A word used frequently by the writers of the books of Psalms and Habakkuk, widely understood to invite the reader to pause and reflect


Join us to linger in the Word  

Lingering in the Word of God is something that modern life makes little or no room for. We are resisting that with Selah

There is only one thing that overcomes the enemy, and that is faith, and how does faith come? It comes by hearing (a.k.a meditating and dwelling) the Word of God (Romans 10:17). 

Join me, Coach Toyin, and my friends on the Narrow Gateway Community, as we SELAH (pause, ponder, pray and meditate on the Word) every Thursday at 4:30am (WAT) (which is 4:30am UK, 5:30am RSA and 11:30pm on Wednesday, in EST). Zoom meeting details will only be provided to those who RSVP. Let’s SELAH together. 


– 4-week study blocks with 2 weeks of break in between each block

– A sermon or sermon series will be assigned to each study block (videos available on YouTube)

– An accompanying study guide will be provided at the beginning of each study block

– Every Thursday at 4:30am WAT, 1.5 hour Zoom meetings (Wednesday 11:30pm EST)

– Weekly meetings will be focused on pondering on the sermon, using the accompanying study guide, and prayer

– Weekly meetings facilitated by Coach Toyin and the Narrow Gateway Leadership Team (plus guest facilitators from time to time)