“If the world must hear a voice, and if that voice can lead the way, why can’t that voice by yours? Why can’t that voice be mine? Crowd the platform.” – Coach Toyin

Speak. Share. Explain. Pray. ‘Crowd the platform’ and let the world know what you are discovering about God’s truth regarding the everyday situations that you see happening in our world.

It’s time for us to stop being part of the world’s audience, listening and taking in the popular values, mainstream rhetoric, and then patterning our lives to what others say is good and true.

No. We do not conform. We transform; into God’s image and we help others to do so too!

… how can you join us to crowd the platform? Watch this:

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The One About The Photograph I Refused To Look At

The One About The Photograph I Refused To Look At

The One About The Photograph I Refused To Look At Have you guys ever had a time when someone insisted on taking a photo of you but you really didn't want the photo taken, and then when they took it, you refused to look at the pic because you were sure you looked...

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God! Where are You?

WHAT IS GOD UP TO WHEN I'M GRIEVING? You must have muttered or even screeched questions at God at times, right? "God! How could you allow me to go through this much loss? Where are you? Can't You see I am grieving? I wanna know... how could You let this happen to...

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Its a story of victory and impossible battles won

(Watch below and Share!) "Its a story of VICTORY! Impossible BATTLES Won! Hallelujah!" So in this one, I sing, I dance, I rhyme, gosh, I even PREACH!! (hahahaha!) 😂😂 But most importantly, I POUR OUT what the Lord burned into my heart to say to YOU about WHO HE IS! If...

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Attention, Attention, I’ve Got A Few Things To Mention!

I recently did a LIVE VIDEO on my Facebook and Instagram to share some exciting announcements and daring requests with you. I’d love for you to watch the video and respond. Please click here to watch the video. I have also summarized the announcements and requests in...

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The D-Word Trying to Get Between God and I

The D-Word Trying to Get Between God and I - When Delay Threatens To Erase Your Spaces With God Written by Folasewa Erekpitan Oguns (contributions and edits by Toyin Oladiran, Christian Life Coach, Founder of The Narrow Gateway) This one Sunday in 2016, I decided that...

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“What if Jesus Had Issues?” Eeek! Yup I went there!

What if Jesus Had Issues? Eeek! Yup I went there! Here's the video if you would prefer to watch the session. I was Live on Facebook and Instagram. If you would rather read on this topic, "What If Jesus Had Issues?" then please scroll down. I want to achieve 4 things...

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