Welcome to the B.O.O.M Walk Program!

Tell them what I taught you about overcoming a fallen and broken lifestyle and identity, simply by embracing a reality-altering, practical and liberating relationship with Me.” – God. 

The B.O.O.M Walk Program is a practical and relatable tool to equip you to identify and break free from struggles and sins that:

  • sap the life and experience out of your relationship with God,
  • stifle you into an identity and lifestyle that drains you and those around you, and
  • wedge you off from knowing and living out God’s purpose and calling for your life.

This is an 8-Session online program that you can take as an individual, from the comfort of your home. However, for the best experience and results, please form a ‘B.O.O.M Walk Group’ of any size, online or face-to-face, and take the Program together.

When you sign up, you will receive online access to a Workbook and 8 videos. Each of the 8 sessions are made up of 6 daily studies, as well as a video to be watched and worked through at the end of each session. A session is ordinarily completed in a week.
Launch Date for the B.O.O.M Walk Program: To be announced 
Cost for the B.O.O.M Walk Program: To be announced 
We are ramping up and preparing for the B.O.O.M Walk Program!
To participate, you can join the closed Facebook Group was created for this purpose, or you can join the Ramp-up by email … Or both!
Our aim is to prepare our hearts and stir up our expectation of what God wants to do through The B.O.O.M Walk Program.
I refuse to settle for anything less than what God created and saved me to be. 

The Online Ramp-Up to The B.O.O.M Walk Program 
You can either join the closed Facebook Group, or you can join the Email Ramp-up….or both! Either way, don’t miss the bus. Join the Ramp-up activities as we shake things up and prepare our spaces for the B.O.O.M Walk Program. Through the Ramp-up activities, I engage with you, and other like-minds who have also been bold enough to face and bow out the giants trying to mess with and define their minds and lives.
We refuse to settle for anything less than what God created and saved us to be. Together, we soldier ahead and ready our spaces.
Preparation. Expectation. Relationship.
Perks for those who takes part in the current Ramp-up activities
Voluntary access to me and my network of mature Christ followers, for real and cutting discussions and counsel about the challenges and realities of choosing a life of B.O.O.M (bowing out the ‘Old Man’).
A huge starter discount on the B.O.O.M Walk Program, only payable when the Program is launched.

What Toyin has to say about the B.O.O.M Walk Program

“For I delight in the law of God according to the inward man. But I see another law in my members, warring against my mind and bringing me into captivity to the law of sin which is in my members. Oh wretched man that I am! Who will free me from this body of death? I thank God-through Jesus Christ our Lord!” 

I am super excited that you are keen on coming along for The B.O.O.M Walk Program. B.O.O.M stands for “Bow Out the Old Man”, and this 8-Sessions program of online tools and exercises equips you to do just that, by giving you a dose or ten, of reality, then pointing you to the One who overcame harsh reality; the One who has no rival. I’m talking intense, clarity-provoking, hard-hitting exercises and studies that will send you digging deep into yourself and into God for answers…

My name is Toyin, and I am a Christian Transformational Coach and the Founder of the online platform, The Narrow Gateway. I am passionate about helping people identify and then break free form life’s ‘weights’ that  consume and derail them from living in their God-given purpose and knowing God in a real and life-changing way. Now The Narrow Gateway is my expression of the narrow way that the Lord has painstakingly yet lovingly taken me through, and I daresay I am still trekking along the way. 
The B.O.O.M Walk Program is based on the premise that it in Christ, we have true freedom from sin, and therefore, we can rise and live above the broken and fallen world we live in. We no longer have to lose the battle that rages to pull us back down into trenches of sin.  And even if and when we slip up, we can come to Him boldly and sincerely to ask for mercy, and He lifts us up and sets us right back on His path of purpose. However, so many of us, whether we are “following Christ” or not, are battling. We are battling with cycles of sin, guilt and brokenness, and it all starts to define us and draw us away from the lives that God created us to live.
So are you ready for practical, life-sized tools and exercises that key you into TRUTH, and into this life of victory over the Old Man? Are you ready to break free from sin and struggles for your mind, in an intentional yet sustainable way. Are you ready to rise up to discover and live in God’s wonderful purpose and unique calling on your life? 
Then get up. Walk. Join The B.O.O.M Walk Program.

