Bow Out, Old Man! is the topic of today’s The W.I.T.N.G Chat Show. I am your host, Toyin Oladiran, and today, I am chatting with Oby Bamidele, Author, Registered Counsellor and Authenticity Coach. Bow out, old man (part 1)This is a 2-part series so be sure to look out for Part 2!

Oby and I speak quite personally (with some silliness here and there – you know I can’t help it!) and we share from the heart, about an issue that all Christians grapple with during their journey with Christ – the Old Man.
That “false identity” that the enemy tries to keep planted on the throne of your life, convincing you that your commitment to Jesus Christ can never change who you really are. We go deep to unravel and demystify the Old Man, and we give you tools to “bow him out”! Laugh, think, ponder, and let God translate our words to life in your soul.

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