The Ultimate Intimacy Trigger

With Coach Toyin

Do you sometimes feel like “I love Jesus, but … “?

… but, I just don’t enjoy spending time with Him

… but, I am too busy to spend time with Him

… but, spending time with Him is difficult because I don’t experience Him tangibly

… but, He doesn’t feel real to me

… but, I am not sure I know how to hear His voice 

… but, I still struggle with lingering sins and inner brokenness

… but, there’s so much else I love more than I love Him

… but, how do I balance the demands of my life with my relationship with Him?


I love Jesus but how do I attain undisturbed intimacy with Him?

intimacy trigger2

-Self-paced Study

What you will get:

* Workbook containing 22 Intimacy Triggers, with each Trigger consisting of 8 powerful activations

* Workbook is supplemented by free access to video teachings curated for the Ultimate Intimacy Trigger

* Access to a 45 minute one-on-one ”transformation-trigger” session with Coach Toyin at the discounted price of $30 (session is valued at $60)

* Free access to Coach Toyin’s spirituality assessment tools