How can I know if I am struggling with my identity as a Christian? Hmmmm … sorry what? Are you thinking, “Ah Coach Toyin, what does Christianity have to do with identity? And if I follow Christ, how can you say I have a crisis?”

Well, this week on #coachtoyinsboomtips I will share with you why being a Christian is all about identity; identity and life-purpose actually. I’ll also share with you a few signs that can indicate to you whether you, child of God, have something of an identity crisis.

Are you interested? 😉 Then come back to this time slot on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday for all the answers to this question (that I got from the Lord anyway 😀

Till then … think on it and send me a dm or comment below about what you think is a sign that a Christian has an identity crisis


WHO ARE YOU? Well, dear
Christ follower, if I were to ask you, who you are in Christ and you say
“Uhmmm, erhhmmm, hmmm …” then that’s the first sign that you might have a bit
of an identity crisis. 😮 

Being a follower of Christ is all about IDENTITY. WHO YOU
ARE. It’s like a child who is born into the royal family but he has no clue
that he is royal, or that his family is royal. A royal person who has no clue
that he is royal will not behave like the royalty that he is. He will not live
conscious of his station in life. He will not know to access the benefits of
his royalty. He will not know to avoid certain places, lifestyle options,
people, neither will he know to be responsible for matters of the kingdom. 👑 

It is one thing to identify yourself as a ‘Christ follower’
and it is another thing entirely to go beyond the label and actually discover,
experience and exhibit your life and identity in Christ. 🔥 

What do you think? Do you know who you are in Christ? 

P.S. DM me if you would like me to help you to answer this question confidently. Come back on Friday and Sunday for other answers to help you diagnose whether you have an identity crisis as a Christ follower.


ARE YOU FALLING FOR IT?😳 There is a dulling, a deception that prevails
in the world. It is deception that fools us into thinking that: 

1. We’re in ultimate control of our lives. 

2. A genuine, thriving and all encompassing relationship with
God is merely a nice thing but not critical for life on earth. 

3. Growing in wealth is the ultimate (or one of the most
important pursuit of life).

Child of God, genuinely
examine your life. If any of these three features is in your life then it
likely indicates that you’re not yet anchored in your identity in Christ. In
other words, it means that you are not grasping what the Jesus Christ you
follow actually came to save you from and for ❤

QUESTIONS…but sometimes we need to hear the hard questions that force us to
make a choice…the devil’s biggest move is to convince us that all that exists
or all that matters is what we can see, touch, taste, hear, feel, smell, learn through
human logic, through human skill etc. The aim is to distract and completely
blind us to the fact that we are spirit, we have a soul (which houses the mind,
will and emotions) and we live in a body. You are not your body. You are not
your soul. You are spirit and Jesus said in John 4:24 “God is spirit and those
who worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth”💥🔥.

How then can we know God and live conscious of Him? How then can we experience “the God-Life” in Christ that we were created and saved to live if we are dulled into a purely physical and soulish of life and we do not step through the pierced veil and live fully conscious of the spirit of God within us. How then can you as a child of God experience freedom from sin and that broken identity that seems not to have mended even after you decided to follow Christ ❤.

P.S DM me if you will like me to help you to answer this question confidently. Come back on Sunday for other answers to help you diagnose whether you have an identity crisis as a Christ follower. 



Dear Child of God, you will know that you are struggling with
your identity as a Christian if you do not experience consistent intimacy with
God that enables you to know His voice and discern His purpose for your life. 💥🔥

Hmmmm … lets go there.
You know, I often have people ask me how I can so easily say stuff like “Well,
the Lord told me that …” or “The Holy Spirit said …” etc. Hearing &
recognising God’s voice as well as being able to discern His will is the
inheritance of anyone who follows Jesus Christ. So if you are not yet
experiencing this, it means you are not yet settled in who you are in Christ.
It also means that you are not yet plugging into delightful closeness with God,
which is the way in which you can come to hear, recognise and obey His will for
your life. 

Many of us Christians “feel the love” on one day, say when there has been a deep conference or concert at church … but then by tonight, the love is gone and next week when we get to church, we are annoyed at the worship team because we think the reason why we are not ‘feeling the Spirit’ is because they are not playing excellently! However, the real reason that you are experiencing inconsistency in your love relationship with God is actually because you have not yet discovered who you are in Christ, and/or you are not yet taking up your rightful benefits, lifestyle choices AND RESPONSIBILITIES as the child of God that you are

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