Dare to unravel the war against ‘the God-life’ in you?

B.O.O.M stands for

“Bow Out the Old Man”


Who is the ‘Old Man’?

The ‘Old Man’ is that broken, sinful identity and lifestyle that has been formed in us because we live in a broken and sinful world where ‘bad’ things happen. This is a lifestyle and identity that:

★keeps you stuck in cycles of sin, brokenness★keeps you disconnected from/disinterested in God ★conforms to the mindsets that are trending in the world★leaves you unclear as to God’s purpose for your life ★prevents you from enjoying a consistently deep and intimate relationship with God

… But God saved you so that you could ‘bow out’ the ‘Old Man’ and live ‘the God-life’ of

★power over sin and inner brokenness ★ wholeness that transforms and heals the broken world around you ★intimacy with and surrender to God ★supernatural and purpose-driven living where you co-work with God, using the skills, talents, resources, platforms, passions that God has given you, to heal the brokenness that you hate to see in the world 




The B.O.O.M Walk Program 

This is a 9-Session Online Program created by Coach Toyin to equip you to bow out the ‘Old Man’ and step into ‘the God-life’. The Program is:

  • Fully downloadable and will be sent to you by email
  • Each session contains 5 daily studies and 1 day of recap and prayer
  • See list of Packages and Program Materials below



Self-study Package (Individual)

Take the Program as a Self-Study in the comfort of your own home, behind your laptop or computer, or with your smartphone in hand; just you and the Holy Spirit. (See below for information on how to take this Program as a Self-study but with a Group*).

PRICE: $90.00 (= $10.00 per session) 

The Self-study Package entitles you to: ★ All Program materials listed below

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One-on-one Exclusive Package

Take the Program with me by your side. I will personally coach you through your journey to unravel the war against the God-life in you.

PRICE: $630.00 per person (= $70.00 per person per session).

The One-on-one Package entitles you to:

★ All Program Materials listed below ★ 1 complimentary consultation call with me ★ 3 pre-scheduled online calls with me ★ 3 email-connects and unlimited WhatsApp chats with me ★ Prayer and counselling sessions with me

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Closed Exclusive Group Package

Pull together a group of 4 to 8 people (max) and take the Program together. I’ll be by your side, personally coaching you and your group through your journey to unravel the war against the God-life in you.

PRICE: $540.00 per person (= $60.00 per person per session).

The Closed Group Exclusive Package entitles you to:

★ All Program Materials listed below for each individual member of the group who purchases the Program ★1 complimentary consultation call with me and the group ★ 3 pre-scheduled online group calls with me ★3 group email-connects and unlimited WhatsApp chats on a closed WhatsApp group ★ Prayer and counselling sessions with the group

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Tailored Workshop

I love taking short, punchy doses of The B.O.O.M Walk Program to churches, fellowship groups, meetings and the like. Invite me to give a Workshop at a venue of your choice, to an audience of your choice, and I will tailor the Program to suit your specific needs.

PRICE: Depends on your Workshop specs

The Tailored Workshop Package entitles you to:

★ A tailored workshop ★ All Program Materials listed below ★ A 10% Program discount for workshop attendees who enrol for any of the other packages of The B.O.O.M Walk Program or any of my other Coaching Programs.

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  *These package offerings are available seasonally. Fill the request form for the package you prefer and I’ll get back to you.


If you cannot afford the package price, fill out the relevant form anyway and request a discount/fee waiver. 




Ramp Up Pack

To stir your expectation and prepare your heart for the Program


Containing all 9 Sessions of the Program

Audio Book of 9 Audio Talks (podcasts)

One for each Session and each talk is split into even shorter audio clips for easier use

Master Worksheets

Containing answers for your worksheets which you will fill during each Audio Session

Downloadable & Shareable Materials

Word Cards with key Bible Verses, Declarations, Prayers

Coach Toyin (Christian Transformation Coach & Creator of The B.O.O.M Walk Program)


Recommended: Self-study Package (Group)*

I recommend the Self-study Group package. The B.O.O.M Walk Program is best experienced if you take it with a small group of 4-8 like-minded darers who you can be accountable to, learn and grow with. Why not pull together a small group of people and do the Program as a group self-study?

N.B: Each group member should purchase an individual Program pack in order to get access to all Program materials. 

The Group Leader is entitled to a Leader Kit containing instructions on how to run the group, discussion starter points, and setting the tone for the group etc.

PRICE: $90.00 per person in the group (= $10.00 per session per person) 

The Self-study Group Package entitles you to: ★ All Program materials listed above ★ Leader Kit for one member of the group

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After you have paid for the Program (and for your group members) please contact me to register your Group with me and to request your Leader Kit.

Groups larger than 15 people: ★Please contact me to request a price discount if the group you want to enrol is larger than 15 people


This Program was a spiritual searchlight for me. It rejuvenated my passion for living solely controlled by God’s Spirit Want to assess and escalate your fervent love for God? Take this Program!

- Funmi

I thought this Program would be more of an ‘academic exercise’ for me. Was I wrong! The issues touched on here were familiar. I saw traits of the “old man” in my life and I began dealing with them. Toyin’s passion to encourage Christians to be alert and intentionally “Bow Out the Old Man” (B.O.O.M) is so evident!

- Dele

This Program deepened my walk with God. Yes the focus of the Program is very serious but Toyin’s style is so informal that I felt comfortable and confident to approach God from where I was at. Not to mention her unique approach to interpreting familiar Scriptures from a totally different angle! Practical Program. It got me active to “B.O.O.M”

- Uzezi

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Are you done with the sin, brokenness and deafening silence that's been crowding you out of your relationship with God?