The Discern Your Purpose Program

With Coach Toyin

Would you like to discover the unique ways that God has fitted you to co-work with Him to create solutions to the brokenness that you hate to see in the world?

The Discern Your Purpose Program is a course offered by THE NARROW GATEWAY ACADEMY.

It is a 6-session online course that sets you up on the life-altering journey of discerning and walking in your God-given purpose and calling.

“I will instruct you and teach you in the way that you should go. I will guide you with My eye. Do not be like the horse or the mule, which have no understanding – Psalm 32:8-9


Module 4 of the Manifesting the Kingdom Semester (Semester III): The Discern Your Purpose Program 

Program Materials

★Ramp-up Pack to prepare your heart and expectation for the Program ★Workbook ★Video Sessions & teachings

Program Options:



Self-study (Individual or Group)

Enroll with THE NARROW GATEWAY ACADEMY to take the course as an individual or with your own group (group self-study recommended for accountability, support and group perspectives)

PRICE: $45.00 per person (payment packages available)

You will get:

★ Ramp-up pack  ★ Workbook ★ Video Sessions & teachings ★ Min 3 video-calls with Coach Toyin for mentoring, teaching and prayer ★ Unlimited email and WhatsApp chats with Coach Toyin ★ Level 1 membership to Coach Toyin’s Circle and The Narrow Gateway Community

For groups larger than 15 people: Email for discount

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Many Christians do not know their God-given purpose/calling is, neither do they know how to discover it.

Many Christians do not know how to hear God and discover His will for their everyday lives. There must be a block somewhere.

The Discern You Purpose Program will help you to get unblocked, so that you are positioned to discern God’s will and purpose, and walk in it.