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Please watch the INTRODUCTION VIDEO below and click here to take part in The B.O.O.M WALK Survey. I would welcome your kind participation in order to ensure that THE B.O.O.M  (Bow Out, Old Man) WALK PROGRAM & TOOLKIT that I am in the process of finalising, best suits your needs and addresses your unique circumstances.

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THE B.O.O.M WALK TOOLKIT & PROGRAM (Bow Out, Old Man), created by Toyin Oladiran.  

Please click here to take part in The B.O.O.M WALK Survey

It’s a practical and relatable PROGRAM & TOOLKIT on how to “Bow Out the Old Man” (B.O.O.M), in an intentional yet sustainable way, without obscuring the love of Jesus Christ, and His free gift of salvation. THE B.O.O.M WALK is MY EXPRESSION OF “THE NARROW WAY” that the Lord has painstakingly yet lovingly taken and continues to take ME through.
The boom walk surveyWHY DO YOU NEED THE B.O.O.M WALK?
It was for COMPLETE freedom that Christ set YOU free! Yet the devil’s PLAN B after having LOST the battle for your eternity is to keep you BUSY & ENTANGLED in the FIGHT OF YOUR LIFE, as if Jesus has not already set you FREE! The OLD IDENTITY that you had before you chose to follow Jesus Christ (“THE OLD MAN”) vies for the THRONE of your life and “he” keeps you STUCK in the same CYCLES OF SIN and brokenness, keeping you from boldly loving and serving God and walking in His purpose for your life.
  • IDENTIFY whether the OLD MAN is STILL DRIVING YOU and what “HIS” TRAITS are
  • HASHTAG - THAT GOD LIFEPractically and sustainably KICK HIM to the curb and BREAK FREE from cycles of FALLING BACK
  • Encourage a CLOSER, BOLDER AND FRUITFUL WALK WITH JESUS and key into His PURPOSE for your life

If you are interested in THE B.O.O.M WALK PROGRAM and would like to secure your spot in the program, please email thenarrowgateway@gmail.com

Watch this space for launch of THE B.O.O.M WALK PROGRAM & TOOLKIT, Webinars, Seminars and Bible Study Guides!

Toyin Oladiran (Christian Life Coach and Founder of The Narrow Gateway)