With Coach Toyin

Dare to unravel the war against ‘the God-life’ in you?

B.O.O.M stands for

“Bow Out the Old Man”

Module 3 of the Victory Over “Weights & Sins” Semester (Semester 2)


The B.O.O.M Walk Program is a 9-session course offered by the Narrow Gateway Academy; it equips you with practical and Biblical tools to “bow out the old man” by teaching you how to overcome the weights and sins that war against your meaningful and sustained experience of “the God-life”. 

Keeps you stuck in cycles of sin, brokenness
Keeps you disconnected from/disinterested in God
Conforms to the mindsets that are trending in the world
Leaves you unclear as to God's purpose for your life
Prevents you from enjoying a consistently deep and intimate relationship with God

Who is the “Old Man”?

The ‘Old Man’ is that broken, sinful identity and lifestyle that was formed in us because we were born in sin. 

… But God saved you so that you could ‘bow out’ the ‘Old Man’ and live ‘the God-life’ of

★power over sin and inner brokenness ★ wholeness that transforms and heals the broken world around you ★intimacy with and surrender to God ★supernatural and purpose-driven living where you co-work with God, using the skills, talents, resources, platforms, passions that God has given you, to heal the brokenness that you hate to see in the world 




Recommended: Self-Study Package (Group)*

The B.O.O.M Walk Program is best experienced as a small group of 4-8 like-minded darers who you can be accountable to, learn and grow with. Why not pull together a small group of people and do the Program as a group self-study?

N.B: Each group member should enroll with THE NARROW GATEWAY ACADEMY for individual access to the course. 

The Group Leader can contact for access to a Leader Kit containing instructions on how to run the group, discussion starter points, and setting the tone for the group.

PRICE: $45.00 per person in the group (payment plan available) 

You will get: ★ All Program materials including podcasts, Workbook, video sessions with Coach Toyin ★ Leader Kit for one member of the group ★ Level 1 Membership of Coach Toyin’s Circle and The Narrow Gateway Community

Groups larger than 15 people: ★ Email for a discount 




Self-paced option (Individual)

Take the course as a Self-Study in the comfort of your own home, behind your laptop or computer, or with your smartphone in hand; just you and the Holy Spirit. 

PRICE: $45.00 (payment plan available) 

You will get: ★ All Program materials including podcasts, Workbook, video sessions with Coach Toyin ★ Level 1 Membership of Coach Toyin’s Circle and The Narrow Gateway Community


Coach Toyin (Christian Transformation & Lifestyle Coach & Creator of The B.O.O.M Walk Program)


Ramp Up Pack

To stir your expectation and prepare your heart for the Program


Containing all 9 Sessions of the Program

Audio Book of 9 Audio Talks (podcasts)

One for each Session and each talk is split into even shorter audio clips for easier use

Master Worksheets

Containing answers for your worksheets which you will fill during each Audio Session

Downloadable & Shareable Materials

Word Cards with key Bible Verses, Declarations, Prayers

Free Video Preview

For free access to a preview video of ‘The B.O.O.M Walk


Earlier this year I encountered a major snag in my walk with God, I was stuck, I fell. I felt sooo far at a time and was groping in the dark … cue THE B.O.O.M WALK PROGRAM, my oh my! This changed my life. It is deep, intense and grueling. It took me to my past and then my future with God. I do not have the right words for this program. But now I know without a doubt that God does have intense love for us and His plans for us are intentional…He always has something waiting for you, to rescue you even when you think you are far gone…


This course is for you if you are tired of religion, if you desire a deeper walk with God, if you want to live according to God’s design and co-work with Him. Yes, I BOOM everyday! Nowadays, I ask myself deep questions like “am I just a spectator of Christ, a commentator, just a fan? Or am I a true follower of Christ?” I am saying “yes” to Jesus again and again.


Thank God for this course. I now know that I was created to bow before Jesus only. As I bow to Him, I see the foolishness and futility of my old lifestyle. I realize how much God loves me. I realize I’ve been living a fake identity; I had already believed the lie that that was who I am and that I just had to “manage” myself. I am not managing anymore! I’m stepping into my true identity in Christ; the God-life. Amen!