Monthly Bible Study

With Coach Toyin

“Sanctify them with Your Word; Your Word is truth” – Jesus Christ

One sure way to discover, experience and exhibit ‘the God-life’ in Jesus Christ is to immerse yourself in the Word of God. The very reason that Jesus Christ came to the earth was so that God’s Word would become flesh and dwell among man, and so that we would know and experience the one true and living God first hand, and having experienced Him, we would decide to follow Him.

gJoin me on the last Friday of every month for Bible Study & Prayer Meetin. It takes place LIVE on my Instagram and Facebook platforms. Indeed, it is taking place LIVE on social media but if you want a more personalized experience with me, you need to sign up by emailing me on

Here is the personalized experience you get if you sign up:

  • You can send in questions in advance for me to answer live
  • You can send in prayer requests for me to pray through live (anonymity permitted)
  • You get opportunities to go live with me to discuss your specific question
  • On request, you can get Bible study worksheets and notes
  • If you sign up and participate for two months in a row, you qualify to be invited to join Coach Toyin’s Life Circle, which is a closed group and strictly by invitation. You will get the first month of membership for free