NO YOU ARE NOT JUST HERE TO BE THE BEST AT WHATEVER YOU ‘LAY YOUR HANDS TO DO’😮Fam, yes the Bible says that in all you do, do it with all your heart unto the Lord, not unto men (Colossians 3:23). But does that mean that you can do anything you want to in this world, and as long as you do it well and unto the Lord, you are living your God-given purpose? No! If that was the case then how would you know WHAT YOU SPECIFICALLY ARE TO ‘LAY YOUR HANDS TO DO’ today, this month, this year, for the next ten years?

To “be the best at whatever you lay your hands to do” then you need to be able to discover WHAT you were meant to “lay your hands to do” in the first place. If you don’t, your life might end up being shaped by your history, your culture, your heartbreaks, your background etc. … and NOT first and fore-most by your God-given purpose and calling😭.

This week, in the same time slots on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, I’ll share with you some lightening nuggets to help you answer that question (DID GOD CREATE ME FOR A UNIQUE PURPOSE?) to get you so pumped up to be one of those few people in the world who actually discover their unique God-given purpose and walk in it! The world awaitssssssss 🕖 💃!


THE SHORT ANSWER IS YES … AND NO! HUH😉? It’s all in how I define ‘purpose’ and ‘calling’. Folks use these terms interchangeably, which is part of why we get so confused by the whole ‘purpose’ thing.

Your GOD-GIVEN PURPOSE is the same as the next guy’s and the next guy’s and the next guy’s: develop a deeply intimate relationship with God, through which you bear and reflect His glory, nature and character, and you embrace His love and burden for this broken and sinful world, which leads you to co-work with Him to deliver and restore people broken by the power of sin and evil that rules this world, to the same victory, relationship and abundant life that you now have with God.

Now, your GOD-GIVEN CALLING, my dear friends, is unique🙂, because it is the specific path / set of works that God has allocated to you specifically to do in order to achieve this God-given purpose that I just described. (Ephesians 2:10)

BOOM!! 💥 So no, your purpose is not unique, but you better believe that your calling is…and both need to be discovered, embraced and LIVED OUT!

On Friday (same time slot) I’ll break down ‘calling’ into it’s 4 elements for you to explain why yours is unique to you. This is FREE STUFF guys – don’t lose out. You cannot afford to live a life clueless of your calling, talk less of living a life without fulfilling it.


YOUR GOD-GIVEN CALLING IS MADE UP OF 4 ELEMENTS 📜.⚡⚡ Your God-given Identity (Jeremiah 1:5) – this is why you cannot decide for yourself what your identity must be. To fulfil God’s calling on your life, you must be willing to surrender what you think is ‘your best self’ for what God says is ‘your best self’ 😱💥 Don’t shoot me! I’m just the messenger! 😁 Before God formed you in your mother’s womb, He knew you …

⚡⚡ The Set of Pre-Planned Works That God Has For You – God set this up from before you were born. When He created you, He had in mind what He called you to do and who He called you to be. He planned out your days to fit that calling (Ephesians 2:10). Wow! Isn’t that just incredible?

⚡⚡ Your Signposts🚩🔹↘↗)- stuff in your life that indicates what your calling is in a specific season. E.g. your talents, skills, education, passion. We often mistake these to be your actual calling but they are just indicators as to what your calling is.

⚡⚡Your Tools ⚒🔍✂– the ways God has equipped you to fulfil your calling (the unique set of works assigned to you); could be your job, house, money, university degree, voice, expertise …

⚡⚡ God knows what your calling is – He gave it to you and He wants you to discover it; you discover by positioning yourself to discern.

Come back to the same timeslot on Sunday for our last #boomtip on this question. 💥


YOU CANNOT AFFORD NOT TO DISCOVER AND EMBRACE YOUR GOD-GIVEN PURPOSE AND CALLING 😱 😭 God is a God of BIG PLANS! He does not wait for stuff to fall apart before He thinks up a plan to fix it! 💪🏼 He wove ALL HIS PLANS FOR SOLVING THE BROKENNESS AND SINFULNESS OF MAN into MAN. (“Uhm but Coach T, why then did God create man knowing that man would sin?” 😂 That’s a set of #boomtips for another week 😉 😄

.So Fam, you cannot afford to be all chill about discovering and walking in your God-given purpose and calling. Because when Adam and Eve sinned, the world (not just man and all his offspring) fell from it’s originally perfect state, into a state of growing decay, brokenness, increasing wickedness and sinfulness. Just look around you. Am I lying? 😼 But through Christ, God charted the perfect path back to ‘the God-life’ (the original state of creation) and YOU are part of that plan. 💥 Creation is waiting, anticipating, eagerly looking to the children of God to go beyond ‘just being saved’ and to start to live in the fullness of their ‘callings’, so that through them, all who believe can be delivered from the growing decay that this world dishes up.

Fam, please this is no light matter. Ever wondered “how can a good God do nothing about the horrible atrocities that happen in this world?” BUUTTTT that’s the point … HE DID AND STILL DOES DO SOMETHING! JESUS IS THE ‘SOMETHING’! YOU ARE THE ‘SOMETHING’…and trust me, these are perfect ‘somethings’ that require one trigger – faith. You, discovering and walking in your God-given purpose and calling, are the solution to the brokenness that you hate to see in this world. ❤

As you know, I have a program called THE DISCERN YOUR PURPOSE PROGRAM which is a 6-session online program that I created to help you to discover, embrace and walk in your God-given purpose and calling. You know you need it. The world needs you to take this seriously. DM me to enrol or go to www.thenarrowgateway.com/thedypprogram

Coach Toyin, Founder of The Narrow Gateway

As always, I end this by saying, I am Coach Toyin, fully convicted by my own words and very much still under construction in the hands of the Father.