Am I describing you?

Do you feel like your mind is one big battle ground, with your sincere intentions to “do good” making a weak appearance from the one side, and your craving to “give in to your desires” advancing from the other side? Do you feel like most of the time, you just can’t help but give in to those desires, and then not too many moments later, some voice starts bombarding your heart with guilt and shame because yet again, you have done “that thing” that you vowed never to do again?

Do you want to know God more and live in His purpose for your life, yet you have decided to back off God because you think that He will ask you to give up more than you are willing to lay down? Do you have a yearning inside to experience freedom, yet when you look at your reality, you can’t see how that freedom will ever show itself in your life?

What’s ‘that thing’ that’s been standing between you and an out-of-this-world experience with God? What’s that thing that’s blurring out your vision, leaving you clueless about what in the world God wants you to do with your life?

Are you stale? Just stale. You can’t think of any sin you are committing. You can’t think of anything “that bad” that you are doing…yet you feel so bored of your walk with God, or just totally disconnected to Him and to what He is doing in the world? The B.O.O.M Walk is for you.

Are you ‘under-cover’? On the outside you look like a picture of peachy holiness and perfection but on the inside, you are smeared and broken by anger, bitterness, lust, strife, wickedness, pride, insecurity, self-deprecation, self-righteousness…and the list could go on and on?

What’s that persistent voice accusing you of failure, and condemning you because, yet again, you did ’that thing’ that breaks you; that thing that you vowed to stop doing?  What’s that broken fragment of an identity and lifestyle that you have learnt to live with because you think you can never be free? What are those life experiences that have defined you so much that you don’t even like the person you have become?

What’s that mindset or character trait that stings anyone who comes close to you, and that leaves you and your loved ones reeling in pain?

What’s that thing that no-one knows about that keeps you feeling ashamed and vulnerable?

Am I describing you? If so, then you need to come along for the B.O.O.M Walk Program!

THE B.O.OM WALK PROGRAM-8onlinesessions

Click on my image below 👇👇👇to watch the Introduction video.


The B.O.O.M Walk Program has 8-Sessions of online tools and exercises to equip you to break free from sin and struggles for your mind, in an intentional yet sustainable way.  without obscuring the primary feature of the experience, which is the tender loving-kindness of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the free gift of salvation and righteousness which we are blessed with as believers.


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End Goal
The B.O.O.M Walk Program marks the beginning of your life-long journey to bow out the Old Man, and to live in God’s purpose and calling on your life. I believe that by the end of the Program, you will be:
  • Bowed-out before God in increasing love and surrender to Jesus
  • Clear on who you are in Christ and the indescribable power and victory that is yours because you have chosen to do life with Jesus
  • Keyed in on practical everyday life choices that crowd sin and darkness out of your life, and usher God’s presence into your life
  • Armed with what to do when you mess up and give in to sin
  • Strong to rise up and respond to the troubles of life in God’s power and love, instead of being confined and defined by the problem
  • Clear on God’s purpose for your life and on how to discover and walk in His unique calling for you
  • Kitted up to be God’s solution-bringers, dismantling old problems that trouble our world
The B.O.O.M Walk Program is not magic. It is not a quick fix. It is an introduction to a lifestyle that will help you achieve your goals and desires as you follow Jesus Christ. And what I love about this process is that all along the way, the Lord will be whispering sweet-nothings to you about His love and His purpose for your life, and setting you up to walk in it. This is the climax of it all, and boy, do I love it! I believe you will too!
Let’s go!
I refuse to settle for anything less than what God created and saved me to be. 

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