In this life, where there is so much static, if you are really serious about getting plugged into the vibrant, unrivalled God-life behind the narrow gate, if you are really set on stirring up that umph to dive into your gifts and be part of unlocking solution spaces in a world that is in dire need of answers, then ordinary, everyday, run of the mill living just aint gonna cut it! The world is brimming full of distractions, pulls and tugs from corners you didn’t even know existed, wanting to get into your head and steer you this way and that. You are going to need to be all about that intense focus. If you are not intentional, you will be diverted. That’s a fact.

This is why here at The Narrow Gateway, we are building a platform of creative and accessible resources to aid you on this intense journey. You do not have time to fill your mind with just about anything that slides across your phone or TV screen! You cannot afford that, if you are really all about that God-life. You need to load up on truth according to God’s Word, and run with it! And that is what we are serving up, creatively, here at The Narrow Gateway, through blogs, vlogs, videos, live and recorded chats and interviews, book and movie reviews, Bible studies, trainings, workshops, you name it, if we can put it together creatively, we’ll do it for you, God allowing. You do not need to fill your mind with static, when you can simply go to and get served up some soul-transforming awesomeness!

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