Crowd the Platform

Crowd the Platform? This is where we invite YOU, and YOU, and yes, YOU, to #grabthemic, #grabthepen and join us as we #crowdtheplatform with the God-View on life’s many stick-tricky tough spots! Click here to find out ‘THE WHY’!

#grabthemic, #grabthepen and join us as we #crowdtheplatform!

Click here for a COMPULSORY GUIDE on putting together your ‘Crowd the Platform’ piece.

What is Crowd the Platform?

As humans, its so easy for us to form personal opinions about life’s sticky-tricky tough spots; you know, those burning questions, hard topics, social, political, religious crises we see playing out around us…and then put our opinions out there…we hashtag this, hashtag that and we crowd platforms “out there in the world” with all our versions of truth. This is great – God made us with intelligent minds, deep seated emotions, and He gave us free will. grabthemicBut when we choose to do life behind the Narrow Gateway, our passionate pursuit of #thatGodlife spurs us to use our God-given freedom to go beyond personal opinions and popular rhetoric. We hear all the opinions circling around us but instead of living by them, or by our own personal inclinations, we would rather know, W.I.T.N.G? What is the narrow gateway? What is the God-View? And when we discover it, we #alignourselvestoit, and we #crowdtheplatform! How do we crowd the platform? We wisely, prayerfully, lovingly and CREATIVELY #telleverybody, using the different avenues that God has made available to us!

So #grabthepen! #grabthemic! W.I.T.N.G? What’s the God-View on the sticky-tricky “tough spots” that you see playing out in your life and in your world? #crowdtheplatform and #telleverybody! Click here to find out more about Crowd the Platform and how you can join in the movement.

Here are some “tough spots” that we have already tackled head on!

Crowd the Platform!