need to make in order to discover, experience and display ‘the God-life’ which we were created and saved to live.  

    I love to travel, experience new places and make lasting memories with my loved ones. I love love love to spend quality and quantity time with my husband, who is my best friend, and my four kids. For me, a perfect evening or weekend, after having had the best quality time with my loved ones, would be to go to a Gospel concert or other ‘God-ish’ program (that’s what my son calls Christian programs!). I love teaching or speaking about the Word of God. 

    “I saw a problem in myself; I saw a problem in the world” – Coach Toyin

    I grew up in a Christian family and became a Christian at a young age. I genuinely believed in Jesus but I spent much of my walk with God in a constant battle against sin, insecurity, inner brokenness and more of that nasty stuff. I could not understand why this supposedly all powerful Jesus, seemed to be powerless to deliver me.

    Worse still was that I looked around me and found that many of Christians I knew had the very same struggles as I was having! Why would the world ‘buy’ our ‘Jesus message’ when we ourselves were not being transformed by it? Not to mention that so many of the atrocities we have seen in the world have been done in the name of this same brand of powerless and sin-filled ‘Christianity’ that I was seemingly banished to! What happened to being ‘the light of the world’ or ‘the salt of the earth’? What happened to “he who the Son sets free is free indeed”?! How are we to do “greater works” than Christ did to deliver the world from sin, brokenness and disconnectedness from God, if we are pre-occupied, struggling with the very same nastiness err’body else is struggling with? 

    These were my struggles, and I wanted answers. I loved Jesus, but I was tired of the battle that was keeping me weak and carnal!


    “Make your tracks on the narrow way that leads to ‘the God-life'” – Coach Toyin


    Ahhh but God! I JUST LOVE GOD because He did as not leave me in my misery. Through my growing relationship with Him, He clued me into the fact that YES, there is more to being a Christian than just making it to heaven and heaving a sigh of relief! For those who believe in Jesus Christ and accept God’s persistent invitation to “walk before Him” and “set their love on Him”, they will go beyond just being “Christian” in religion, culture and label, to discovering, experiencing and transmitting God’s Supernatural Life, or as I like to call it, “that God-life”.

    “That God-life” is a life of intentional and ongoing transformation of your mind where, through your growing intimacy with God, you repel conformity with the world’s values and mindsets, and you embrace a mind that is set on ‘all things God’. That intimacy with God is mind-blowing because you get to have a deep relationship and interaction with God that is so real and tangible that it blows all other past intimacies out the water! And through that intimacy with God and His ensuing supernatural power that fills your life, you are equipped to discover and walk in God’s purpose for your life … you can co-work with God to change the world the way Christ Himself did, and you can do it even if it brings some discomfort into your life! That is ‘the God-life’! Participation in God’s own divine nature, and manifesting it to the world.

    “Set your love on God, and ‘that God-life’ is yours!” – Coach Toyin

    I am passionate about discovering and living ‘that God-life’, and as I journey into it, I am tasked by God to carry you, you and anyone else He sends to me along for the ride.

    I help people to identify and make the lifestyle shifts that they need to make in order to discover, experience and display ‘the God-life’. Using practical, relevant and Biblically-sound courses, programs and experiences that I create, I work with individuals or groups (through The Narrow Gateway Academy and beyond), focusing specifically on: 

    Helping them identify and break free from areas of stubborn sin and brokenness in identity that have hindered their experience of ‘the God-life’

    Helping them to identify the reasons for their persistent disconnectedness from and disinterest in God, and helping them make the life shifts needed to get established into sustained intimacy with God

    Helping them to live positioned to discern and walk in their God-given purpose and calling in every season of their lives

    Helping them to live in a constant state of spiritual awakening, constantly positioned to be Christ's Ambassadors through every facet of their lives

    Helping them to learn how to ensure that every aspect of their lives reflects the reality that they are indeed children of God


    Coach Toyin is blessed and anointed with this calling to serve and teach like Jesus. It’s almost like God saw that some of us were lagging behind and asked Coach to take us for extra classes to get us where we need to be. Because he saw the same potential in us as the “A” students. Lol! So stop doubting and sign up for a life altering experience.


    Coach Toyin is amazing. So easy to talk to, so easy to relate to. She is very open and passionate about getting people to meet their Christian transformation goals. She is a kind but firm encourager and she is practicing what she preaches. She leads by example.”


    All round coach- Spiritual ‘meal’ in physical delicacy … very apt with nurturing on walking in the Spirit … and what’s more? She is just a buzz away.


    Coach Toyin is an amazing coach who has helped me realize that no matter the difficulty or complexity of the issues, phase or season in life I am in, there is always a practical and godly way out. Working with her is one the gifts God has given me in life. She is easy to talk to yet strong enough to help me see and make ‘difficult’ but godly decisions over the last few years. I have benefited greatly from her  Route and Roots program.  

    Her coaching style is so warm and open, yet godly and genuine. I strongly recommend Coach Toyin’s service to all.


    How can you support Coach Toyin?


    The Narrow Gateway Academy and Communities are run on the generous donations of our members and supporters. We appreciate your willingness to make a once-off or monthly donation to the Ministry. Your donation will go a long way in helping to keep the Ministry sustainable, make courses and programs available to people at no cost, and so that we may better serve you.