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Coach Toyin is passionate about encouraging, mentoring and coaching Christians to “enter by the narrow way”, that is, the “road less traveled”. She works with people from all walks of life, coaching and mentoring them using her Christian Transformational Coaching Programs to  lay aside the weights and distractions of this world, and to pursue ‘the God-life’ that God promises all those who come to Him.

“These are times that require a fierce faith that dares to make tracks 👣👣along ‘the narrow way’ that leads to ‘the God-life’. That’s how we will make any real transformation happen in our governments, schools, churches, organizations, families and communities.” – Coach Toyin

Coach Toyin loves to share on topics to do with the Christian’s walk of transformation and truths about life ‘behind The Narrow Gateway’. Her approach is personal, pointed and somewhat quirky, but most importantly, she speaks from the heart … no masks … because she believes that she is called to lean on her personal testimony and experiences of God, as she ministers to and works with people.

“I wanna talk to those who are done with complaining, grumbling and judging the broken, and are ready to discover with certainty the specific ways that God wants us to co-work with Him to heal that very brokenness we hate to see in the world.” – Coach Toyin

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