“I want to spend more time with God but … I’m too busy!”
“My mind is cluttered with random thoughts when I’m trying to focus on God”
“I spend so much time doing ‘godly’ things. Why do I still feel so far from God?”
“Work, Relationships, God, Me … How do I balance it all?”

If your TIME and THOUGHTS were CURRENCY, what would your spending habits say about you? Curious? You should be, because there is a BOOK IN HEAVEN that details every single day of your life and this book was written long before any one day of yours dawned (Psalm 139:16). This book details God’s plans for how you are to spend your days, but of course, as is the case with everything between God and man, you have a choice. You can choose to spend your days as God ordained, or you can choose to be the architect of your life.

But think about it though; considering that there is a book in heaven that maps out your days, can you really afford to spend your time and thoughts on anything that God did not uniquely create you for? No … you can’t. You need to get a handle on the way you spend your time and your thoughts, and I have just the tool to help you with that. It’s quick. It’s insightful. I call it …


… and it is FREE!

The Day Map is a quick tool that I created, to help you to:


1) DIAGNOSE – take an honest and intentional look at what you actually value in life by recording how you spend your time and thoughts during an average day; and 

2) RESET – prayerfully take back control of your day(s) as you receive godly wisdom to spend your time and thoughts in a way that brings godly balance.


Take back control of your time and your thoughts with

The Day Map by Coach Toyin.


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