Reading a Christian book?

Do the words leap off the page and hit you right between the eyes and you are like “WOW! AWESOME!” Or does the book give you a nice snooze-pull and remind you that you need to go get some zzzz’s in? LOL!

Why not write a review about it?

The Narrow Gateway wants to include as one of its resources, Christian book reviews. We would like to have ordinary people like you write to us about Christian books that you are reading. Tell us what the book is about, whether you like it or not. Rate it out of 5. That kind of thing. One of the fabulous ways to get behind the narrow gateway and stay there is by filling our minds with godly content, and there are some excellent Christian books out there with really super content.

If you would like to do a short book review for us (max half a page), please use the guide below as a loose outline and contact us on