Pray until God heals the hurt. The hardest part of offence is the hurt that you are feeling. God is the healer of the mind, body and soul, and He answers prayers. Cling to Him in prayer; ask Him to heal your hurt. It’s easier to move on when your heart is no longer broken 💛❤️



A sincere “sorry” from an offender can go a long way to soothing your pain, and yes, they should definitely apologize for what they did … but when it comes down to it, the real work of restoration is yours to do, with God.

So, weigh the ‘sorry’. Is it worth giving up your restoration for? No it’s not. If the ‘sorry’ is not forthcoming, then put it in its place; it must NOT have power to rob you again.



This is difficult but possible with God’s help. Pray to see and treat your offender as God does. Pleasing God must be your goal, and by trusting your pain to Him, you slip under His battle plan to protect and avenge you … and there is no AVENGER like God.



God is not the cause/source of pain. He alone can overcome the power of pain though. One of the ways that He does this is by growing you into ‘perfection’ through/despite your pain, ready for His purpose. So … get your own back. Get your growth, your perfection, your fitness for God’s purpose. Get it back.

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Coach Toyin, Founder of The Narrow Gateway

As always, I end this by saying, I am Coach Toyin, fully convicted by my own words and very much still under construction in the hands of the Father.