‘NO FIRE, DON’T CARE GANG’  “Yeah, Coach Toyin, I see you prancing all over my phone screen saying ‘Christian transformation this, Christian transformation that’. That’s cute, for you, but that fire’s out for me, and I don’t care anymore about gettin’ it back.” 😏

Famz😬! Come closer let me zap you so you catch some of my fire for Jesus🔥🙂! For real though, I’ve been there and even now, my fire often gets threatened by LIFE! Urghh! Well, say “Urghh” again because Jesus said in Matthew 24:12 that in the last days, “Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold” EEEEKKK! Chills😮!

So Fam, look around you. The wickedness we seeing nowadays is dark! The kind of evil that’s being unleashed in the world is worse than anything we’ve seen before… And the darker things are getting, the colder and more irrelevant the children of God are becoming😮. How can we be the light of the world, when we gat no fire for the LIGHT of the world? How then can we ‘download’ the supernatural (yet practical) solutions for the brand of brokenness in the world today?💥

The journey to ‘catch fire’ must begin somewhere, and I’ve created a starting point I call THE BINGE AND INTIMACY WITH COACH TOYIN 💃.

THE BINGE AND INTIMACY CHALLENGE WITH COACH TOYIN is an online/WhatsApp Group Coaching program with me, where I take you through a weekend of intense spiritual detox from those toxins in your life that are killing your fire, followed by intense ‘binging up’ on spiritual firelighters that will set you back on track to being ablaze for God. BOOM!💥

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TOO FAR GONE GANG 😐 “Yeah, Coach Toyin, I hear you saying that God wants to be close to me and He has a purpose for me bleh bleh bleh, but I’m too far gone in my sin; my heart is so broken. I’m of no use to Him now. I believe in Jesus; that’ll have to be enough for now.”😐

Fam, my skin is crawling as I am typing this because I was in the “Too Far Gone Gang” for long but God snatched me out of it just before my feet got stuck in the cement😮! “Too Far Gone” is a L-I-E! Haven’t you heard that song, “Reckless Love”? “No mountain You won’t climb up coming after me… No wall You won’t kick down, lie you won’t tear down, coming after me.”

I’m here to help you tear down the ‘too far gone lie’. No, Jesus will never condone your sin, and He will not leave you in your broken identity but He will passionately restore You to the identity He has crafted for you. He is “The Resurrection and The Life”.

Too Far Gone Gang? Let’s kick-start your restoration journey with THE BINGE AND THE INTIMACY CHALLENGE 💃.

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HURT TOO BAD GANG 😭. “But Coach Toyin you don’t understand. The ‘church’ has hurt me. So-called Christians have abused me. I believe in Jesus but I’ll rather keep my distance.”

Famz… There’s so much hurt going around, but what’s so painful is that folks feel that when a person offends them, it is God that must be put aside. But Fam, God is on your side, hurting with you, fighting for you. Jesus once said, “Offenses will come but woe to him through whom they come. It will be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were thrown into the sea, than that he should [b]offend one of these little ones” (Luke 17:1-2) 😮.

Are you ‘off Jesus’ because you’ve been ‘Hurt too bad’ by so-called ‘Christians’? Don’t let it cost you your rightful place with God. Start walking back to Him today. You can start with THE BINGE AND THE INTIMACY CHALLENGE. Find out at


WHY AM I HERE GANG “Coach Toyin, today is the last day of the BINGE AND INTIMACY CHALLENGE but you didn’t call for me. Things between me and Jesus are okay, I’m not really struggling with sin, my identity doesn’t feel that broken, but I got no clue what God’s purpose for my life is. How about me?”

‘Why Am I Here Gang’ I have been there, so please don’t think I left you out on purpose. Creation is waiting in earnest expectation of the revelation of the children of God (Romans 8:19)💥 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, Jesus (John 3:16) and Jesus came and declared Himself to be “the Light of the world”, then He pointed at His followers and said, “YOU ARE THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD, SO LET YOUR LIGHT SO SHINE…” 💡🔥. There are few things more tragic than a Christ follower who cannot rise to meet the earnest need and expectation of a broken world, worse still because he/she doesn’t know his God-given calling (or has no strength to walk in it.)

Does this describe you? Go find out more and fill the form at . I’ll happily set up another BINGE AND INTIMACY CHALLENGE just for you. 😉

Coach Toyin, Founder of The Narrow Gateway

As always, I end this by saying, I am Coach Toyin, fully convicted by my own words and very much still under construction in the hands of the Father.