The 'Get God' Course

By Coach Toyin

Module 2 of the Foundations & Reconnection Semester (Semester I): 

The Get God Course

Do you “get God”?

Do you know and understand what salvation is: why you needed saving, how you were saved, why Jesus Christ is and can be the only Savior, what you were saved to?

Do you know and live out the Gospel of the Kingdom of God such that you can confidently share it with others?

Do you know and understand that God is love, and how that interfaces with the fact that He is holy? 

Do you know and understand what comprises “the Christian life” that is, life in the Kingdom of God?

Do you know and understand the characteristics of the Kingdom of God and does your life reflect them?

Do you know how to live captivated by the King of kings (Jesus Christ) and His kingdom such that every aspect of your life reflect this?



The Get God Course is Module 2 of the Foundations & Reconnection Semester (Semester I) provided by The Narrow Gateway Academy. This course comprises of 6 sessions that bring you back to reality; yes, you can live in and from that glorious reality that only those who “get God” can have.

It sounds simple and obvious but without a firm and growing grounding on the foundations and pillars of Christianity, many believers are left ‘managing’ a mediocre experience and expression of their God-nature. When you are strong in head and heart knowledge of the foundations of your faith, you experience growing victory over the various expressions of carnality that continue to war against the spirit of a believer: sin, brokenness, disconnectedness from God, stress and overwhelm, inability to hear God, discern His purposes for your life and walk in it, powerlessness to do great works for God, you name it. 

This is why the Psalmist said, “If the foundations be removed, what can the righteous do?” (Psalm 11:3). Yup, it is possible to be ‘righteous’ yet rendered ‘undone’. Tragic! That must no longer be your story. You are in fact a new creation. You can in fact ‘get God’, and The Get God Course will help you do just that.

The Get God Course is a jarring reset that helps you (re)discover the key ingredient that may have been missing from your spirituality all this while. 

This course confronts and defeats misconceptions about what it means to be ‘saved’, and by clarifying what God originally created man to be, the effect of sin on man and the world, why Jesus is the only solution to sin, what faith in Jesus restores you to and what your life is, now that you are ‘saved’, this course introduces you to THE SPIRIT LIFE and invites you to live from heaven to earth, and no longer from earth to heaven.

“…the hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth; for the Father is seeking such to worship Him. God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.” (John 4:23-24)

Who Should Enroll?

All believers in Christ, regardless of your level of spiritual maturity

★ Believers working through stubborn sin and inner brokenness

★ Believers who experience disconnectedness from and/or disinterest in God, stale relationship with God, powerlessness, stress and overwhelm and purposelessness 

★ Believers who feel there is more to their relationship with God than what they are currently experiencing

★ Believers who have questions or doubts about their faith 

★ Believers who want to be assured of their salvation

★ Believers who want to gain more understanding about their faith

★ Non-believers who are genuinely exploring becoming Christians 

★ Bible Study teachers/facilitators 

★ Home fellowship leaders 

★Believers who want to strengthen their foundations and cultivate the culture of evangelism 

What do you get?


Self-Paced Study – $45.00

★ Course Materials online, pre-recorded Mentor Sessions, Coach Toyin’s teachings 

★ Level 1 membership of The Narrow Gateway Community  





To Book Coach Toyin

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