GET QUIET: God is always speaking, the question is, are you listening? Or are you trying to hear God’s voice over the many other loud voices in your life?

Friends, Media, Celebs, Mentors, Family, Your own fears? Get quiet.

If you want 2019 to be that year when you finally go in with a map handed to you by the Lord Himself, you need to position yourself by silencing the many voices that you usually listen to, so that you can hear what God has to say. What can you do to GET QUIET this week🤫?

PONDER ON THE SIGNPOSTS: We all wanna know God’s plan for the year, but so often, we have no clue how to discern it.

In addition to ‘getting quiet’ which we spoke about on Monday, you also need to ponder prayerfully. Ponder on the signposts of God’s plan that He has surely been passing by you for a while, those that you may have missed. Ask yourself questions like “What are the troubles that I hate to see in the world? What can I do about them using my strengths, skills, connections, talents? What am I passionate about? What platforms do I have from which to shift circumstances in the world? What opportunities/relationships/experiences are available for me this year 💪?

How will they impact my relationship with God?” Prayerfully ponder on the signposts to God’s plan for your life in 2019 and write down all that you discover🙏. Do that and you’ll be so close to discovering His plan for you for this year.

MEASURE IT UP: So now that you have spent time getting quiet so you can hear God (we did that on Monday) and pondering prayerfully on the signposts in your life that may point to God’s plan (from Wednesday) – it’s time to measure it all up against God’s Word.

Take some time out to search the Scriptures about what He has to say about whatever area you are particularly interested in.

So for instance, if you want to know God’s plan for you regarding love, romance, career, forgiveness, grief, then go searching in God’s Word for what it says about ‘your thing’ and then measure it up with what’s on your heart. I promise you; God loves it when His children seek His face, and that’s what this week’s tips are all about, helping you seek God’s face. As you do this, His plan will become clear to you💥.



PRAY IT OUT: Step 4 in this week’s B.O.O.M Tips is for you to take all you have discovered this week to God in prayer 🙏.

Pour your heart out before the Lord. Tell Him your desires for 2019, but also let Him know that you do not want anything that is outside His will. Commit to Him all your plans and ask Him to remove those that are outside His will and bless those that are in line. Ask Him to take away desires and plans that will dilute your love for Him. Pray sincerely and with an open heart, and watch as God continues to lead you into His perfect plan. 2019 is gonna be L-I-T folks; 💥 a year of knowing and walking in God’s plan for your life. Let’s go🏃‍♂️!!


Coach Toyin, Founder of The Narrow Gateway

As always, I end this by saying, I am Coach Toyin, fully convicted by my own words and very much still under construction in the hands of the Father.