“If the world must hear a voice, and if that voice can lead the way, why can’t that voice by yours? Why can’t that voice be mine? Crowd the platform.” – Coach Toyin

Speak. Share. Explain. Pray. ‘Crowd the platform’ and let the world know what you are discovering about God’s truth regarding the everyday situations that you see happening in our world.

It’s time for us to stop being part of the world’s audience, listening and taking in the popular values, mainstream rhetoric, and then patterning our lives to what others say is good and true.

No. We do not conform. We transform; into God’s image and we help others to do so too!

… how can you join us to crowd the platform? Watch this:

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Nigerian Elections 2019; To Pray Or To Vote?

Nigerian Elections 2019; To Pray Or To Vote?

NIGERIAN ELECTIONS 2019; TO PRAY OR TO VOTE? A 'CROWD THE PLATFORM' PIECE BY COACH TOYIN So, the Nigerian Elections 2019 are taking place this weekend (16 February 2019). Many praying earnestly towards it and also receiving some intense insights into what God's heart...

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My truth test

My truth test I am not there yet. But, oh my, What could be If I would, if I could Get this right. My truth test I am not there yet, But I can see it in the horizon I get goosebumps when I think of what could be If that truth, becomes my truth.   You see, I now...

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In 2017, I gave in to the push

  In 2017, I gave in to 'the push' In 2017, I got pushed! In fact, my very first blogpost in 2017 was 'Pushed, I tell you.' Read it here. That was on 7 April last year. This time last year my topmost prayer point was that my very generous employers at the company...

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It was the 1st of the year, and I fell for a sore set up

It was the 1st of the year, and I got set up. Actually I should say I messed up, because that's really what happened. If you follow my blog or my videos online, you will know that I speak a lot on what I like to call ‘the Clapback’, which is basically your response...

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I absolutely love what I do

Ah, it's hard work. Not romantic at all. But even when I'm slogging away, there's this sense of being right where I am meant to be. Caption that folks. I absolutely love what I do! Up at 2am on the 30th of December, WHILE ON HOLIDAY, and here I am, writing my heart...

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What is your name?

What is more tragic than seeing someone burdened under the weight of confining and defining badges and labels that Jesus gave His life to save him from? That was me. What is your name? What has God, your creator, called you? Are you bearing the identity of glory that...

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What ‘leaving to cleave’ does not mean

What 'leaving to cleave' does not mean. - A Crowd-the-Platform piece by Dr Wisani Makhomisane A preamble from Toyin: I don't often put pieces on my platform without making significant edits. I also do not often do pieces that are squarely focused on matters like...

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