The Binge And Intimacy Challenge

With Coach Toyin

A Spiritual Awakening Journey



You were in the image and likeness of God so that you would be capable of undisturbed connectedness with Him, that is “communion by active and intimate participation”. Do you want to know how to experience: 

1) consistent God-mindedness, God-consciousness and God-engagement throughout your day

2) consistent Self-mindedness (living from your identity in Christ), and

3) consistent Residence-mindedness (living from your habitation in Christ)? 

Are you tired of the starts and stops that your relationship with God has become characterized by? Are you done with the guilt and discouragement that comes from discomfort when you try to “spend time” with God?

Do you just crave a deeper walk with God?




THE BINGE & INTIMACY CHALLENGE WITH COACH TOYIN is my 9-Day Intervention that INTERJECTS into current relationship with God and resets you into sustained intimacy and connectedness with Him. Do you deal with:

– lingering sin

– brokenness that is shaping your identity and character

– disconnectedness from / disinterest in God

– insufficient ability to hear God and discern His will

– stress, overwhelm and demotivation

– powerlessness to do all that God has called you to do?

It is likely because you need to be reconnected to the Source.

The Binge & Intimacy Challenge will revive and reset your passion for the tangible and sustained presence of God, and it will re-ignite your desire to be all that He has called you to be and do all that He has called you to do. 



Self-paced Study  

You can take THE BINGE & INTIMACY CHALLENGE as a self-study program.

 $50.00* per person

You will get:

★ THE BINGE & INTIMACY CHALLENGE Workbook containing course materials, access to videos, teachings by Coach Toyin and Mentor Sessions

★ This option is available all year round


Individual or Group Coaching With Coach Toyin  

You can take THE BINGE & INTIMACY CHALLENGE with Coach Toyin, either by yourself, or by joining a group (or bringing a group together).  

$225.00* per person 

What you will get: 

★ THE BINGE & INTIMACY CHALLENGE Workbook course materials, videos, teachings by Coach Toyin and Mentor Sessions Unlimited WhatsApp access to Coach Toyin for 9 days, for coaching discussions, mentorship, networking, prayer, goal-setting and tracking, Bible study and counselling (if you are taking the Challenge with a group, then you will get unlimited access to Coach Toyin, through the WhatsApp group)  

★ This option is only available seasonally (you can join the waiting list)




Before starting this course, I was pretty sure I knew God. seeing that I devoted my life to Him at the age of 18… 24 years ago in November. I have served Him with all my heart. Starting this course blew me right out of my comfort zone. It made me re-evaluate my relationship and commitment to God.


AMAZING! Truly an answer to what I have been praying for. So glad Coach Toyin decided to reopen the program so I could join. I needed this so desperately. In just this short amount of time, I have been transformed. Praise God.


My thoughts; the intimacy challenge is what every Christian need, because it is a lifestyle God is calling His children into, and the challenge provides practical ways and tools to begin and establish this lifestyle of intimacy