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“Its a story of VICTORY! Impossible BATTLES Won! Hallelujah!”
So in this one, I sing, I dance, I rhyme, gosh, I even PREACH!! (hahahaha!) 😂😂 But most importantly, I POUR OUT what the Lord burned into my heart to say to YOU about WHO HE IS! If this one is for you, you would know, because He has already been pinching you where it hurts, vying for your mindshare.
The God who has no rival, the One who has NO EQUAL. He looks at you with love. He fought for you AND WON! Know this truth. Get it into your spirit. Step into it. It will make you free.
What is it that is keeping you broken and bound? Tell me. What’s it’s name? What is it that is making you run away from God because you are too angry with Him, or because you are too scared of Him? Or because you just don’t give a hoot about Him? Even you, yes you, HE LOVES even with your back turned. He is still calling your name because He knows what He put inside you. He knows the shine He placed inside you. He has no rival. He has no equal, and He wants you. And you may think you are too far gone, but friend, there is no such thing. Because there is no impossibility, where God is concerned.
There is NOTHING that Jesus did not win the victory over. Nothing. But He wants you to respond to His love by coming to Him. I explain myself here👇 (click on my image to watch) and share.

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Toyin Oladiran (Creator of the B.O.O.M Walk Program and Founder of The Narrow Gateway)

I am Toyin, fully convicted by my own words, and very much still under construction in the hands of the Father.


Written by Toyin Oladiran (Christian Life Coach, Creator of The B.O.O.M Walk Program, Founder of The Narrow Gateway)

THE B.O.O.M WALK PROGRAM by ToyinThe B.O.O.M Walk Program by Toyin Oladiran is a relatable and practical online Program with creative and clarity-provoking tools to help you identify and “bow out” traits of the “Old Man” in you. The Old Man is that old sinful identity that you have because you are born of Adam, and the traits of the Old Man in you emerge because of the roots-and-routes of your life. The B.O.O.M Walk Program will help you sustainably identify the Old Man in you and bow him out, setting you up to reach for the fullness of intimacy with Jesus Christ, and to key into His purpose for and calling on your life.

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