Invite Toyin

Toyin is passionate about encouraging, mentoring and coaching Christians to “enter by the narrow way”, that is, the “road less travels. She works with people from all walks of life, coaching and mentoring them using her toolkit, Bow Out, Old Man, and other resources, to help them through the journey of laying aside the weights of the the “Old Man”, and entering by the narrow way that leads to purpose-driven living.

Toyin loves to speak on this topic, Bow Out, Old Man, Purpose-Driven Living and other related topics on the Truths About Life Behind The Narrow Gateway and she often does so by telling stories and regalling her listeners with tales that direct attention to the message of entering behind the narrow way. Toyin believes in authenticity and genuineness. She speaks from the heart, no masks, because she believes that there is power in testimony.

Toyin’s “Statement of Self” is:

I am Toyin, quirky writer, mentor, coach and creator of Christian resources to encourage Christians to ask, W.I.T.N.G? What Is The Narrow Gateway, when they encounter life’s different faces and phases. I am passionate about seeing Christians discover and align with the narrow way, and in so doing, key into purpose-driven living. Even as I do this work, I remain fully convicted by my own words, and very much under construction in the hands of the Father.

If you would like to invite Toyin to speak at your event or function, please email her on with details of the date, time and venue of the event, topic and expected duration of the talk.