The Discern Your Purpose Program

With Coach Toyin

Would you like to discover the unique ways that God has fitted you to co-work with Him to create solutions to the brokenness that you hate to see in the world?

The Discern Your Purpose Program is a 6-session online Program that sets you up on the life-altering journey of discerning and walking in your God-given purpose and calling.

“I will instruct you and teach you in the way that you should go. I will guide you with My eye. Do not be like the horse or the mule, which have no understanding – Psalm 32:8-9


How does the Program Work?

Program Materials

★Ramp-up Pack to prepare your heart and expectation for the Program ★Workbook sent by email Containing all 6 sessions of the Program ★Each session is made up of 5 daily studies and 1 day of reflection, prayer and feedback

Program Options



Self-study (Individual or Group)

Take a self-guided journey into discerning your God-given purpose and calling. You can also pull together a group of people to take the Program with.


I recommend the group Self-study, because you benefit from the accountability, support and perspectives of the group. A group of 4 – 8 people is ideal.

N.B Each group member should purchase his own package so as to get access to the Program Materials

PRICE: $90.00 per person (= $15.00 per session per person)

The Self-study Package entitles you to: ★ All Program Materials listed above

Please email me to register your group with me

For groups larger than 15 people: Please click here to fill the request form and to request a price discount .

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One-on-One Exclusive Package*

Take the Program with me by your side. I will personally coach you through your journey to discern your God-given purpose and calling.

PRICE: Contact us

The One-on-one Exclusive Package entitles you to:

★ All Program Materials listed above ★ 1 complimentary consultation call with me ★ 3 pre-scheduled online calls with me ★ 3 email-connects and unlimited WhatsApp chats with me ★ Prayer and counselling sessions with me


Closed Group Exclusive Package*

Pull together a group of 4-8 people (max) and take the program as a group, with me by your side. I will personally coach you and your group through your journeys to discern and walk in God’s calling and purpose on your lives.

PRICE: Contact us

The Closed Group Exclusive Package entitles you to:  ★ The Program Materials listed above for each member of the group ★ 1 complimentary consultation call with me for the whole group ★ 3 pre-scheduled online group calls with me ★ 3 group email-connects and unlimited WhatsApp chats on the closed WhatsApp platform set up just for the group ★ Prayer and counselling sessions with me

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Tailored Workshops*

I love bringing short, punchy doses of the Discern Your Purpose Program to you, at a venue of your choice, to an audience of your choice. Invite me to give a workshop and I will tailor the Program to suit your specific needs.

PRICE: Depends on your workshop needs

The Tailored Workshop Package entitles you to:

★ A Workshop on the Program ★ All Program Materials for the group ★A 10% Program discount for workshop attendees who enroll for any of the other packages of The Discern Your Purpose Program Program or any other of my Coaching Programs

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*These package offerings are available seasonally. Fill in the relevant request form for the package you prefer and I will get back to you.


If you cannot afford any of the package fees, fill out the relevant form anyway and specify that you need a discount/ fee waiver. 

Many Christians have no idea what their God-given purpose/calling is, neither do they know how to discover it.

Many of us don’t even know how to hear God and discover His will for our everyday lives. There must be a block somewhere.

The Discern You Purpose Program will help you to get unblocked, so that you are positioned to discern God’s will and purpose, and walk in it.

Not for the faint-hearted

If all you want are brief, self-directed cuddles with Jesus for a few minutes every other day, then this Program is not for you. 

For this program, you’ll need

★a made-up mind

★focused and committed time, energy, surrender 

★ to be done with status quo.

Are you ready?

Discern your purpose with coach toyin