😂😂 that “buuttt” got your attention right? 😂😂

 Well actually, there’s absolutely no ‘but’. HOW CAN THERE BE? God’s love is perfect. It’s unfathomable. It’s eternal. It reaches beyond human reasoning. Oh the overwhelming, never-ending reckless love of God! Hmmm  I could not put a ‘but’ to God’s love even if I tried. And God have mercy on me, if I ever try. 
So why this topic on this week’s #boomtip? Well firstly, we are in a spiritual season God’s most prized creation, you and I, are being reminded again and again that God is love ❤❤

️ and ohhhh how He loves us. This is such an amazing time. I don’t want any of us to miss out on encountering, experiencing and then going further to respond to and exhibit God’s love. 

Singing about “God is good and I am loved” is sooo good and it’s a million steps in the right direction but how tragic if such beautiful truths don’t shift anything for you, simply because you don’t respond to the invitation 😭

So let’s talk about it this week okay? Same time on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. 
P.S I did a teaching a few months ago called THE TWO FACES OF LOVE. Find it in the link in bio and watch it tonight. Fam … don’t let real love pass you by.️ ❤


😂😂😂 that “buuttt” got your attention right? 😂

Well actually, there’s absolutely no ‘but’. HOW CAN THERE BE? I explained why I chose this topic for this week’s #boomtip in Monday’s post so please go read it. To recap. 😓

GOD IS LOVE and more and more, we are beginning to be awakened to this amazing truth. But you know what? The same God who is love, is the same God who says “Come to Me all you who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” What’s the operative word here? “COME” 
Oh what a waste it is when God coos over you lovingly, singing songs of deliverance and delight, telling you who loves you, asking you to “come into His love so that you can really experience it” but all you do is hear that God loves you, enjoy a whole lot of warm fuzzy feelings that this evokes, and then you walk on by. What a waste!! 

I mean, will your non-response to God’s love change the fact that He loves you? NO. Will your half-response to God’s love mean that He will never mercifully lavish good gifts on you even though you have not responded to His love? NO! God is good and He makes His goodness to pour out on all people, in different ways. HOWEVER, there is an inner chamber, a secret place where those who RESPOND to God’s love by allowing His love in, embracing it, exploring it, surrendering to its different ‘faces’ and allowing it to flow through into every part of your life and soul, and to transform you daily, there’s a different, deeper encounter that awaits those who respond! 

I’m shaking tables, I know. Let’s talk more on Friday and Sunday, same time. Come back 🙂🙂

P.S I did a teaching a few months ago called THE TWO FACES OF LOVE. Find it in the link in bio and watch it tonight. Fam … don’t let real love pass you by. ❤❤

Please go recap on Monday and Wednesday’s #boomtip posts to get where I am coming from. Soooo important, because that “buuttt” was just to grab your attention right, and it worked right? 😂

 But there is no BUT with God’s love. Yet we have this week’s topic. Let me go on to share more. 
I absolutely love this passage that says that absolutely nothing can separate God’s children from His love for them. Romans 8:31-39 inspires so much hope to so many … the problem is that many have skipped over John 3:16 that says that “For God so loved THE WORLD (meaning everybody everyone every human being)” that He did something; “HE GAVE HIS ONLY SON JESUS CHRIST, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.” 😭😭😭❤❤😊😊💃🏾😚🙏🏽🙏🏽

You see, John 3:16 talks about God’s love being so vast that it covers everyone including those who do not believe in Him. BUT HIS LOVE IS AN INVITATION to come and be His child by accepting His Son, Jesus Christ as the Way He chose to provide, to living the God life and doing life in that inner chamber I described in Wednesday’s #boomtip. ❤❤

The key is in Romans 8:39 that says “nothing can separate us from the love of God … that He has revealed to us through Jesus Christ.”
Need I say more? Friends, please do not settle for warm and fuzzy feelings when you hear about God’s love and when yet another ridiculously on point song like Travis Greene’s and Stephany Dawn’s recent one titled “I am good. You are loved.” Oh what an amazing depiction of the Father’s love for us! What a tragedy if we do not respond to the invitation to immerse ourselves in Jesus Christ, the One through whom God’s love is revealed.❤❤❤

Last post on this topic, same time on Sunday. Come back … 
P.S I did a teaching a few months ago called THE TWO FACES OF LOVE. Find it in the link in bio and watch it tonight. Fam … don’t let real love pass you by. ❤❤

Sigh … this has been a hard topic for me to do this week, because I have to be super careful not to ‘preach’ that God’s love is conditional. It is not. It has no ‘buts’. Oh the overwhelming, never ending reckless love of God love ❤️!

But I’m even more bummed out at the chance that so many people hear about God’s amazing love, and all this does for them is deliver a few minutes of goosebumps every time the hear the song, simply because they don’t yet know that GOD’S GOODNESS IS WHAT BRINGS AND DRAWS PEOPLE TO REPENTANCE. ❤❤😭

 God wants you to choose Him. He loves you because He chose to love you and He places value on you because He chose to, not because of anything you did that makes you worthy! YET He is always waiting for you to hear of His love, embrace it, immerse yourself in its different faces and begin to EXHIBIT it to the world. ❤❤❤

Think of the parable that Jesus told, about the lost and prodigal son. We love that parable so much because it reveals that God loves His children so much, that even while we are still on our journey back to Him, she runs out and pulls us back into His arms and lavishes love on us. So amazing! BUTTTTT guys, in that parable, the love of the Father remained constantly present, but was it always experienced by the son? NO. The son chose a life outside of God’s love, and it was only when the son “came to himself” and remembered that hey!!! I have a father, let me go back home, that he EXPERIENCED that never changing, overwhelming, undeserved, over the top love of his father. 😘️

I did a teaching a few months ago called THE TWO FACES OF LOVE. Find it in the link in bio and watch it tonight. Fam … don’t let real love pass you by. ❤❤

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Coach Toyin, Founder of The Narrow Gateway

As always, I end this by saying, I am Coach Toyin, fully convicted by my own words and very much still under construction in the hands of the Father.