Crowd The Platform? This is where we invite YOU, and YOU, and yes, definitely YOU, to #grabthemic, #grabthepen and join us as we #crowdtheplatform with the God-View on life’s many sticky-tricky tough spots!

Here on Crowd the Platform, we face those tough spots head on! And we get YOU involved! Here’s how YOU can be involved:

  • Stay “woke”, be intentional and sensitive to what’s going on around you and in the world – identify those sticky-tricky tough spots; or
  • From time to time, I will call for views on a sticky-tricky tough spot
  • Inquire, dig deep, search the Scriptures for the God-View
  • #grabthemic or #grabthepen and #crowdtheplatform. Share your biblical and Holy-Spirit inspired findings about the God-View for moderation and possible publication on The Narrow Gateway “Crowd the Platform” page
    • Write a blogpost (article), or
    • Record a vlog (video blog);

#grabthemic, #grabthepen and join us as we #crowdtheplatform!

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Why do we need to know W.I.T.N.G?

We are all surrounded (some are even plagued) by life’s sticky-tricky tough spots; you know, those hard questions, those moral dilemmas, those headliner crises that everyone and the cat next door has a life-or-death opinion about? And when these tough spots hit, all around us, people quickly latch onto popular world-views about what it right and wrong (or neutral), what is fair and sensible in the situation, and before we know it, hashtags are flying all around social media, left, right and centre, and we are being “informed” on what to think, feel and do about it, and oh, what NOT to think, feel and do about it. But something in your heart niggles at you because you think that just maybe, just maybe the One you follow, Jesus Christ, just maybe He sees things differently in the circumstances, and maybe He actually…kind of wants you to “take His side.” Well, this is where we tackle sticky-tricky tough spots head on! Here on Crowd the Platform, we, that means YOU AND I, engage with the authentic and complete TRUTH of the Word of God (the Bible) by revelation of His Holy Spirit, and we seek to find out, Crowd the Platform on this sticky-tricky tough spot? And when we find it, we share it…we can even go ahead and create our own hashtags about it! And then other’s get to hear the God-View and maybe, just maybe, it stirs them up to join us #upontheplatform and #crowdtheplatform with TRUTH.

But something in your heart niggles at you because you think that just maybe, just maybe God sees things differently in the circumstance, and He kind of wants you to “take His side”

Why should I be asking you, to Crowd the Platform?

Think of Oprah pointing at you, me and EVERYBODY and saying, “you get to answer, and you get to answer, and you get to answer…!” Yes! But why you? Why not just me, and pastors, and ministers and other people who have chosen an occupation in the so-called “ministry”?

Here’s why. The Bible was not written to ministers, preachers, pastors alone, and the truth, the God-View in it, is for everyone. All of us. The more reason for those who have chosen to live by the truth according to the Bible to know what it reveals about the God-View in every situation, yes, including in those sticky-tricky tough spots.

Deuteronomy 30:14 – the Word [of God] is very near you, in your mouth and in your heart, that you may do it.”

1 Peter 3:15 – But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you.

2 Timothy 4:12 – Preach the word of God. Be prepared, whether the time is favorable or not. Patiently correct, rebuke, and encourage your people with good teaching.

It turns out, God has placed His Word inside His children, and it is there to help us navigate life and find our way to Him. His Word however, is not just for us to keep to ourselves. We are to know what it says and be ready to share it, explain it, uphold it, at all times. All of us, we are the light and salt…we are the fragrance of grace the world needs!

Just to trigger you…

Here are some examples of sticky-tricky tough spots…What’s the God-View? W.I.T.N.G?Get “woke”. Stay “woke”!

…My boss reeks of prejudice and bigotry. He eyeballs me, and sees a scape goat?

…A devastating divorce is tearing my family apart. I am bleeding shards of pain?

…I’m a skilled artist. I could make you shudder to your very core?

…My 10 year old kid is begging for tickets to see a famous hip-hop artist performing live?

…My son had scarcely gulped in his first few gusts of air at birth before I snuck out of the hospital, with my heart clutched in my hands, never to set eyes on my son again?

…My people eek out a living on $2 a day while my government fattens itself with their blood and toil?

…Another kid, another mall shooting, my town is ravaged, my kind is mourning? What is the narrow gateway?

I cannot wait for your Crowd the Platform pieces!