If you would like to:

  • achieve a specific Christian Transformational goal, or
  • target specific challenges or blockages you are facing in your life caused by sin, inner-brokenness, purposelessness, mediocre living, disconnectedness from or disinterest in God,

… then lets talk!

My Tailored Coaching Program might be the right fit for you.

Here’s how we’ll do it:

We will jointly craft your goals and/or your path to achieving them

Our Coaching sessions will consist of: 

1 complimentary consultation call, ★weekly online calls of 45 to 90 mins long, ★unlimited WhatsApp and Email exchanges, ★agreed Christian transformational exercises, ★goal-setting and tracking ★goal-check and sustainability discussions, ★prayer and counselling sessions, ★feedback and follow up discussions, ★close-out discussions

Program duration:

6-12 weeks, depending on your needs.



6-7 week duration

$250 x 2 payments (total = $500.00)

8-10 week duration

$250.00 x 3 payments (total = $750.00)

11-12 week duration

$450 x 2 payments (total = $900.00)



If you cannot afford these prices, fill the request form anyway and request a discount. 


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