To “CONNECT” is to join two or more things together, link, or fasten together; to unite or bind. To “DISCONNECT” on the other hand is to separate or break the link between two things, such that they are no longer bound together like they originally were. It is to break the supply of something or to cut off from something. To be consistently connected with God is to experience yourself as living within Him, having your identity emerge from Him, and to grow in intimate union with Him. I call this

1) God-mindedness and God-consciousness, in that you are consistently minded about and living from a growing knowledge of who God is, and His proximity to you, 

2) Self-mindedness, to the extent that you are consistently minded about and living from the truth of who you are in Christ, and
3) Residence-mindedness, in that you are consistently minded about and living from the truth of the fact that you factually live with Christ in God.

Therefore, it goes without saying that to be disconnected from God is literally to be separated from life in Him (“the God-life”), and this manifests when there is brokenness in one or more of these 3 elements that I shared above.

I know that this already sounds pretty intense, but consider that the consequence of sin entering into the world was death (Genesis 2:17, Romans 6:23) and death actually means “separation/disconnectedness from God”. Gasp! That means that as a child of God, you are not meant to be experiencing any “death” in your life, or at least, any and all disconnectedness in your life should be the subject of a transformation journey that you are on, whereby God is restoring your connectedness to Him in that and every other area of your life.

Intimacy and connectedness with God is your right and inheritance as one who is reconciled to God, and if you are not experiencing this in its fullness, understand that you are submitting yourself to the wages of sin, which you have been delivered from.

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