This course is the gamechanger that you need in order to breakthrough into transform your relationship with God into one that can always be defined as ‘intimate’.

God created mankind to bring us into deep, unending union with Him, and intimacy with God is the product of that union and fellowship. This is what we were made for, to live, move and have our being in Christ (Acts 17:28) and from that place of union and intimacy, to manifest God to the world.

If you are a Christian, intimacy with God is at meant to be your signature; it is the evidence that you are indeed a child of God, and it is the primary witness that you can provide to the world that Jesus Christ is indeed the Son of God and the Savior of the World.

Intimacy with God and all its glorious benefits can become your reality! Enrol for the Binge & Intimacy Challenge today and discover how to cultivate the lifestyle of constant God-consciousness, God-engagement and God-immersion that produces intimacy with God.

Do you want to know how to experience: 

1) consistent God-mindedness, God-consciousness, God-engagement & God-immersion throughout your day,

2) consistent Self-mindedness (living from your identity in Christ), 

3) consistent Residence-mindedness (living from your habitation in Christ),

4) consistency in hearing God, knowing His will, and experiencing His love and constant presence in & with you?

Are you tired of the starts and stops that your relationship with God has become characterized by?

Are you done with the guilt and discouragement that comes when you try to “spend time” with God but you quickly get distracted or you lose interest?

Do you long to enjoy God’s presence and feel Him as the tangible and ever-present reality that He is? 

Do you desire intimacy with God, but you don’t know how to cultivate and sustain it?

Do you just crave a deeper and more intimate walk with God that is full of revelation, encounters and manifestation of God’s kingdom, power and glory?

The Binge & Intimacy Challenge is a short course intervention that re-ignites your passion for intimacy with God and for His presence, and then arms you with practical tools to cultivate that intimacy and sustain it, so that you never have to suffer from disconnectedness from God again. When you take this course, you will gain a life that consistently manifests the reality of God to the world, simply because you have learnt to live, move and have your being in and from Him.

Revive, Reset, Re-ignite!


This course is provided by The Narrow Gateway Academy and because it deals with the fundamental reason for which God created mankind (to bring us into union with Him, which in turns produces intimacy) this course is designed to be taken as Module 1 of Semester I of our flagship program, The Sonship Immersion Program. Semester I is of the Sonship Immersion Program is focused on Foundational Pillars of Intimacy With God & Kingdom-Mindedness.

You will get:

★ THE BINGE & INTIMACY CHALLENGE Workbook containing course materials, access to videos, teachings by Coach Toyin, Mentor Sessions

★ Available all year round


  • We have 3 Learning Pathways, all of which are represented below. Each Learning Pathway provides for you to enrol for one or more courses at The Narrow Gateway Academy.
  • Prayerfully pick one of the Learning Pathways and begin your immersion today.


Our flagship Learning Pathway is called The Sonship Immersion Program (Learning Pathway 1), a 1-year (3-semester) program or ‘immersion’ into the discipleship journey of being built, nurtured and sent as ‘sons’ of God manifesting the God-life to a world He loves so much. Each Semester consists of 1 to 4 courses.


Learning Pathway 2 is also The Sonship Immersion Program, but for this pathway, we split the semesters up, giving you the option of enrolling for one semester at a time.


Learning Pathway 3 allows you to enrol for single courses one at a time, based on your specific Christian transformation and discipleship needs. 



Would you like to take this course directly with our Head of School, Coach Toyin, and/or to work with her to clarify and address your broader Christian transformation goals and spirituality needs?

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This test will help you to self-assess your current state of connectedness (unhindered intimacy) with God. With the results, you can immediately entrench yourself securely into a mind-blowing journey of spiritual transformation, a journey made up of practical steps to take you from your current level of connectedness with God, toward even deeper, sweeter and more lasting intimacy and fellowship with God; this is what He created and saved you for. 


Before starting this course, I was pretty sure I knew God. seeing that I devoted my life to Him at the age of 18… 24 years ago in November. I have served Him with all my heart. Starting this course blew me right out of my comfort zone. It made me re-evaluate my relationship and commitment to God.


AMAZING! Truly an answer to what I have been praying for. So glad Coach Toyin decided to reopen the program so I could join. I needed this so desperately. In just this short amount of time, I have been transformed. Praise God.


My thoughts; the intimacy challenge is what every Christian need, because it is a lifestyle God is calling His children into, and the challenge provides practical ways and tools to begin and establish this lifestyle of intimacy