Hi guys!👋 This week’s Boom Tip is so near to my heart ❤️ because it’s literally something that happened to me recently.

So I had to go to do some shopping in a Shopping Mall and I parked my car in the parking basement. As I was shopping, I realized I had forgotten where I parked. I started to get nervous, but I continued shopping 😟 .

Eventually when I finished shopping, it was time to face the situation. So I went to the mall entrance nearest me and started trying to figure out where in the world I had parked.

The story ends well of course because I did eventually find my car 🚗 😊. However it was quite an experience and I want to share it with you this week because it reminded me of what happens to a lot of us WHEN WE LOSE OURSELVES SPIRITUALLY. Life is busy, life is hectic, so much is happening, things are distracting us, and we suddenly realize that we no longer have our compass pointing us to God, we no longer believe like we used to, we no longer understand why it is that we loved Jesus so much … we basically find ourselves spiritually lost. 😭 .

What do you do as a child of God when you find yourself spiritually lost? How do you make your way back to Jesus? So make sure you come back to the same time slot on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday to checkout the tips that I have for you on how to find your way back to God.


Hey Fam! 👋

Go back to Monday’s introduction to this week’s Tip, so you can know the history behind it, or what I say next might not make sense to you.😄

If you are spiritually lost, feeling like you no longer believe in God, like you no longer have faith to trust Him or believe in Him, here’s the first thing you need to do:👇🏼

Recall to mind the reason why you first believed. 💪🏽🤔

Going back to the experience I shared on Monday when I couldn’t find my way back to my car, the first thing I did was to try to retrace my steps; I tried to find my way back to where I was by recalling what had happened along the way. I tried to recall why I had come to the mall in the first place. What was the first store I had gone to? Why did I want to go to that store? What stores did I pass along the way?

And basically, in doing so, I found myself retracing my steps, remembering the general vicinity I had parked in.

When you’re spiritually lost, many times it’s because so much has happened along the way. You have been distracted, you have been busy, you have been occupied, so much so that that your sight has been blurred, your memory of what drew you to Jesus Christ in the first place is clouded, you no longer remember what kept you with Him. 😭

Recall your whys. Or some might say, count your blessings, go back to the foundation for your first love. Whatever the case may be, prayerfully retrace your steps, and that process will take you toward the One whom you love, Jesus Christ. ♥️❤️

Be back on Friday and Sunday, same time slot, for the last two tips on how to find your way back to Jesus when you’re feeling spiritually lost. ❤️❤️


Hi Guys 👋. I’m so glad that you are back for tips on what to do when you feel spiritually lost.This week’s topic is actually super powerful 💥 because I personally know so many people who are experiencing this.

When you no longer believe, you might still believe in Jesus but the passion is gone, the assurance of your faith is gonna. My heart ❤️ beats for you If this is your story and I pray that this week’s boom tip would help you. So make sure you go back to Monday and Wednesday tips regarding this topic.

The tip that I want to share with you today is this👉🏼. When you’re feeling spiritually lost, go to those who know the way back to Jesus. Share with them your ‘dilemma ‘ and allow them to help guide you back to Christ.

So back to what happened when I couldn’t find my way back to my car…like what I said on Monday when I went shopping in a huge shopping mall and I couldn’t find my way back to my car. So I started from retracing my steps (which is what I shared on Wednesday). I also started asking the security guards who are in the mall. When I asked the first security guard, it was as if he was waiting for me to ask him because this is their job, this is what they do. They help people navigate their way through the mall. They help people answer the questions in relation to the mall and so when I asked the security guard, I said to him “I’m actually super lost”. He gave me a fantastic advice. He said go into the parking basement, go to where you think you parked your car and find another person who is dressed like me and tell that person my car registration number and that person would actually help me look for my car and that was what led me back into the parking basement because I was going to stand inside the mall and keep on looking around 😭 but his advice led me to go back into the parking basement and start my search properly.

When you’re spiritually lost, trust me there are people who have been there, done that, bought the T-shift. They’ve worked with God and they’ve also experienced that feeling of getting lost and so they’ve been able to navigate their way back to the Lord.

Do not try to do it on your own. Many of us get spiritually lost and in our “Lost-ness” 😂 (if I call it that) we run away from people that can help us navigate our way. In fact we run 🏃‍♀️ to people who are also spiritually lost and we somehow expect them to be the ones to guide us back to the Lord. If you run to people who are spiritually lost, they’re not going to guide you back to Jesus because they’re also spiritually lost.

When you’re spiritually lost, run to the people who have been lost before but found their way back to Chris. Ask them for help, ask them to help guide you and do it prayerfully and trust me these are ways that you will find your way back to Jesus Christ.

So I have one more tip for you on Sunday. 😊 Make sure you come back on Sunday for the final tip on this topic. 💥😉


Hey guys! 👋 I think this week’s tips has been such a great topic because there are so many people who are dealing with this.

The final tip that I want to give you on this topic is this 👇🏼

Ask the Holy Spirit to intervene in your life and to show you the way back to Himself. ❤️

So back to my story of what happened where I had lost my car in the huge parking basement. 😭Basically, like I said on Friday. I asked the security guard in the mall and he directed me back to the parking garage to go and ask the security guard in the garage.

So I went into the parking and I was still lost and then I realized I was even completely in the wrong garage. I had come out at the wrong exit. I walked up to the security there and I said to him “what should I do?”

The security guard helped me to brainstorm by asking where exactly I was parked. After we brainstormed 🧠 where I was most likely to have parked, She pointed in the right direction and when I got to the entrance where I parked my car, guess what happened???😳 I still couldn’t remember where my car was 😭 and guess what again? The Holy Spirit intervened. 😃

A car guard comes 🏃 to me and he says to me “Ma’am I know you, I know where you parked your car. Please come with me and let me take you to your car” and I was like “what? You can’t possibly know where I parked” and he responded saying “I know where you parked, I know where all my clients park their cars”. Still doubting him, I said to him “but I parked here 2 hours ago”. He responds again saying “but I know you and I remember where you parked” and he took me in a direction that I would’ve definitely not have gone to and he took me to my car 🚘😊😳

And I said to him “how could you possibly remember everybody?” And he replied “that is my job, which is to remember where all my clients park and to help them park”👏🏻

Friends, the Holy Spirit is there for you. He is there to supernaturally lead you back to Jesus Christ when you’re spiritually lost. Never ever run away from God when you’ve lost your way. The very first thing you need to do, even with all the tips have given you since Monday is to table everything to God in prayer.

Ask the Holy Spirit to lead you back to Jesus Christ. He’ll do supernatural things. He’ll do the weirdest things to get you back to Himself.

Are you lost? Have you lost your way? Do you no longer believe in Jesus Christ? Do you no longer remember why or what it was that made you believe in Him in the first place? I want to encourage you 💪🏽. Speak to the Holy Spirit. Ask Him to supernaturally lead you back. To show you the way back to the treasure of Heaven which is Jesus Christ.

God bless you 🙏

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Coach Toyin, Founder of The Narrow Gateway

As always, I end this by saying, I am Coach Toyin, fully convicted by my own words and very much still under construction in the hands of the Father.