The biggest tragedy about Easter is that its lost its meaning to commercialisation. Easter bunnies and egg hunts are fun, so are eating Jollof rice, long church services and having a getaway weekend (uhm yes please😬! but if you do all these with little focus on the true meaning of Easter? HUGE MISS😶!

This week I want to TRYYYYY to summarise the true meaning of Easter in 3 #coachtoyinboomtips, so if you are feeling the burn in your spirit that there’s more to this, and you are willing to walk towards the fire, please come back to the same time slot on my handle/profile on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, and I’ll share what I know…

Whatever the case, decide now that EASTER 2019 will be about JESUS CHRIST, GOD’S PERFECT SOLUTION TO MAN & CREATION’S FALLEN CONDITION. 💥



So on Monday, I said I’d share what I know. We are currently doing a course at church (@highlifechurch) that’s blowing my mind about the Foundations of my faith as a Christian. I thought I knew all this stuff… alas😮! So here goes my summarised version. It begins with GOD!

🌟God is holy, meaning in His nature and His acts, He is distinct, in a class all by Himself, set apart, high, pure, cannot behold sin (Revelation 15:4)
🌟God is love, meaning that not only does He do perfect acts of love, HE IS ALL THAT LOVE IS. (1 John 4:7-8)
🌟 This holy and loving God created the heavens, the earth, and all that is inside it. He then decided to create man in His image and likeness (Genesis 1:26)– He created man with a nature and character like His. (As in … WOW!) God formed man out of dust and breathed in him God’s own spirit (Genesis 1:26) … and man came alive!
🌟 God created man perfect and gave him ‘THE GOD-LIFE’ meaning:
– Man existed IN God, and received his spirit, life, identity and understanding of life from God
– Because Man was IN God, he was fully able to interact lovingly and seamlessly with God
– God assigned the earth to man to rule it with the same loving dominion with which God rules all of creation (Psalm 115:16)
– God made the earth ‘very good’ and fully able to provide all that man would need to survive and thrive (Genesis 1:31)

Linger there for a minute… I mean WOW! This is what it was like in the beginning (and I’m not even doing it justice at allllll!) … this is what we LOST when we sinned… but I’ll get to that in Friday’s #boomtip. Same time, same slot😉.

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You know the drill right? In Genesis 2:16-17 God planted a tree with forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden and told Adam and Eve that they would ‘die’ if they ate the fruit. They ate the fruit – and “their eyes were opened” (Genesis 3:7) and they ‘died’ … Let’s unpack…

We know they did not die physically, because Adam lived till he was over 900 years old! So how did they die? They LOST/FORFEITED THE GLORIOUS GOD-LIFE (the highest form of existence after God’s) IN EXCHANGE FOR THE NATURE AND LIFESTYLE OF SIN💥.
(Please go back to read what ‘the God-life’ is in Wednesday’s #boomtip) Oh wow! That’s what God meant when He said “they would surely ‘die’”. He meant they would be separated from Him, the source of ‘the God-life’, and this would lead to decay decay decay in their spirits, souls, bodies and environment! 💥 That’s a game changer right there!

Talk about biting off way more than you can chew! Because the impact of sin was not just on Adam and Eve, but also on their offspring (this is how you and I have the nature of sin (Romans 5:12) and the earth itself (the earth lost its vitality and became corrupt and broken (Genesis 3:17-18)). Worst of all, man opted out of God’s rule and surrendered himself, and the earth, to the rule of the devil (Matthew 4:8-9).

Whew! I’m breathless! 😅But we are not done! Come back on Sunday, same time slot, for #boomtip 4…

P.S… I know you have questions (like why would God put a tree in the Garden that would tempt man) and your mind is buzzing with “but how, but if,”. Why not enrol for my 4-Session Online Program called THE GET GOD PROGRAM? In that program I take my time to explain all I have learnt so far on these very foundational principles of our faith … Send me a DM to enrol or find out more at www.thenarrowgateway.com/getgod



Phew! It’s been a fast ride to get here…

I’m summarising like crazy so be sure to DM me or go to www.thenarrowgateway.com/getgod to enrol for my 4-Session Online Program called THE SALVATION 101 PROGRAM, so you can fill in the blanks 😉.

Recap from earlier #boomtips: God is holy and God is love and He created man in His image and likeness and gifted Him the highest form of life after His, “the God-life”😮. And when man, though he was fully crowned in the God-life, chose to disobey God, he, his coming-offspring, the earth ‘fell’ into increasing decay and corruption leading to death, due to their immediate separation from the life of God (Romans 3:23)😶.

BUT HALLELUJAH (!) God so loves the world and it is not His desire that anybody should stay cut off from Him and bear the consequences of sin (2 Peter 3:9), so God wove His perfect solution into the very creation of the world (Revelation 13:8) – His Son Jesus Christ was to be the sacrifice, to pay with His ‘God-life’ the consequences of man’s sin. WOW🙌!

The plan:
Jesus Christ would live as a man yet without sinning, and in dying, He would accept in Himself the penalty of man’s sin, so that anyone who believes in His sacrifice would not have to stay cut off from God, but will be restored to ‘the God-life’💥.

Jesus’ death was physical (crucifixion) AND also spiritual because He was also cut off from ‘the God-life’ (from His connection with God the Father (Matthew 27:46)) and when He died physically, He descended to hell (Ephesians 4:9), bearing even the eternal torment that is part of the consequences of unforgiven sin! WOW😮💥❤!

BUT DEATH COULD NOT HOLD JESUS … HE COULD NOT STAY SEPARATED FROM GOD BECAUSE HE HIMSELF HAD NOT SINNED; He had simply chosen to pay the penalty for man’s sin. THIS IS WHY JESUS WAS THE PERFECT SACRIFICE! Hallelujah! 😮💥❤. Nothing man could do could have freed him … because he was fallen in nature and lifestyle (Isaiah 64:6). We needed the perfect solution, and God provided Him – Jesus Christ.

God’s loving solution, WHICH IS WHAT WE CELEBRATE AT EASTER, defeated sin and death and literally hacked a way for man to get free of the sinful, fallen nature that we ‘fell’ into through Adam, and be restored to ‘the God-life’.(2 Corinthians 5:17) HALLELUJAAAHHHH!!! All you have to do is to put your faith in Christ’s sacrifice, and He restores you to the nature that is like God’s nature, and He enables you to grow and transform into God’s character … just the way it was in the beginning. 😮💥❤

I know this is a lot of mouthfuls😅 (but do sign up for The Salvation 101 Program so you can fill in the blanks and get your questions answered.)


Coach Toyin, Founder of The Narrow Gateway

As always, I end this by saying, I am Coach Toyin, fully convicted by my own words and very much still under construction in the hands of the Father.