Hands up if you overslept this morning, left home in a mad rush with your quiet time going right out the window? Try these THREE tips I also use to stay on track with your quiet times with God:

– Shut down: the voice of guilt and failure. It is not God. He does not guilt-trip anyone.
– Dedicate: your work/school commute to listening to worship music, your audio Bible or your online devotional.
Lunch with God: find a quiet work room at lunch time and have that quiet time that you missed.
– Plan: You’ll likely roll out of bed 45 minutes late again tomorrow, so plan to go to bed 45 minutes earlier tonight and set your alarm to get up 45 mins earlier. #boom!

Holler back in the comments to let me know how today’s B.O.O.M tip works for you.


It’s Wednesday and the pack of cards is about to come crashing down😮.
You have a meeting today with your colleague from Operations … yea, the hot one. And your very married self is very aware that they are hawwtt😏!
Keep your mind right and your actions tight with today’s B.O.O.M tip:

👉Prepare: for the meeting by filling your spaces with God (take a few minutes to pray, listen to worship music while at your desk).
👉Get real: with God about your crush. Pray about it and ask Him to shut down those desires.

#letsgo #thatgodlife #bereal #boom


It’s Thursday and all those feelings of rage you grew up with are top of mind today because you had a run in with someone at the parking lot and he treated you like crap just because of your race/gender/class/accent. Here’s a tip to deal with your rage:

– Remember: that person was nasty to you because someone’s been/being nasty to them.
– Decide: that you will not go to bed with that rage.
– Restraint: Do not ever fight your own battles, else you rob yourself of the privilege of God fighting for you. There’s no avenger like the Lord.
– Pray: Ask God to heal your hurt heart, and to heal that broken person too.

Do you have any tips on how to navigate this hurtful and difficult landmine we face everyday? I’d love to hear your thoughts below.


It’s Friday, YAY … and you should be singing along, “and I’m ready to swing …” with that old Aaliyah song (yes, I’m showing off my age) but you aren’t because you are spending yet another Friday night solo. Enter loneliness, depression … and a whole lotta bad decisions. I have a B.O.O.M tip for you.

– Reality check: God does some of His best work when we’re in an ‘alone’ season. Take tonight to think, pray and journal about what God might be doing in you at this time.
– Plan your evening: decide now that instead of you binge-watching another Netflix series, or calling your unworthy ex to come over, you and God are going on a romantic rendezvous. Schedule a movie date with Him, dinner at your fav restaurant, a walk in the mall, a ball game. Get dressed up for it. You and God. God is realer than real. Trust me. If you make a date with God this weekend, HE WILL SHOW UP! Freaky, but true!

I’d love to know if this week’s B.O.O.M tips have been helpful? Let me know if I should continue sharing these tips or nah?

Coach Toyin, Founder of The Narrow Gateway

As always, I end this by saying, I am Coach Toyin, fully convicted by my own words and very much still under construction in the hands of the Father.