WHILE YOU WAIT  Child of God, did you know that even while you are waiting for THAT ONE THING to finally breakthrough in your life; is it marriage, kids, job, house, peace of mind, health… God has strong views about what He wants you to be doing WHILE YOU WAIT?

It is not God’s will for you to wait PASSIVELY. Some of us, when waiting for God to shift a situation, all we are doing is sitting around, crying, whining, complaining, basically creating the perfect setting for WORRY, FEAR, ANXIETY, HOPELESSNESS, CLUELESSNESS, IMPATIENCE, DESPERATION … And of course, eventually we are fed up and we go settle for counterfeit alternatives to what we were waiting for.

This is not God’s way. Jesus said that indeed, in this world, you will have trials, BUT He is your peace. So, you CAN wait in strength, confidence, clarity and peace. In fact, you can be ARMED while you wait – prepared for your next season; the very thing you are waiting for.

Here we’ll talk about it.


WHAT ARE YOU REALLY WAITING FOR? You think you are waiting for that ‘one thing’ don’t you? Marriage maybe? A job? Your own house? A child? Peace of mind? Healing in your body…

What if I told you that what you are really waiting for is PERMANENT RESIDENCE IN THE PRESENCE OF GOD? I’ve come to realise that in, through, because of, despite whatever acute situation you are waiting for breakthrough in, God will always use it as a ripe opportunity to plant you firmly on a journey into your permanent residence in His presence. Hmmm…

Recently, I was praying, and the Holy Spirit said to me, “There are some things that I allow My children to go through, so that they are compelled to ‘come deeper into Me’”. This is not an argument about whether God is the one who causes bad things to happen in this world. This is a Biblical principle that when we go through trials, they compel us (if we permit) to burrow deeper into God, because we come to realise that our help is within Him and nowhere else. The deeper we get into God, the more peace we have (JESUS IS THE PRINCE OF PEACE), the more strength we have (HE IS OUR STRENGTH), the more clarity and understanding we have regarding our situation and God’s agenda (GOD IS ALL-KNOWING) .

So when you are going through your waiting period, and the last thing you feel like doing is going deeper in God to take up your PERMANENT RESIDENCE IN HIS PRESENCE, understand that you are literally smashing the only tool that God gives to those who are waiting on breakthrough … and that’s exactly what the enemy wants you to do.


EAT…  “Say what Coach Toyin? Eat?” Yes. On Wednesday, I shared with you that what you are really waiting for is not that ‘one thing’ but rather, you are waiting to journey into your permanent residence in God’s presence.

Well, I’m sure when you read that, some of you were like, “Urghhh! I got no time or strength for that!” Well, EAT! The journey into God’s presence can feel long and tedious especially when you don’t really get why you are doing this, when all you ‘really need’ (as far as you are concerned) is for God to just make a move and give you what you are asking for!

Well, that is why you need STRENGTH for the journey into your permanent residence, and the way you get strength is through bulking up on spiritual ‘super foods’ like meaningful prayer, listening to the voice of God, worship, meditating on the Word of God, attending Bible studies (online or in person) attending small group fellowships where the focus is on God.

These are the things that will strengthen you and literally convey you into you permanent residence in God’s presence on a daily basis. EAT!


SEE AND MAKE READY On Wednesday and Friday I shared that this ‘one thing’ you are waiting for is actually a trigger to draw you deeper into your permanent residence in God’s presence.

Now what happens while you are in God’s presence? Your spiritual eyes and ears open and you SEE and HEAR from God about the ‘one thing’ that you are waiting for, you hear His perspective (which is the true perspective) and you gather strength and tools to
1) CONTINUE WAITING for the breakthrough OR
2) PREPARE your life and spaces because the breakthrough is coming and you need to make yourself ready, OR
3) to EFFECT THE BREAKTHROUGH in God’s power and timing! BOOM!! 

I’ve had to wait for ‘one thing’ a few times in my life. One of the hardest times was a few years ago when my husband and I were struggling and failing to have children. I went through all the stages of waiting you can imagine. Shock, disbelief, hope, heartbreak, hopelessness, pain, anger, bitterness, losing faith in God.

But God did not give up on me. He sent me messages over and over to tell me “Toyin, you will become a mother, but when you do, your testimony must NOT be that you became a mother, but that during your waiting process, YOU CAME DEEPER INTO ME AND SITUATED YOURSELF IN YOUR PERMANENT RESIDENCE IN MY PRESENCE..”

It took me ages to finally get it right. I don’t even think I really got it right… But God had mercy, and the more I yielded to God’s call to come deeper, the more peace I had about my situation, the more clarity and understanding I had, the more strength I had to wait, the more I grew in the spirit and was able to prepare my life for the coming breakthrough … and then it came …  God taught me how to WAIT His way.

We love to read the passage that says “those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength” Well, it’s true … except that WAITING is not an idle exercise. It actually means to BIND YOURSELF TO THE LORD … think about it …

Coach Toyin, Founder of The Narrow Gateway

As always, I end this by saying, I am Coach Toyin, fully convicted by my own words and very much still under construction in the hands of the Father.