They say the proof is in the pudding … or in this case, in the nose.

Coach Toyin at about 20 weeks pregnant

Well, what does your ‘nose’ say about your ‘pudding’?

(long blogpost, but worth the read … please read to the end)

Okay so, I recently had a baby [pregnant dramatic pause for effect! Pardon the pun! LOL!]

… and though I didn’t mention on social media that I was expecting, I had people who saw my pics/videos as the year progressed and they sent me messages like, “AAAHHHHHH Toyin!!! That nose??? Dead giveaway o! Congratulations!” And that was months before I gave birth! LOL! As in! Sigh … Can’t a girl keep a secret nowadays? Lol!

Anywhooos … jokes aside, I do have a point. Lol. Folks, the proof is in the pudding, or in this case, in the nose. True growth and transformation cannot be hidden. The signs are always clear. The same is true for lack of growth; if nothing is happening in your growth journey with Jesus, it will be obvious, because, well, there’ll be ‘no nose’.

Now, you all know I’m all about getting ‘that God-life’ by being intentional about growing in my relationship with God. I have also shared with you all that my passion and instruction from God is to live out loud so that as you watch me walk the ups and downs of my growth journey with God, you will be ignited to kick-start yours, and make some serious tracks along the way. So you can imagine that this pic (of my big pregnancy nose hahaha!) just had to get me thinking: “Toyin, what is your ‘nose; saying about how you did in your growth journey with Jesus in 2018?”

Sigh … sobering for me, I have to admit. You see, I had some intense highlights in my growth journey with God in 2018, the primary one being that the Lord asked me to “come up higher” with Him this year i.e. spend more meaningful time with Him and get to know Him in a much deeper way. He told me He had so much more to show me of Himself; not to mention that for the work He has for me to do, I would need to be way more fervent in Him. For a while there, I obeyed His call, and guys, I don’t think I have the human words to describe the beauty of a life lived in and from the presence of this Almighty, loving God; this God who is so keen to show Himself to those who have a true hunger for Him. The intimacy, the fellowship, the power, the insight, the ability to experience and do great supernatural things for God, in this physical life … unparalleled. In fact, dare I be bold enough to add that there was a point this year when I was so sure that I would look up and see the Lord Himself walk into my room. Things were that deep. I know! Crazy! But so possible.

Sadly though, at some point in the year, my ‘other loves’ showed up; those other things in my life that vie for my heart, and I stopped being as consistent in having meaningful times with God. My heart became divided. Did it mean God abandoned me? No. But I know in my heart that though I saw amazing things of the Lord this year, there was so much more I could have seen and experienced, if I had stayed fervent. . . Sigh … But thank God; He gives ‘take twos’. He is the God of new mercies every morning.

My heart’s cry for 2019 is this: LORD, MAKE ME FERVENT!

How about you?

Is your ‘nose’ big or growing?
Has there been any change in those sneaky areas of sin and inner brokenness that you brought into 2018?
Have you experienced victory over that insecurity, the shame that plagues you, pride, self-righteousness, anger, hatefulness, disinterest in God, fear, lust, unfaithfulness, rejection … ?
Have you grown in deep intimacy with God this year?
Have you discovered His purpose for your life in this season?
Are my questions making you squirm?
Not to worry…I’m squirming too.
You know what, this ‘God-life’ is real, and it is God’s ultimate passion and desire for you and I to discover and live it, here on earth. It is NOT God’s will that you only experience His glory and fullness, when you get to heaven.

So, what’s holding you back?

If my questions struck a nerve with you, please, let me help you. I created my Coaching Programs in response to clear directives that God gave me to share with others the tools that God has been using with me along my own Christian journey. These tools help me to draw closer to God in a meaningful way, and as I do, He unravel the wars against sin and inner brokenness in my life, and He positions me to discern and walk in His purpose for my life. I’m still on that journey, trust me. Won’t you join me?

Click here to find out more about my Coaching Programs and pick the one that best suits you at this time. Whatever you do, don’t just ‘puff and pass’ as they say. Linger, and make a move. Your ‘nose’ must growwwwwww in 2019.

I am Coach Toyin, fully convicted by my own words and very much still under construction in the hands of the Father.