Lifestyle of Praying Without Ceasing

By Coach Toyin



I have always believed and taught that prayer is critical to the Christian life. Last year though, God challenged me and took me on a journey. He said to me: “When My Word says you should pray without ceasing, it is not meant figuratively. It is meant literally. It is possible to pray without ceasing, and I want to show you how.

From that day, God took me on a journey, and that journey culminated in a course I created called THE BINGE & INTIMACY CHALLENGE, a 9-day intensive through which I share and equip you with the tools that God gave to me on how to understand, sustain and revive intimacy with God, such that praying without ceasing and other such spiritually charged activities, become possible for you. (

I have extracted a few of those tools from THE BINGE & INTIMACY CHALLENGE into this document titled TOOLS TO MAKE PRAYING WITHOUT CEASING YOUR LIFESTYLE, just as a taster for BINGE & INTIMACY CHALLENGE. I’d like to make those tools available to you.