“If the world must hear a voice, and if that voice can lead the way, why can’t that voice by yours? Why can’t that voice be mine? Crowd the platform.” – Coach Toyin

Speak. Share. Explain. Pray. ‘Crowd the platform’ and let the world know what you are discovering about God’s truth regarding the everyday situations that you see happening in our world.

It’s time for us to stop being part of the world’s audience, listening and taking in the popular values, mainstream rhetoric, and then patterning our lives to what others say is good and true.

No. We do not conform. We transform; into God’s image and we help others to do so too!

… how can you join us to crowd the platform? Watch this:

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Nigerian Elections 2019; To Pray Or To Vote?

NIGERIAN ELECTIONS 2019; TO PRAY OR TO VOTE? A 'CROWD THE PLATFORM' PIECE BY COACH TOYIN So, the Nigerian Elections 2019 are taking place this weekend (16 February 2019). Many praying earnestly towards it and also receiving some intense insights into what God's heart...

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The One About The Photograph I Refused To Look At

The One About The Photograph I Refused To Look At Have you guys ever had a time when someone insisted on taking a photo of you but you really didn't want the photo taken, and then when they took it, you refused to look at the pic because you were sure you looked...

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The One About When Bae Sent Me Flowers and Chocolates

The One About When Bae Sent Me Chocolates and Flowers You'll laugh ... So a couple of months back ... ... Bae a.k.a my schweeeeet husband, had a vase of flowers and a box of the most delectable chocolates delivered to me (* as I swoon *) LOL! No occasion just because...

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Did Your ‘Nose’ Grow in 2018?

They say the proof is in the pudding ... or in this case, in the nose. Well, what does your 'nose' say about your 'pudding'? (long blogpost, but worth the read ... please read to the end) Okay so, I recently had a baby [pregnant dramatic pause for effect! Pardon the...

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The One About When The Ex-Con Asked For My Phone

The One About When The Ex-Con Asked For My Phone (by Coach Toyin) Soooooo … this one day, about two months ago, I drove downtown to a federal building to sort out some ‘business with the government’ (* serious face pasted on * haha). Anyhooo, as I walked across the...

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Quirks might seem weird when you are young…- Ed Sheeran

"Quirks might seem weird when you are young. But they make you stand out when you are older. And that's an important thing." - Ed Sheeran You are different. So they laugh at you. You are a spectacle. You are too fat, too short, too wordy, too quiet, too awkward, too...

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This is who I am

In other news ... Yes I am a Christian Transformational Coach, yes I write my heart out every chance I get in the day, yes I absolutely LOVE to explore and publicly share 'the God view' when I encounter events around me that trouble or fascinate me ... and yes I...

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That Awful Blanket Called Religion

That Awful Blanket Called Religion I read this devotional by Our Daily Bread titled 'Outside In' a few days ago and it stuck with me. It asks the question, are you changing from the Outside In, or from the Inside Out? (Click here to read the devotional on Our Daily...

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