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MERCY AND COMPASSION: Can’t get around it! You need some of that so that you can see folks the way God sees ‘em. Remember the Bible story of the woman caught in adultery? All the ‘professional finger-pointers’ were like, “STONE HER!”

But the One person who should have been most disgusted with the woman, was not. Instead, He said “I also do not condemn you. Go and sin no more.”

☝️Ask God to forgive you for being so quick to judge, complain and point fingers, yet have no mercy and compassion on ‘all the baddies’ you see in the world. ☝️Ask God to fill you with HIS MERCY and COMPASSION. Keep asking … soon, creative ideas will form in your mind; solutions to the brokenness you hate to see in the world.


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WHAT’S THAT IN MY HANDS?Guys! You have a toolbox – kitted by God Himself. Talents. Passions. Platforms. Skills. Education. Gut feelings. Resources. Your life-story. What are they? I call them ‘signposts’ to your ‘calling’. Get really technical about finding out what they are. Somewhere in the mix, two or more of these converge, and BOOM, you go from professional finger-pointer to being the solution to the brokenness you hate to see in the world!

P.S. My Discern Your Purpose Program has tools and exercises to help you do this. Go towww.thenarrowgateway.com/thedypprogram if you wanna go beyond this tip.



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WHERE YOU AT JESUS? I always say “There are many noble causes and purposes you can live for in this world. But if it’s your ‘God-given purpose and calling’ you want to live for, then there’s only one way to find it.”

You need to go in search of it by looking in God’s heart . It aint enough to know your passion, talents, skills, education, platform, resources etc. You need to know HOW God wants you to use them, and when, for His purpose. Take yourself on a trip into God’s heart and do not stop the trip till you get your answer.



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JUMP AND PRAY, JUMP AND PRAY! Trust me, when you have discovered God’s calling on your life, you’ll FREEEAAAKKK! If you’re like me, you’ll RRUUNNN! Hahaha 😂
Don’t do that. If you do, turn around, and run back … like I have. LOL.

If God has said it’s time to move, then JUMP AND PRAY, JUMP AND PRAY! He’ll set you up and help you through the highs and lows (there will be some) … Just jump in and stay tight with Him through prayer and other stuff like that. God can use anybody BUT He does need you willing to transform from that angry finger-pointer to someone who wants to be a solution to the brokenness he/she hates to see in the world.💥

Coach Toyin, Founder of The Narrow Gateway

As always, I end this by saying, I am Coach Toyin, fully convicted by my own words and very much still under construction in the hands of the Father.